Children of the weather: the pros and cons, reviews

The birth of a baby brings to the family not only the long-awaited happiness, but also new worries. Care, feeding, sleepless nights are familiar to many mothers firsthand.

In the bustle of the first months of infancy, a new positive test for pregnancy is often a surprise and not always pleasant, after all, some parents even at the thought of children-weather experience genuine horror.

But there are also brave moms and dads who planly approach birth of babies with a slight age difference.

What are they guided by?


What is attractive about birth weather kids?

Parents who bring up weather kids find many advantages:

  • minimum mom distraction from social life and building a career since the total duration parental leave is declining. Socially Active Moms after the birth of the baby they seek to return to work as much as possible earlier, therefore, actually one parental leave instead of two will not allow to get out of the professional self-determination and growth;
  • special relationships of children with each other a slight age difference contributes finding a common language between the weathers, especially if they are same-sex, as children grow, they do not move away from each other friend, have common interests and joint friends, and also quite self-sufficient and require less attention from parents, content with brotherly or sisterly ties in communication;
  • simultaneous attendance of kindergarten and educational institutions, parents do not have to create complex schedule for escorting children to the kindergarten or school and back, perfect option – finding the weather in one group of a preschool institution and one school class;
  • savings on some items wardrobe, transferring some things and shoes from the oldest child to the youngest will save, especially in the first several years when the growth of babies is intense and things remain almost perfect condition with seasonality and fashion trends;
  • psychological comfort for the child and parents, children who grow up in a family with brothers or sisters, rarely feel alone, are unlikely to grow too spoiled and selfish, from a young age study to negotiate and communicate.

Younger and older weather kids will not imagine life without each other, in contrast to the situation when children are born with a large a break.

After all, then the firstborn has an understanding of the difference between his existence before and after the birth of a brother and sister.

The birth of children-weather almost eliminates the jealousy of the elder to the appearance of the youngest in the family, but quite admits competition between children in games, in attracting attention parents and pals, which is also useful for their future socialization.

Sons and daughters with a one-year age difference have most common friends, which helps to perform in collective “united front” and be more protected from outsiders attacks or child aggression.

Adaptation to the kindergarten or school team also takes place the weather is much faster, especially if they fall into one and same group or class.

The difficulties of weather kids and their parents

Of course, having several children of approximately equal age is not promises only benefits, there are certain nuances that should be considered when planning children-weather and be to them ready:

  • complicated pregnancy with a second child during infancy of the first baby, pregnancy of mother at having a baby is not too simple, as the body of a woman had not yet managed to finally recover after the first birth, and he enormous load is set for bearing the next child. If necessary, go to the hospital to save the second pregnant woman mom will be forced to leave the baby in the care of others as a baby people, and after all the crumbs will require special care, not to mention the likelihood of stopping breastfeeding;
  • breastfeeding younger moms, who are breastfeeding may need to decide the continuation or termination of this process in connection with pregnancy and probable health problems. If the eldest kid will be be breastfed until the birth of a brother or sister, then have to make a choice between feeding “tandem” or excommunication a grown child, while for the first-born it can become psychological trauma;
  • difficult age before three years, the first three years of a child are usually not simple, the presence of two children with different skills and abilities by age, daily routines and the alternation of dreams and feedings complicate life Moms
  • significant financial costs, weather kids can grow around at the same pace, that is, parents will need to buy clothes, shoes and toys at the same time, pay the cost of the garden and school, additional circles and classes.

Weather kids are not only double joy but also double worries.

Therefore, family planning should be approached with full understanding. what will give such a difference in children in age, and what can cause difficulties.

The key to the well-being of a family raising children with a small difference in age – mutual understanding and mutual assistance, confidence in own forces and help of relatives.

With such an important foundation and parental love, difficulties in parenting weather kids will be minimal!

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