Pros and cons of being Vika, reviews

Victoria, Vika, Vita … This name has been respected since ancient times. and fear. Its owner was considered the embodiment of strength, stubbornness, self-will and … kindness!

To be Vika means to be independent resolute and courageous. No wonder in Roman culture and mythology Victoria was considered the goddess of victory, the conqueror.

And today Vika is rather a winner who confidently and firmly standing on his feet, while not wasting time on rainbow plans and ghostly dreams.

Girls, girls and women named by this magnificent name, often lead others in a stupor, bewitching their inner, not describable by force and not rarely even isolation.

Although Victoria is considered very sociable, friendly and cheerful special, but good, real friends she practically doesn’t … Is it an advantage or a disadvantage?

And perhaps her preference to have only reliable and loyal friends, not letting goofy and insidious people, and leads her to success in life? We’ll try to figure this out.

In order to highlight the specific pros and cons of the life of Vika, you need to understand subtle psychology Victorious victoria.

Victoria rarely seeks to be a leader, but life is evolving so that almost always it comes from the top.

Passive life position, starting its expression in the early childhood, flows in adolescence into efficiency and excellent professional grip.

Friendly relations for Vicki are valuable, but the most important priority is a family.

She can easily stand indifference and betrayal. girlfriends, because at heart he does not consider them at all close, kindred people.

Despite this, Vika is an extremely sincere girl, which conquers with its soulfulness and desire to love. Surrounding her people are always enthusiastic about her ability to control herself and in many ways seek to imitate her.


Wiki Benefits:

  1. Inner self-confidence and fortitude. Wikis are always victorious, and this is their secret name. Victoria will never defiantly show to others that her position is correct, but as a result of her assertive actions over time, everyone is convinced of the correctness of Wikin’s judgments. Vika will never “back up”; she can bring things to the end and she always knows in her heart whether the work she has begun will be successful for her, or on the contrary.
  2. Active and mobile. Vika does not sit still. It is driven by internal energy! From early childhood she loves active rests, prefers movement and finds himself in different pursuits similar kind.
  3. Kind and responsive. Who met Vika, who would not come to the aid in difficult times and support her kind word ?! Girls named Victoria are extremely kind to to others, and it doesn’t matter at all whether they are close, or completely by strangers.
  4. Fair and honest. Yes, Vika can be quick-tempered, wayward or stubborn, but she doesn’t have honesty equal! If you want to ask an alternative opinion regarding unresolved conflict, ask Vika to judge the prevailing situation, and guaranteed to get the most unbiased and honest opinion.

Being Vika is easy and difficult at the same time.

The disadvantage is that they expect from you all the time making decisions, hoping for support and sometimes unreasonably shoulder the solution to the most complex problems requiring certain strength and skills.

Negative points can also be found in following:

  1. Wiki is masterful and stubborn. They do not tolerate critics (whether friendly or sharp), and are skeptical of those who allow themselves to make comments about them. Mock with Wikia also will not work! She will delete from the friends list those who will show a similar attitude and will make fun of her position, actions etc.
  2. Vika undergoes very sharp and dramatic shifts. mood. Her joy can rapidly grow into increased excitement, high spirits in depression. Victoria is overly hot-tempered, but she is also fast moving away. Many consider her reckless and stubborn.
  3. Girls and women are often unnecessarily wayward. They don’t need to increase their self-esteem, while remaining indifferent and cold to others inside.

Summing up, it can be noted that Victoria is complaisant and strong people who can be trusted with any, even the most difficult a business.

They are confident in their abilities and bring what they have begun to the end. No wonder the name Vika translated from Latin means “winner”.

Strong and persistent wikis become a real support for the family. They know what they want from life, and strive, no matter what, to achieve the intended goal.

Negative qualities can be considered excessive stubbornness, waywardness and mood swings, but this is nothing in compared to how many positive qualities Vick has …

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