Name Diana Pros and Cons, Reviews

The person’s name contains a lot of sacred meaning. At each of us who at least once in his life bothered ask about the meaning of your name, there are extraordinary a lot of similarities with character that are simply striking.

Not many people know that when a baby is given a name at birth, he gets together with him a guardian angel, guarding him through life and turning away all kinds of troubles.

Especially strong in sacred terms is the female name Diana. Even its very meaning already says a lot. Diana in translated from Greek is divine—

And how, tell me, to ignore the fact that girls, girls and women with that name are real goddesses, possessors of everything that they only wish and even more Togo.

In the name of Diana, huge power and natural energy are hidden. Not in vain the Romans even called the goddess of the moon and hunt Diana!

It is generally accepted that Diana has been very calm since childhood, kind and responsive. This is an obedient child with whom practically there is never any problem.

Dina is extremely flexible and very sensitive to any manifestation grief, very compassionate and ready to come to the rescue on the first I am calling.

Little girls wearing this name can drag homeless people into the house animals, devote themselves entirely to the games in the “hospital”, help destitute on the street.

But be that as it may, the name Diana itself is solid, Yes, and in the character of Diana is really quite enough hardness and life pragmatism. Often Diana is stubborn and willful.


Pros of the name Diana:

  • He knows how to stand his ground, always seeks success. In life, she is a very kind person, but not without iron grip. As a rule, Diana unselfishly helps everyone. people who need help, but if they suspect fraud or Feels something is amiss – then hold on! Diana has a beautiful intuition.
  • Very sympathetic and does not tolerate indifference. Ready for self-sacrifice.
  • Balanced, Pragmatic character (especially when it comes to work or business).
  • Unrivaled hostess, extremely hospitable person. Her hospitality simply knows no boundaries, she I am glad to any guest in my house.
  • “Winter” Diana have a more difficult and difficult character, very stubborn and wayward, but fair.
  • They have excellent intuition, very decisive and smart. Diana is always confident in her abilities and without regrets can make even the most difficult decisions in his of life.
  • Very unbiased. She knows how to watch as if from the outside and give a sober assessment of everything what is happening. He knows when and how to show his strengths character.
  • In a relationship with the opposite sex, she is very tender and Caring, excellent wife and mother.

Cons named Diana

  • Diana has extremely many friends, and often this is not good for her. Many people make friendships with Diana solely because of her leadership skills, ability to stay afloat and the possibility of everything to achieve their own hard work.
  • Overly stubborn and often proud. Diana – this is a girl who knows her worth, and sometimes she is beyond her overprices.
  • It may not be easy to communicate with strangers. She always it seems that she’s going out badly to hide her feelings.
  • Diana can’t lie, and sometimes it gets a serious problem for herself.
  • It is unrestrained and shows its leadership qualities not only at work, but also at home.
  • Too strict to yourself. Often Diana is overly picky about herself. She does not know the measure perfectly, and sometimes goes beyond acceptable limits.
  • Inclined to narcissism. She is very hardworking and ready for anything to achieve the goal, but sometimes its results action is beneficial only to her alone.

Despite some flaws in the name of Dian, its owner still very sensual, kind natures, disposing to themselves with at a glance.

Sometimes their excessive assertiveness can play with them evil as a joke, but usually Diana knows how to do things to achieve your goal with minimal cost.

Such a girl is a real find for a man who can value female independence and is ready to put up with a wife-leader houses.

Diana never rests on her laurels, that’s why everything the affairs for which she undertakes are perfectly done—

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