How to improve complexion with various methods and folk remedies

Learn how to improve complexion: first, find out what promotes an unhealthy skin tone, how to eliminate these factors, and then go either to the salon, or find the appropriate a recipe for a folk remedy and cook it at home, own hands.

You can often see women with the right facial features, clean and well-groomed skin, but you cannot call it beautiful. And few can guess that it’s just an unhealthy shade of her skin, which often you can’t hide with any powder and tonal creams.

Yellowness, dullness, pallor – today such problems a large number of representatives of a fine generation suffer. All of them are due to a variety of reasons, but the most important thing is In no case can you put up with this. Learn how to enhance color. facial so that the skin looks 100% healthy at any time.

Salon and home methods for improving complexion


Causes of an Unhealthy Complexion

First you need to determine why you are unhealthy face colour. After all, even if you use the most advanced technologies and modern procedures, without eliminating the harmful factor, you you cannot get rid of unwanted yellowness, redness or gray skin. So try to understand what’s wrong with your body not this way.

Why is facial skin yellow:

  • pancreatic disease;
  • different forms of hepatitis (the level in the body rises sharply bilirubin, due to which the complexion becomes yellow);
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • blood diseases;
  • oncology;
  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • excessive smoking;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • the use of a large number of sweet foods;
  • overeating carrots, vinegar, caraway seeds or cumin – products in of which there is a lot of carotene, which can also worsen complexion to yellow parchment;
  • age after 50 years.

Causes of a gray complexion:

  • oncology;
  • addiction to alcohol;
  • an excess of nicotine in the body (it’s time to quit smoking);
  • a large amount of consumed coffee or strong tea;
  • unhealthy diet: too much spicy and fatty foods in diet
  • serious liver disease;
  • heart failure;
  • poisoning by food or chemicals.

Why is the face pale:

  • nervous, emotional shock;
  • heart failure;
  • malfunctioning blood circulation;
  • feeling unwell;
  • lack of sleep;
  • the use of low-quality food;
  • alcoholism;
  • fatigue;
  • light skin type.

Why is the skin on the face red:

  • infectious diseases;
  • alcohol abuse
  • overheating (including high temperature);
  • emotional failure;
  • acne;
  • rosacea;
  • hypertension;
  • menopause;
  • erythrophobia – a disease of the autonomic nervous system;
  • drug blushing for prolonged use of medication drugs;
  • carcinoid syndrome – tumors in the gastrointestinal region tract.

If your complexion is unhealthy, try to find the reason for this. unpleasant phenomenon for any woman. This will make it clear that not so with your body and in time eliminate the factor that harms First of all, to your health. Yellowness, dullness, pallor, redness – all these are either symptoms of some kind of internal disease, either signs of a wrong lifestyle. And they must be eliminate.

Measures to improve complexion

So, you firmly decided to improve the complexion, but do not know why to begin. Naturally, you can only guess the reasons unhealthy shade of your skin. How to determine them for sure? Our step-by-step instructions will tell you what to do in such case.

  1. Take time and patience and get a medical examination, to identify diseases of the internal organs that are most often cause an unhealthy complexion.
  2. Take the full course of treatment prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Get your lifestyle in order.
  4. Get enough sleep. Sleep should be at least 6 hours in day.
  5. Eat correctly: drink more pure water (not sweet and not carbonated); eat less fat, flour, fried and pickled; eat only high-quality and fresh foods; daily include vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, milk.
  6. Go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle.
  7. Walk more often and ventilate the room in which you stay most of the time.
  8. Do not abuse prolonged use of antibiotics and birth control pills.
  9. Eliminate stress from your life. Learn to relate to everything calmly and judiciously.
  10. An unhealthy complexion is a great reason to quit. smoke and limit yourself to drinking alcohol.

Now you know what measures can be taken to improve face colour. By eliminating the root cause, you provide yourself in the future beautiful, trouble-free skin. And in order to accelerate her recovery, You can ask for help either in modern cosmetology, or to traditional medicine.

What salons offer

Salon treatments to improve complexion

If you have such a financial opportunity, you can contact any beauty salon for advice you procedure for improving complexion.

  • First of all, you give yourself in hands of professionals who will even be legally responsible for final result.
  • Secondly, the level of modern cosmetology is on top so handle your problem in Salon conditions will be very simple.

What can they offer in this case?

  • 1. Chemical peeling

During the procedure, very active (but tested for safety and compatibility with your epidermis) chemicals. Thanks to them, the stratum corneum of the skin exfoliates, and the complexion again turns pink, beautiful and natural, as in youth.

