Tibetan purple tea Chang Shu forslimming

Chang-Shu is a flower tea that manufacturers
positioned as an effective means for slimming.Unlike
plain tea, Tibetan purple drink Chang Shu is harvested and
they brew not the leaves, but the petals of flowers
the amount of amino acids useful for the human body and
of vitamins. After drinking Chang Shu tea, the excess weight goes away and, according to
The approval of women is no longer returned. Let’s see
what other qualities does high-altitude purple drink Chang

Tibetan purple tea Chang Shu forslimming


Beneficial features

Chang Shu tea for slimming grows in the highlands of Tibet and
Nepal. It was originally used by Tibetan monks, famous for
longevity. The air in the mountains has a low content
oxygen that gives tea for slimming unique
characteristics. From green and black tea to purple drink
different sweet taste and rich aroma. Chang shu for
slimming contains many useful properties:

  • speeds up metabolism;
  • slows down aging;
  • improves eyesight;
  • has a positive effect on the condition of the skin;
  • strengthens the nails;
  • prevents hair loss, stimulates their growth;
  • beneficial effect on the brain; splits fat
  • produces a tonic effect;
  • promotes the accelerated digestion of food;
  • heals ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • causes a feeling of fullness.

Tibetan purple tea Chang Shu forslimming

Tibetan tea Chang Shu is not a fat burner, but
promotes weight loss, if drinking a complex
Combine with diets and sports. After a three month course
use of this product will leave you tired pounds and
the amount of wrinkles will decrease, there will be less gray hair and the color will improve


Composition of Tibetan tea Chang Shu

The composition of tea for slimming contains a lot of biologically
active ingredients that will reduce the risk
cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, salt deposits,
the occurrence of atherosclerosis, venous insufficiency, obesity,
diabetes and the formation of cancerous tumors. In Tibetan tea
Chang Shu were discovered the following components:

  1. Tanin (теотанин). This is an amino acid
    stimulating mental and physical activity of a person, but not
    too central to the nervous system
    the system. Tannin normalizes the liver, stomach, intestines and
    has a bactericidal effect, the ability to deduce from
    organism toxins.
  2. Cahetian. Natural Antioxidant Protecting
    blood vessels from cholesterol plaques promoting
    to oxidation and splitting of fats, reducing glucose level in
  3. Caffeine. Alkaloid rendering
    psychostimulating effect, increasing physical stamina
    and mental activity.
  4. Metilksantin. Stimulates microcirculation
    blood in the skin, which helps eliminate toxins from cells.
  5. Dopamine. Hormone of joy that boosts
    mood. When dopamine is consumed, nerve reduction occurs.
    tension, fear passes.
  6. Lutein. A substance that actively protects the retina
    eyes from harmful radiation.
  7. Bioflavonoids. Prevent hair loss,
    strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  8. Chromium Picolinate. Trace element, accelerating growth
    muscle, helps fight stress, prevents the occurrence
    depression, reduces appetite.
  9. Vitamins. Useful organic matter
    have a tonic effect on the body.

Unlike other drugs for slimming, чай Чанг Шу
safe for health. Extra pounds go away due to improvement
metabolism and normalization of water-salt balance. Body mass
decreases without additional load on the internal organs,
which remove slags. Two cups a day of this drink will release
energy that will give strength to the body.

How to brew and apply

Buyers will certainly have a question: how to drink Chang tea
Shu? Thousands of people who bought a wonderful purple drink,
note the simplicity of reception. When consumption of tea Chang Shu is not required
revise the power system or come up with usage patterns
tea Get rid of body fat with this drink to
slimming easy – just drink two tea cups a day in
for three months.

How to take Chang Shu purple tea:

  1. Take 5-8 flowers, depending on the desired
  2. Brew a glass of hot boiled water, but not boiling water.
  3. Infuse Chang Shu tea for 10 minutes.
  4. Drink for slimming without additives.
  5. Add a slice of lemon, which will have an additional effect.
    for burning fat.

Real reviews of people who drank Chang Shu tea throughout
three months, show that you can lose 30 weight during this period
kg Moreover, it is not necessary to refuse to eat and exhaust yourself in
gymnasium.Exclude high-calorie foods from the diet and
a positive result is not long in coming. There are
negative reviews of people who have not lost weight using tea
Чанг Shu. Such people are advised to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in
diet and continue to drink tea.

