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Wed, 25 May 2016

Australia is a country located in the southern hemisphere, on
eponymous mainland. To the number of territories belonging
Tasmania and some other
small islands. North of Australia are the states
Indonesia, New Guinea and East Timor, in the northeast
New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and in the south-east
direction is New Zealand.

Австралия — государство развитое и
civilized. It ranks 13th in terms of economic
indicators. The quality of life of the population is very high (6th place in
world ranking).

Australia is a country full of secrets. Its territory for the most part
occupy natural landscapes untouched by civilization. If a
go deep into the mainland, then after a few dozen kilometers
You can see areas with a small number of settlements. Rich
vegetation forests and ranches of villagers will gradually be replaced
in vast areas of desert.

About 20 million people live in the country.
Australia From the history of the country it is known that for a long time on these
only indigenous people existed – Australian and
Tasmanian aborigines. But the situation changed by the end of the 18th century, when
Australia poured in migrants from all over the world.

Today, the population of the country – the descendants who came here for 19
and 20 centuries of immigrants. The bulk of immigrants were
the english Australia was originally a place to link, but
later voluntary relocation became dominant in demographics
country. A key role in shaping interest in Australia has played
discovery of deposits with gold. And for a short period of mid 19
century population has tripled.

The second largest group that made up the ethnic picture
Australia have become Germans. They started coming here by the end of 19

Australia was interested in immigration, which is why
a program was developed to attract visitors from different countries.
These measures were necessary for the growth and development of the economy, and beyond
the period of post-war years (after the end of the world wars), here
приехала значительная часть населения country. In addition to the British and
Germans, Italians, Netherlanders, Greeks live in Australia,
Yugoslavs, Chinese, Vietnamese and other peoples.

English, or rather its dialect (Australian
English) is public. By writing complied
traditional rules related to British English

As for religion, the Australian population does not pay it
too much value. The state has no officially selected
churches, while about 64% of residents consider themselves representatives
Christian denomination. To group under the conditional name “None
religion “, which includes agnostics, humanists, atheists,
rationalists, counted 19% of the population. 12% are not associated with
by any faith. Existing Religious Representations
few in number. Among them are Buddhism (2%), Islam (1.7%), Hinduism (less
1%) and others.

The state currency is the Australian dollar, which is
to the American currency almost as 1: 1.


Australia – the capital and major cities

The capital of Australia has become the city of Canberra. The number of it
population – 345 thousand people. This is one of the biggest cities.
The Australian Union is located not on the coast, but in the depths
of the state.

For the status of the main city of the country fought two great
center – Melbourne and Sydney. But a compromise was the decision to make
the capital is Canberra. Since 1913, it developed
grand building, the concept of which was chosen
creating a garden city with the preservation of natural splendor, but with
the introduction of modernity and dynamism in the overall look.

Canberra began its heyday after the end of World War II.
of war. Канберра — место расположения правительства Australia Here
же находятся Верховный суд и Парламент country.

Сидней — крупнейший город Australia Here проживает около 4,5
million people This city was the site of the first landing and the colonial
Europeans settlements. Sydney got its name in honor of
British Minister, who led the organization of travel in
Australia Sydney’s unofficial nickname is “City Near the Bay.”

Melbourne is the second most populated Australian city (3.8 million
person). It is a commercial and industrial center.
Australia, here are often held various meetings at the highest
level, as well as various sporting events. Melbourne
is the southernmost millionaire city in the world. According to
sociological polls, he was recognized as the most comfortable
place to live on the ground (2011 results).

Australia – holidays and tours

Going to Australia, tourists expect to receive
the opportunity to relax comfortably and have fun. Gold
the coast of the country, where the most common beach type of recreation,
is the Gold Coast, a district located between Brisbane and Sydney.
The length of the beach is almost 40 kilometers! And in for 300 days in
good weather here. Even high humidity is not
a hindrance for vacationers. Only in the rainy season are the beaches empty, but this
does not last long.

In Australia, there are places of interest to lovers of water entertainment.
The Great Barrier Reef is a paradise for diving fans.
Multiple freestanding coral reefs attract
divers unimaginable charm of the depths of the sea. Today
environmental services took the area under their care. 90% of species
corals, known to science, live here. Besides,
the local underwater world is fabulously rich and diverse. Here живет 4
thousand different types of mollusks, 10 thousand species of sponges and 1.5
Thousands of fish species. For lovers tickle nerves specifically
diving is not organized in safe waters, but to visit the whites
sharks. True, such “travels” take place in a special
cage, which turns out to be too tough for the thunderstorm of local waters.

For ecotourism, Australia is an endless source of pleasure.
Drive around the country completely and see all the beauties with which she
rich, unreal. Therefore, having been once in one of the parks
countries, I want to see much more. At the same time tourists
attract not only landscapes and wonders of the animal world. Local
traditions and rituals are also objects of detailed study.
гостей country. Freakish combinations of the blessings of a civilization with wildness
Aboriginal people are not indifferent to any tourist. Aborigine
who cooked a piece of kenguryatins, obtained by an honest hunt, prepares his
dinner is no longer on a spit but on a teflon pan, which is undoubtedly
amuses observers.

Another fun for lovers of wildlife
became a safari. But now trips do without spilling blood.
unhappy wild animals. Today австралийское сафари — это
contemplation of living in natural habitat.

Having huge water resources, the country cannot but provide
tourists have the opportunity to ride the waves. Surfing is so much
Australia is considered to be the best place on earth for
practicing this sport.

