You have not yet decided to grow bakopu in a flower gardenor on the terrace – it’s time! Bacopa cultivation rules and secrets of carefor her

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In order to decorate the room, many gardeners have resorted
to growing ampelous plants. Bacopo care is no different.
special complexity.

On the contrary, this plant is completely unpretentious, as it can
it’s great to grow indoors and on the glassed-in balcony and on
open loggias.

Bacopa species

Bacopa’s color palette is very diverse. Can be found
its varieties, ranging from snow-white, and ends this series
rich red, and you can even find bakopu with bright yellow
colors, purple and even blue. Characteristic of this kind
flowers that some time after pollination (often a couple
years) flowers bakopi become white.

Common varieties Bacopa:

1.•Giant Snowflake. The variety is different in size,
the length of the stems can grow up to 90 centimeters. Looks great
if grown in hanging baskets. The flowering period can last
several months.

2. Bluetopia. Suitable for fans of smaller
plants, because the length of the stems they have more than 30 centimeters is not
reaches The flowers are blue with a delicate lilac shade.
Blossoms for a long time.

3.•ScopiaDoubleBlue. Stalk length about 40
centimeters. Flowers of a bush of pink color with gentle violet
Shade abundantly cover the plant. The flowering period is long.
Bacopa looks great when grown in pendant

4.•Olympic Gold. Golden leaves
vividly distinguishes the variety from those like him. Stems long, can
достигать 60 centimeters. White flowers copiously cover
a shrub that in such a flowering condition can with proper care
be a long time.

5.•Snowstorm Blue. Differs large
flowers. Their color is blue with incomparable purple.

In fact, the concept of “bacopa” brings together a group of more than a hundred
plant species home to Australia, Africa,
America, India, Asia, Canary Islands. Now this plant
distributed in tropical and subtropical zones. Cultivated
man is a lovely plant about a quarter of a century ago.

Culture blooms for a long time, and blooming stems excellent
look even after weather disasters. The period begins at the bush
цветения, когда его стебли густо покрываются flowers. Through
some time the flowering decreases, later resumes
with even more power.

The shoots fall down very nicely, can take root, creating
new bushes. The only downside to growing bakopa is
That the bush should be renewed annually, as decorative
bush properties persist only for the first year
of life.

Widespread use for the purpose of landscaping rooms, in landscape
design is justified by the fact that in the care of bacopa unpretentious.

Interesting! About decorative qualities
Bacopa is known to many. But besides a beautiful bush that you want
Watch for hours, it is widely used in medicine,

What you need to know about reproduction when growing bacopa

Bacopa propagation can occur in several ways:
cuttings or seeds. Consider the first method.

You can get cuttings by cutting off the top of the shoot. Time for
planting so that the stalk is well rooted fits January-March or
Aug. Sept.

For rooting should use a light substrate. Dropping off
cuttings in containers, they should be placed in a greenhouse or covered
plastic bag. When it becomes noticeable that the cutting began
grow, the top should pinch. It has a beneficial effect on
bush formation. As shown by experience, it is better to land in May.

If you decide to grow bakopa from seed, you should first
get seedlings out of them. Deepen seeds are not worth it, they are sown on
surface, slightly pressed to the ground.

The optimum temperature at which plants should grow –
20-24 degrees, in any case, it should not fall below 18

The appearance of several of these leaves indicates
need to make a pick. Plant spacing
must be at least 2 cm. The second pick is made in
individual tanks. After it, young plants should be fertilized.

Choosing a place to land

It is best to grow and develop Bacopa will be in a well-lit
place, especially important lighting in the early and evening, but when
this strong heat will not do her good. Besides
the intensity of flowering directly depends on the amount received
lighting. So in the penumbra at Bacopa will grow mainly
leaf cover, branches will begin to reach for the sun. But about
excess sun for bacopa need to say, based on the variety.

For outdoor cultivation, Bacopa is fully adapted,
can grow from early spring to late autumn. But you have to watch
чтобы температура не опускалась ниже пяти degrees

But to the ground, it is not demanding. But prefers subacid
priming. It is also better to fertilize the ground well, for the benefit of the plant.
go and good drainage.

Growing plants in open ground, it is better to add peat. But
yet the potted plant feels better, especially if
add soil to the peat sand substrate as well as

Landing Bacopa and watering

If it is planned that the flower will grow in the open field,
you can land at the end of frost. Space
между кустами оставляют не менее 10 centimeters. This is actually
depends on the type of bush.

Planted flowers in small holes, falling asleep previously in them
drainage, only after that they place bakopa, cover it with soil,
lightly tamped and watered. In the future, we must follow
soil moisture. Watering is important when caring for
bakopoy. During this period, should be watered every morning and evening.
day. Spraying is also useful, but when the buds appear
stop it. In winter, watering is carried out as it dries.


In spring and autumn, fertilize three times a month. Use
It should be organic and mineral fertilizers. Make the sheets brighter and
larger manganese and magnesium will help.

Diseases and pests that must be remembered when caring for

Despite the fact that with proper care, Bacop is resistant to
diseases, otherwise to them the plant becomes

The most common disease is gray rot. main reason
appearance – excessive watering the bush. It’s not easy to fight
as the root system is affected.

In order to fight the plant should be transplanted, while removing all
damaged roots. It is also better to use special
means. In the neglected case, the flower will have to be thrown away.

Another common pest is aphid. Deal with
it is not difficult for her if she was noticed when only
appeared. In this case, the flower is treated with soapy water.
This should be done several times during the week, after
week break if necessary, the procedure should be repeated.
Also aphid afraid of strong water pressure.

Improperly created conditions for wintering (warm room, and in
consequence of over-dried soil) is the cause of reproduction
whiteflies. In order to fight, it is desirable to cut off the whole flower or even
damaged areas, put in proper conditions. But
treatment with special means bakope can harm.

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