Box variator pros and cons reviews

Modern mechanical vehicle gearboxes types often have 5 modes of switched speeds, and when This automatic transmission has no more than eight.

In contrast to such gearboxes, modern the variator has an unlimited number of switchable speeds.


Advantages of CVT boxes:

  • CVT as a gear designed for the connection of the wheels of the vehicle and the engine, gives the ability to the owner of the car to smoothly change the speed of circulation directly to the drive wheels.
  • The ability to use the mechanism with a successful performance in bad weather conditions such as snowfalls. After all, a vehicle with this system will move quite smoothly, and the movement itself will be resemble acceleration of an electric motor with tremendous power.
  • Fast acceleration of the car, due to the presence of in it such a variator box.
  • The CVT vehicle will never stall at a traffic light, it doesn’t roll down the hill during the ascent, but the start of movement occurs smoothly for almost any circumstances.
  • No load on other elements transmissions.

Disadvantages of the CVT box:

  • The presence of slight noise during the acceleration period, which in The result gradually disappears.
  • There is no way to install this system on cars with huge power.
  • The expensive cost of the oils used here, which are significantly differ from the standard.
  • Constant and careful monitoring of the amount of oil in system. In addition to the mechanism working efficiently and regularly recommended to constantly monitor available numerous sensors. If even the smallest detail breaks or contact is lost, then the efficiency of the mechanism will provoke incorrect transmission performance.
  • An important disadvantage here is also considered image, because, according to most experts, at least CVTs today and go to a new level, but still it takes some time for people to accustomed to a similar unit.

Thus, even though the gearbox has a variator some flaws, but still, according to most experts in speed, she will still take her well-deserved leading place.

It is possible that in the near future such systems can really push boxes out of the car market automatic and mechanical gears.

Only time is needed to eliminate certain deficiencies such systems.

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