How to get rid of black dots at home conditions

Healthy skin – beautiful skin. And you can’t argue with that. However many are familiar with the problem of black dots on the nose, which sometimes spoil the whole view. Comedones worry not only in adolescence, but and more mature. Their appearance does not depend on how much years old man. This is a cosmetic problem.

There are plenty of reasons for the formation of black dots. The main are oily skin, improper cream and dust, which throughout the day accumulates on the skin, hormonal failure and malnutrition. All this leads to the appearance on the nose. comedones, which have to fight in the future.

But still, do not despair if you notice on your face black dots. You can get rid of them at home, but This must be done correctly and in several stages. Following all pore cleansing rules, impressive results can be achieved without injuring the skin.


Steam the skin

Before you start the fight with black dots, you must prepare the skin. And for this it needs to be steamed well to then without effort it was possible to squeeze out the comedones that formed On the nose.

A steam bath is used for steaming the skin. Is being done she is quick and easy. In a saucepan, boil water and add to her fresh or dry grass of chamomile or hypericum. For more effectiveness, you can drip a couple drops of lemon or eucalyptus essential oil. When everything is ready, you must bend over pan with prepared hot water and cover your head with a towel. Fifteen minutes is enough to breathe steam. For that time the pores on the nose will open.

Steaming the skin with comedones

Extrude black dots correctly

After steaming, you can begin to extrude the gums. Hands should be washed with soap and fingers should be wrapped sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide. So black dots squeeze out, and peroxide will disinfect the skin.

Extrude points should only be those that lend themselves well. Those who require more effort, it is better not to touch. After all it can damage the skin, and it can also lead to the formation of inflammation and acne.

After the comedons are squeezed out, it is necessary to wipe skin with your favorite lotion or salicylic acid solution.

Extruding black dots after steaming

We make a mask film from black dots on the nose

You can make a special at home a milk gelatin film mask that quickly helps to cope with black dots. To do this, mix an equal amount milk and gelatin and put in a water bath. Then apply mix on the skin of the nose and wait twenty minutes.

During this time, the film dries. It must be carefully removed and to lubricate the skin of aloe cleansed from black dots, which is capable of narrow the enlarged pores quickly. After such a procedure, it’s better to For several hours, refuse makeup so that the skin rests.

Milk-gelatin mask-film against comedones

Salt scrub from comedones

To clean the pores on the nose, there is a method such as cleansing with salt. To do this, you need to take soap, preferably baby without fragrance. Dip a cotton swab in water and soap it. Followed by dip the swab into a mixture of salt and soda. Then light circular movements, without pressing hard, walk on the skin.

After this procedure, you need to rinse everything with cool water to pores have narrowed a little.

Salt scrub from black dots on the face

Black Juice Lemon Juice

It has proven itself in cleansing the skin of black spots on nose lemon juice. He copes with excessive activity. sebaceous glands. In addition, lemon juice eliminates oily sheen. nor does it dry out the skin.

Cinnamon can be added to lemon juice. It cleanses the skin well from dirt and dead cells.

A tablespoon of cinnamon should be mixed with the juice of one lemon and to stir thoroughly. Apply the resulting mass to the skin of the nose and massage. The skin must be wet. After this Massage to flush the mixture from the nose. Such a procedure may be carried out. two times a week.

Lemon juice and cinnamon from black dots

Egg mask

Such a folk remedy helps not only get rid of blacks points, but also prevent their reappearance. Mask of eggs can clean the comedones well. Egg mask can be made with honey and lemon. Then it will be even more effective.

For the mask you need to mix egg white, one teaspoon of honey and just a quarter teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The skin must be steamed and a mask applied to the nose and a bit around him. Hold the mask for twenty minutes and rinse it off water. The skin during the action of the mask will tighten and therefore You can’t talk and smile.

Egg face mask from comedones

Black clay from black dots

Clay has always been famous for its cleansing properties. Therefore, in getting rid of black dots it occupies one of the main places among others. Clay must be diluted with warm water, but not hot. The clay mixture should be thick.

Apply the resulting slurry to the skin. After that you need to wait until the clay is completely dry. Then rinse off gently its warm water, and then rinse with cold. Warm water will help remove clay from the skin, and cold narrow the pores.

Black clay to fight acne

Unfortunately, get rid of black dots at home forever fail. However, caring for your skin daily, You can reduce their number, as well as make it less noticeable. Cleansing procedures using scrubs, peels and folk funds should be done at least once a week. Then the effect will be stored for a long time. Regular care in which includes cleansing, nutrition and hydration – this is the key to beautiful and healthy skin!

Getting rid of black dots photo results

Cleansing the face of acne

Treatment of comedones at home

Cleansing the face from black dots

Black clay relieves comedones

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