Gray eyes: pros and cons

Not many people know that character depends on the color of the eyes. person. Holders of gray eyes – this is probably one of the most good-natured, cheerful and purposeful people. But let’s first things first.

It has long been believed that gray-eyed people are extremely inquisitive, decisive, independent and very smart.

There are no insoluble problems for them, they are always used to independently find a way out of any situation and rely on solely on their own strength.

People with gray eyes know how to be faithful and loyal friends, in life monogamous. But, like the owners of any other eye color, these people are not without flaws.

Among the most striking disadvantages are excessive directness, stubbornness and the desire to prove their case at all costs.

Psychologists around the world have been trying for quite some time find a direct connection of eye color with character and disposition person.

At the moment, all studies proving the correctness of scientists – these are just theories that many easily refute, but, Despite this, there is still some sense in all this …

According to experts, owners of cold eye shades (meaning blue, gray and blue) – these are people who do not fear the resistance of the outside world, for this very reason they are self-confident and rarely doubt.

These personalities are extremely prone to adventures, but fate, to Unfortunately, it is not always favorable to them. People with gray and gray-blue eyes are also very energetic, and for some, alas, quickly begins to tire.

Gray-eyed people, like any others, usually have a number distinctive advantages and disadvantages.


Pros of gray eyes:

  • Attractiveness. People with that color the iris is very attractive, charming and simple dearest interlocutors. They don’t cost anything to man’s soul and stay there forever. They can charm and wait if necessary necessary moment, and only then begin to act. Not in vain among the most famous world schemers the vast majority there were people with gray eyes.
  • Education. Unmatched memory, very reasonable and very friendly. In their relations with the opposite sex often make concessions and allow them to dictate terms.
  • Independent and decisive. They don’t need whose or advice, they are used to making the necessary decisions themselves. For people with gray eyes, independence and opportunity are very important have your own personal space.
  • Devotees and very faithful. In friendship and love they distinguished by impeccable devotion. A family with such people – it is the key to a successful relationship. To win their heart you need to try hard and show your sincerity, but it’s worth it!
  • Cheerful and good-natured. People with gray eyes are desperate optimists who seek to find something good in everything. They are easy to please and very difficult to touch upon. living, as they approach life extremely philosophically.
  • They are able to quickly forget past grievances and only remember good one. These people do not know old grievances and, as a rule, completely not revengeful. Their good natured and flexible temper is simply amazing!
  • Absolutely not proud and not arrogant. Such people are very simple, easy to understand and easy to find tongue. They do not know pride and absolutely do not know how to keep themselves above all.

Cons of gray eyes:

  • Excessive perseverance. Accustomed to achieve everything themselves and are ready to go ahead to achieve the intended goal.
  • Very frank, sometimes even too much. it quality can sometimes play a trick on them.
  • Straightforward. As a rule, this quality is holders of gray eyes are always associated with a disadvantage, since straightforwardness is not always good for them and often sets up people against them.
  • Not the ability to be a leader and not the desire to take the whole burden of responsibility. Holders of gray eyes are usually love to be second or third, but not at all in the center everyone’s attention.

Summing up, it can be noted that traditionally the owners of gray eyes are considered the most charming and cheerful people, able to circumvent problems.

They have some disadvantages, but they are essentially lose in comparison with multiple virtues.

People with gray eyes are a ray of light in the modern world. They able to come to the rescue in time and substitute their shoulder to any to the needy.

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