Strangely enough, but this hot country has its own
ski slopes. So on the Ben Lomond Plateau (reaches a height
1572 meters) are equipped with pistes, and anyone can
take advantage of professional riding equipment
downhill skiing. You can take the equipment immediately, for rent.

Australia – Attractions

Before a tourist arriving on the mainland for the first time, always gets up
question: where to start exploring the country – from exploring local capitals
or go deep into the mainland for a trip to the aborigines?
The final choice depends only on personal preferences.

Australia’s largest cities are the world’s most beautiful.
centers of culture and civilization. In Sydney, the famous Opera building
became the hallmark of the city. This city has long been in the number
best places for tourist trips.

Не менее прекрасен Melbourne. It is called the most “European” of
всех городов Australia It houses prestigious schools and
universities, as well as theaters and museums. Therefore, it is no coincidence that
Melbourne получил статус интеллектуальной столицы country.

The pride of Australia are its national parks and protected
areas located near major cities. Park “Blue Mountains” (in
100 km from Sydney) is known for its relict forests. Some
copies reached the age of two thousand years! For the year this park
meets over 3 million tourists.

In the north of the country, in a tropical climate, there are other
famous park areas. They inhabit a myriad of
variety of animals, birds and plants. Popularity enjoy
national parks “Kakadu”, “Namburg” and many others.

Tasmania Island is one big reserve. Jungle and
untouched forests make up a third of the territory. One of the legendary
inhabitants of these forests has become a “Tasmanian devil”, but in recent years
the number of these animals is decreasing.

In Australia, there are echoes of the “gold rush”. Go here
wealth hunters hoping to find the Fire Hills
semiprecious stones. Search goal – opals, and some prospectors
good luck still smiles.

Local аборигены — неотъемлемая часть облика Australia
The culture of the indigenous population of the country attracts the attention of lovers
exotics. Alice Springs is the most convenient option for
studying the life of the Australian people. Sacral place for
Aboriginal became the rock of Uluru, located nearby. Shrine
Aboriginal people can be seen in all its glory in the early morning when
her sun rays are falling. Tours are organized around the monolith.
motorcycles and helicopters.

Australia – weather

Ocean is a determining factor in shaping
климатических условий Australia Influence of ocean currents
caused the change of the dry season with the rainy season. Lowered
atmospheric pressure is also under direct
exposure to air masses formed over the oceans.

In the northern part of the country are frequent cyclones. Here преобладает
tropical climate. Precipitation falls mainly in the summer time.

Deserts and semi-deserts deep in the mainland
characterized by a dry climate with minimal rainfall.
It is these zones that are predominant, so Australia is considered
the most arid continent of the southern hemisphere.

The southern territories are characterized by temperate or Mediterranean
climate. There is no snow in Australia, or it is so rare that
does not form a coating. Only the peaks of the mountains are in the zone of low
temperatures. The rest of the country most of the year
forced to experience the effects of the hot rays of the sun.

Погода в Австралии сейчас:

Australia - Recreation, Landmarks, Weather,kitchen, tours, photo, mapAustralia - Recreation, Landmarks, Weather,kitchen, tours, photo, map

Australia – cuisine

Australian cuisine is diverse and original. She combines
cooking practices taken from the aborigines, mixed with
European traditions. Exotic for tourists is the soup of
kangaroo tails, which can be tasted in local restaurants.
Also here guests will be offered steak from a crocodile or an omelet on
ostrich eggs.

Мясо страуса — обычная еда для аборигена Australia According to
gourmet, it is similar to the taste of rabbit meat. And since
the rabbit is the worst pest for the farmers of this country, then its
willingly eaten stewed, fried or boiled.

All dishes of local cuisine are not only interesting in terms of
gastronomy, but also cheap. The combination of traditions brought success
many “Australian” restaurants open worldwide.
The French consider today’s Australia a world center.

Exotic fruits, various meats, seafood and
magnificent cheeses form the basis of the modern menu

Among the traditional Australian dishes should be noted
Vegemite is a special product with onions, celery and salt. Its basis is
yeast extract. It is spread on bread or consumed.
on their own.

Another favorite dish of Australians is Lamington sponge cake.
Initially, biscuits were stuffed with strawberries or jams, but today
whipped cream is most often used.

Other delicacies like shark lips or kangaroo sauce can be
Buy completely free in local markets. Recently, meat
kangaroo allowed for free sale.

Australia – Interesting Facts

Australia is not too different in the number of national
holidays. There are only 7 holiday dates per year. Every state also
There are days that are celebrated annually. But the most important
are: • New Year (January 1), • Australia Day (January 26), •
Good Friday (March), • Easter Monday (April), •
Christmas (December 25), • Boxing Day (December 26).

Queen’s birthday is also a national holiday. Head
Australia is formally considered the Queen of Great Britain.

Australia – visa application

Получение визы — обязательная процедура для поездки в Australia
The visa can be single or prolonged. Multivisa
issued in case of a service invitation to the country.

You must provide a standard set of documents. But should
Remember that for a visa to Australia to the originals
Documents must be accompanied by translations in English.
Translations should be officially assured.

The package of documents includes: • Visa fees, • Photos, •
Application (Form 48 R), • Valid passport, • Civil
passport, • Certificate of purchase of currency, • Certificate of employment with
complete information, • Documents on business (if available), •
Certificate from the place of study, • Invitation.

Australia – Embassy

Australian Embassy is located in Moscow
Podkolokolny lane, house 10a / 2. Tel: + 7 (495) 956-61-62.

Australia map

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