  • 2. Dermobraziya

This is already a hardware procedure for improving complexion. Her task – deep cleansing of the skin layers. A special skin is applied to the skin. abrasive powder using a nozzle acting under pressure. Then it is absorbed back, but with dead and unnecessary particles of skin. Result – the complexion becomes even and natural.

  • 3. Laser peeling / polishing

Laser resurfacing involves a deeper effect on epidermis with a light wave that, as it were, evaporates the upper stratum corneum, thereby improving complexion.

These are the most popular salon techniques to date, which allow you to quickly and almost painlessly improve color faces. However, given the individual characteristics of each client, dermatologists and cosmetologists can offer more cardinal measures to solve this problem. Among them:

  • contour plastic;
  • 3D mesothreads;
  • redermalization;
  • biorevitalization;
  • plasmolifting;
  • ozone therapy;
  • RF lifting (radio wave lifting, thermage);
  • complex manual and hardware ultrasonic method.

First, a comprehensive comprehensive examination of only the skin of your face, but also the whole body. This will reveal pathologies and diseases that can be the causes of unhealthy skin tone, and may also be a contraindication to one of cosmetic procedures. After that, the improvement method will be selected. complexion suitable for you individually indicators.

Before the procedure, you should be told about its features, side effects and results that should please, not upset and not upset. If, however, to go to the salon is not enough either courage or finance, you can seek help from folk remedies that improve complexion.

How to use home remedies to improve complexion

Folk remedies for improving complexion

You can improve complexion at home. Exist a large number of recipes that quickly and effectively eliminate yellowness, grayness and any other unhealthy skin tone, if they not due to any serious internal pathologies. More often all these are masks or compresses from natural products. Do them possible in 2-3 days for 1-1.5 months. Do not forget the selected test for allergens for your skin.

  • Carrots + Potatoes + Yolk

Grate fresh carrots. Boil young potatoes without adding salt, turn it into mashed potatoes, let it cool. Carrots mix gruel and mashed potatoes in equal amounts (one at a time tablespoon). Add regular raw egg to the resulting mask yolk (if the egg is a home, not a store, means will be much more effective). The duration of the action is 20-25 minutes.

  • Flaxseeds + oatmeal

Flaxseeds (one teaspoon) pour a glass of boiling water, cover and leave for 1.5 hours. Strain. Cereals grind to flour (two tablespoons), pour infusion from flaxseeds in such a proportion that it turns out porridge mass that will be easy to apply as a mask on the face. Time actions – half an hour.

  • Cucumber + cottage cheese

Fresh, young cucumber peeled from seeds and peel, grate. Mix the resulting cucumber puree in equal quantities (one at a time tablespoon) with homemade cottage cheese. Action time – 20 minutes.

  • Beer + potato flour + carrots + yolk

Grate fresh carrots. Mix it (one tablespoon) with with the same amount of potato flour, add one egg yolk, and then pour into the mixture warm (can be heated in water bath or just over low heat) light beer (50 ml). Carefully whip everything. The duration of the action is from 20 to 40 minutes.

  • Herbs + potato flour (oatmeal cereals)

To prepare this mask, you will need dry or fresh herbs that activate blood circulation, helping to improve complexion. This is calendula, linden, chamomile, sage, mint, yarrow, a succession. Two tablespoons of plant material pour a glass of boiling water, infuse for an hour and strained. The resulting infusion needs to pour potato flour or oatmeal flakes in proportions such that it turned out to be gruel. Action time – 20 minutes.

  • Coffee

Having a cup of aromatic and invigorating coffee in the morning (of course, necessarily natural), do not throw away the thick. Cover her something and leave until the evening. An hour before bedtime, just apply it on a cleaned face and rinse with water after 25-30 minutes.

  • Watermelon melon

Take the pulp of watermelon (without seeds and peel) and apply it on face for 15-20 minutes. Similarly, you can do with the flesh of the melon. BUT you can mix them in equal amounts – it turns out excellent moisturizing mask that gives the skin a natural and beautiful blush.

  • Egg + sour cream + citrus juice

Beat a raw egg, add medium fat sour cream to it (one tablespoon), any citrus juice (two teaspoons). AT as the last component can be used lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit juices.

  • Oatmeal + milk + glycerin + berries

Grind oatmeal into flour, mix (one tablespoon) with hot milk (200 ml), cool, add glycerin (one teaspoon), puree from any berries (one tablespoon).

Now you know how to improve complexion and make it natural and healthy. Algorithm of actions for such a problem simple: identify the cause, heal, normalize your lifestyle and either go to the nearest beauty salon, or apply one of the folk remedies. If you approach this problem complex, neither from yellowness, nor from dullness, nor from pallor will remain a trace. In any case, do not give up and look for a way out, to always look stunning. Remember: it’s from a healthy, beautiful, natural complexion depends on the impression you have on people.

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