Yuri Kuklachev called Lena Lenin “rude, stupidand angry woman “

Tue, Sep 09, 2014

Recently there was a party for which the owner of the manicure network
salons Elena Lenina came with a kitten painted in bright color
fuchsia It must be said that the businesswoman herself was very long.
fake nails that made it almost impossible to hold
in the hands of a small animal.

As a result, the kitten endangered its health several times.
So, when Lenin was awarded a prize to Bari Alibasov, then because of her
nails almost dropped the baby. The kitten itself made repeated
attempts to escape from the claws of his mistress.

All this was seen by the famous koshkovod Yuri Kuklachev,
who sharply criticized Lenino, calling her rude, stupid and angry
a woman who seems to hate animals.

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