Are there any contraindications for use

Tibetan purple tea Chang Shu forslimmingПротивопоказания к приему Чанг Шу отсутствуют, но не стоит рассматривать применение чая, как лекарство for burning fat. Это напиток для slimming, который только способствует избавлению от лишних килограммов, обладает многими полезными свойствами и способен оказывать общеукрепляющее действие на весь организм, замедляющее процессы старения.

It should be noted that side effects from excessive consumption of Chang Shu tea are the same as any other drink of plant origin: pressure may increase or decrease, nausea, vomiting, irritation of the oral mucosa may occur. Но для этого выпейте 20 чашек пурпурного чая для slimming. Overdose is not harmful. First aid is to temper the consumption of Chang Shu tea to two cups a day. If such a measure does not help, then it is advisable to temporarily abandon the use of coffee and tea of ​​all sorts. </ P>

Where to buy Chang-Shu purple tea

In the mountains of Tibet and Nepal, the flowers of the Chang Shu tea plant are harvested by hand, so this process is difficult and takes more than one week. Altitude and lack of air requires people to endurance and the use of physical force. Among the local population, these jobs are recruited, mostly by men, who receive wages much more than women. По этой причине купить недорого пурпурный чай для slimming у вас не получится.

Find and order Chang Shu can be on the Internet on the official website of the company, both in bulk and in a single instance. Цена за курс slimming (три месяца) самая выгодная – 5 тысяч рублей. If you buy one pack of Chang Shu tea, then, taking into account the delivery, the product costs 2.5 thousand rubles, which makes the purchase more expensive. The cost of the wholesale order can be found on the website of the Chang Shu Purple Tea online store. </ P>

To make a safe purchase of natural tea for slimming, you should:

    1. Go to the official website of the seller.
    2. At the bottom of the page, find the order form.
    3. Specify the phone number and name in it.
    4. Click on the “Order” button.
    5. Wait for contact with the manager to confirm the purchase.
    6. After 2 days, get tea for slimming Chang Shu at your post office.
    7. Pay for your order.


Can I buy at the pharmacy?

Purple tea for slimming Chang Shu is not only sold on the Internet – it can be purchased at the pharmacy. Point of sale plays the role of an intermediary, so the price of goods will be higher. It is easy to find out how much Chiang Shu purple tea costs in pharmacies in Moscow, just dial the corresponding query in a search engine on the Internet. However, whether the seller will guarantee you the quality of the purchased goods and how much hidden wraps in one tea package – the question remains open. <\ P

Whatever method of purchase you choose, you will not need to make efforts to improve the appearance of your figure with the help of Chang Shu tea, which contains a set of organic substances and chemical compounds useful for the body. If you regularly follow a moderate diet, then after a week you will start to lose weight, and the pleasant taste of Chang Shu tea activates your mood and gives you vitality for the whole day.

Customer Reviews and Slimming Results

Svetlana, 33, Chelyabinsk : “A friend said that Chang Shu purple tea would help me lose weight, but I didn’t expect such positive results in a month! Even without restriction of a diet I weigh on 6 kg less. A drink for slimming benefits the body by removing harmful substances from it. I will drink tea Chang Shu now constantly instead of black tea”.

Anatoly 39 years of Krasnoyarsk : “I like to drink tea, so I buy different varieties. Stumbled upon an advertisement for a Tibetan Chang Shu. The results of studies that indicated that it was a safe remedy for slimming attracted attention, so I decided to try this tea and check how it acts on the body. I liked the taste of Chang Shu, but for a couple of months, 4 kg unexpectedly went away, which I unsuccessfully tried to lose for two years. ”

Natalya, 37 years old, Voronezh : “I tried Chang Shu tea with my acquaintances, who brought exotic drinks from vacation. I was struck by the color and aroma of tea, and when I found out what benefits it gives to the body, I began to search for it on the Internet, found it and bought it. I want to believe that Chang Shu prevents many diseases, but I am sure that it is much easier to get rid of extra pounds with him. ”


Doctors Reviews

Peter Kaloshin Gastroenterologist: “Chai Chung Shu tested first on myself. A lot of nutrients received the body, because after 7 days I felt a surge of strength. Now I use tea in my work, offering it as an additional method in the fight against gastrointestinal diseases. ”

Yuri Sinurin fitness doctor: “There are many drugs for weight loss, but not everyone should be trusted, so I take care of them, recommending to clients only proven ones. Tea Chang Shu refers to such, because its use is proved by time. With this purple drink, all my clients lose weight much faster. ”

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