Film wax for depilation

The modern standard of the female body, which beauties of the whole world try to match – it’s perfectly smooth skin. therefore it is not surprising that today there is a mass various ways and methods of solving the eternal female problem hair removal. One of the most popular and reliable is recommended wax for depilation in particularly delicate and sensitive areas of the female body.

What it is?

Depilatory Wax Film is an Advanced Variety hot wax, which has rightfully become a favorite of many girls. She incorporates special components that provide low melting point, hypoallergenic and high plasticity, due to which film wax repeats all contours bodies, capturing hairs at the very root. These factors allow carry out the procedure with the least pain.

Another variation of this product is film wax in granules. This format is the most popular, as it use allows you to add even if necessary a small portion into the melting tank and continue the procedure without break for additional heating.

film wax for depilation

Film wax is a great tool for intimate depilation, including a deep bikini, because the temperature heating this product allows for depilation even in the most tender places. Hair removal with a film wax will not leave behind signs of irritation, moreover, will make the skin renewed, removing dead skin from the surface. We get smooth skin and peeling in one procedure!

Video clip

From theory to practice! We have prepared for you a video about the film wax for depilation – a master class, how to do it yourself correctly use it at home:

How to choose and where to buy?

If you want to try film wax in your own home, You need to choose it correctly. In addition to a variety of fragrant perfumes, the manufacturers’ lines have different waxes in stock density, which is selected in each case individually. Therefore, before buying, we advise you to determine the desired zone removal:

  • The most dense is suitable for coarse hair, armpits and a bikini, well and just for beginners;
  • Medium density is suitable for less coarse hair, for depilation of hands, hips;
  • The lowest density wax is used for cannon hair, for example, on the face for the antennae above the upper lip.

If you have sensitive skin, choose a film wax with corresponding note. Some products include substances like titanium dioxide, which somewhat relieves painful Feel.

Buy film wax for depilation is not difficult, moreover, there are many online and offline stores. Our advice – choose professional products in stores where depilation masters are purchased. It can be official sites manufacturers, representative offices in your city, specialized stores. Prices range from 550 rubles for 0.5 kg


For anesthesia use lidocaine, Emla ointment, wait time before the start of the procedure, as indicated in the instructions. Or try to drink painkiller forty minutes before the session, for example, Ketorol, or any other analgesic. Maybe, the action of a simple pill is enough for you to facilitate the process hair removal. If not, the pain threshold for each is individual, – try to combine several methods.

How to use?

Depilation with film wax at home will be successful, if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Test the allergy one day before the start of the procedure. on the back of the hand. Some girls have individual intolerance of the components in the composition, in particular, rubber. Do not neglect this fact.
  2. Heat wax in a bowl with a wax, water bath, or microwaves up to 38-40C degrees. Need a thick consistency sour cream. If it turns out to be too liquid, then give it a little cool, mix well.
  3. Disinfect the hair removal area with any antiseptic or special lotion to prepare for the procedure. For degreasing treat the skin with talcum powder or baby powder for better setting surface.
  4. Before transferring wax to the skin, check the degree of heating, he must not burn. Then apply with a spatula with a thin layer on the area manipulations regardless of the direction of hair growth. Again walk with a spatula, pressing the composition to the skin;
  5. Wait for the material to solidify on the skin, let it properly will grasp the roots of the hairs. After a few seconds, touch – he is not should stick to fingers.
  6. Stretch your skin by hand, raise the edge of the film and in the direction of growth tear her hair. If the hairs are not well removed the first time, need to freeze for another minute for a good result. After procedures apply a coolant to the skin and hair growth blocking agent;

On a note! A popular feature among depilation masters “Antistress.” It consists in the fact that you put your palm on a few seconds immediately after a breakdown in the depilated area. Thereby you soothe the skin by eliminating pain shock.

film wax for depilation

Common mistakes

The main mistakes that girls make using this depilation method:

  • Wax stretches strongly for a spatula, poorly removed.

Reason: the wax is not sufficiently frozen.

Solution: dry the wax with talcum powder or baby powder, wait a few seconds and remove, tearing parallel to the skin.

  • After removal, hairs remained.

Reason: the trowel was not pressed enough to the skin, the wax could not grab the hairs well.

Solution: re-apply wax to the area, pressing firmly putty knife.

  • After tearing the film, the wax remained in pieces around the depilated zones.

Reason: uneven layer.

Solution: apply wax in a thin even layer as in the middle, and around the edges to remove the film in one go.

Reviews of girls

Film wax for depilation, especially in granules, produced a sensation in the field of cosmetology, loved by many girls at home use. Each female depilation site has numerous positive and enthusiastic reviews about this product.

Maria: “Hello everyone! For each girl, the importance of getting rid of unwanted hair has become the truth of life. I’ve been using it for quite a while epilator, but the bikini could not decide on hair removal. therefore decided to try film wax in granules, heat in microwave oven. Very satisfied, minimal consumption, large packaging lasts a very long time. ”

Daria: “I liked the wax for depilation in the pretty granules remind me of pine nuts. It melts easily freezes slowly, which is very convenient when using. I advise apply in a thin layer, press well with a spatula and tear off sharply movement, without much thought. ”

Irina: “I bought film wax in a professional online store. I liked the description of the procedure, sparing properties and reasonable price. The courier brought immediately to the house that also very comfortable. Use according to instructions and technique. removal, you will definitely like the result, you will always be in fully armed! ”

Catherine: “I’m a real maniac for hair depilation, a lot just managed to use, I will say for sure – film wax definitely worth a try for those who want to forget about shaving and spiky legs! ”

film wax for depilation


Remember that this procedure has a number of contraindications, namely impaired blood circulation in the area of ​​hair removal (varicose veins, rosacea, thrombophlebitis), damage to the skin with diabetes, the presence of abrasions, cuts and scratches.


So, if in search of the perfect means to remove unwanted hair, you chose waxing, We advise you to start with film wax. Observing everything the recommendations made, you will be satisfied with the pleasant experiment and you will be beautiful, which means that you are confident in everything 100% in any situation.

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