What is included in the hot hair removal kit waxed

How many cosmetics are sold in stores – countless quantity! However, the differences between wax accessories Depilation is visible to the naked eye. Not all of them give one hundred percent result, and some worthy remain in the shadows. Learn more about the assortment of modern devices will help for an article.

Depilation Kits

The wax depilation kit consists of several parts. The starter kit usually includes:

  1. Voskoplav. A device in which wax reaches the desired temperature. Acting as a heater, it makes the composition hot so that later it could be applied to the skin;
  2. Depilation strips – may vary in appearance resemble disposable strips of paper;
  3. Lotion is an indispensable assistant in the fight against irritation, as well as good protective base, without which it’s difficult to imagine normal, painless depilation without burns.
  4. Wax as the basis of the whole procedure is available in the form of cartridges, may be different, but the essence of the process does not change from this.

waxing kit

With this set, there is no need to visit the salon beauty – now waxing can be done at home conditions. There are good reasons to purchase a kit for depilation:

  • The compact device fits anywhere – in the nightstand, in the bag, among bath accessories;
  • Easy to use, intuitive .;
  • It quickly accelerates to the desired temperature. Saves time.
  • Safe – they won’t get hurt, do not get burned (there are regulators temperature);
  • Ensures uniform hair removal when properly use;
  • It is bought once, and you can use it regularly. After Purchases of the device money will be spent mainly on wax. what can not but rejoice.
  • The question where to buy a set for waxing is not worth it at all. – the kit and everything you need is sold in stores and the internet.

The depilation kit is acceptable, the starting price is at around 1000 – 1500 p. The device does not fail for a long time, regularly serves as a period measured by the manufacturer. Indispensable on vacation, in hospital, and also as the main method of depilation.

Waxing has another name – bioepilation, this one of the safest and most natural ways to remove hair where anything – on the legs, arms, intimate area and other parts of the body. FROM using wax to crack down on the vegetation in the bikini area. Method not inferior to similar procedures in the cosmetologist’s office.


Waxclaves for depilation – wax heaters. Without this the apparatus cannot be used with wax, its structure in crystallized state is tough, unsuitable for depilation. FROM with built-in or additional nozzle apply thin strips of wax without unnecessary trouble.

By type of device are divided into several categories:

  1. Cans;
  2. Cassette
  3. Combined.

Wax wax is suitable for cans, for cassettes cartridges are sold, combined warms up the material as in jars and cartridges. This is the main difference between apparatuses.

waxing kit

Each device has temperature controls, often – windows, to know how much material is in it. Can heaters are usually sold in large sizes, although there are home compact options.

Before you buy wax for waxing, you should pay attention to several characteristics of the device:

  • Thermostat. There are not all devices, and very often this a parameter fundamentally affects its value. If the procedure is tightened, then the wax may freeze and lose its original viscosity. The thermostat solves this problem, it is able to support desired temperature over time.
  • Thermostat. The ability to heat at the same time as hot and moderately warm wax appeared with built-in thermostat. This is a great chance to save time when fully depilation, when the composition must be applied to the legs, and hands, and bikini. In each of these areas it is recommended to use different waxes. heating up.
  • Space for multiple cartridges (cans) is essential an advantage among other models if you seriously decide to do hair removal at home. If the need for a compact set missing, then this is such a wax heater for depilation for you.

depilation deep bikin wax

With “base” and “without base” – what is the difference? By base is meant the presence of a battery (batteries). This technique can be worn everywhere and do hair removal even on the bed, even in the bathroom. Without base – means through the outlet. For professionals release waxclaves with sockets to which several appliances. As a user, it makes sense to buy a wax oven for depilation. For the house, both the first and the second are quite suitable option.

Which is better – with banks or cassettes? Cassettes are very convenient in use, although there is a chance that the cartridge will fly out of the device, and wax gets on the desktop, on clothes, body, etc. Therefore with on the one hand it is important to use cartridges with accuracy, with the other is to try to buy wax from a wax manufacturer to all elements fit together.

Devices for depilation

The equipment is ready for use immediately after purchase, and no one chooses accessories for her, doesn’t fix it, it’s easier to buy a new one device. With more complex devices, you’ll have to bother a bit, and it’s better to sort things out in advance.

  • The device for waxing is large warms up on average from 500 to 800-900 ml .;
  • Electronics works stationary, usually it is placed in the working zone near the outlet and leave for a long time;
  • The thermostat is an integral part, provides an important condition, so that the hot mass remains the same throughout the entire working time;
  • Externally and internally, the device resembles a kettle – only the content is different and special indicators are made for it heating;
  • The set includes a stand, a handle. They make it out of metal plastic, plastic, so the weight reaches 2 kg.

hot wax depilation

The device for waxing is indispensable and sometimes an extremely necessary thing. Of the obvious advantages, users two points are noted – the ability to hold large volumes of wax or paraffin and good heat storage inside the device. In special The set also includes interchangeable nozzles, jars, strips.


Women wonder why it is impossible to warm up the composition for depilation without any tricks – after all, there are many instructions on how to do this at home, for example, in the microwave. Those, who experienced the procedure live, for sure will answer:

  • Sometimes wax behaves unpredictably. Горячая масса, buy wax for depilationособенно не очень качественногоcomposition, may explode, spread, etc.
  • The microwave won’t tell you what temperature it is. heated mixture. Yes, you can easily make it hot – but if you need a certain warmth? So far, only special devices fully carry out this function.
  • The microwave does not store heat, it is not intended for this. For the first time, hair removal can take half an hour or an hour. Have to warm up again and again, and sometimes it’s not really useful.
  • In a special device with cartridges, you simply heat the wax immediately in the cassette, and then apply. In what capacity, and in which how to get wax, if you don’t have special devices – unclear.

In the end, the devices are simpler and safer. After all, in the process depilation thoughts will already be about something else. Do not neglect the miracle technology, because it can make life much easier and more enjoyable.

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