Wine diet for weight loss

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The beneficial effects of wine for women and men have long been proven.
Among the reviews of the wine weight loss method, there is a noticeable drop.
weight, cleansing from slags, reducing edematous symptom.

As part of the different ways to lose weight, wine diet is distinguished for its
unusual dietary approach.

Most often, alcoholic beverages are prohibited, but the method
losing weight on wine is considered an exception. The system uses a number
rules that must be strictly followed to achieve
desired result.


Wine diet for weight loss на 5 дней

As part of a wine based diet
losing weight, you must follow the rules and the menu duration
five days. It is believed that adhering to the rules, for five days you can
get rid of up to five pounds of excess weight.

Польза, которую оказывает употребление
alcohol in the right amount on the body during the period
wine dieting:

  • prevents the formation of fat cells;
  • does not produce cholesterol;
  • increases blood circulation;
  • increases metabolism, which helps to lose weight;
  • assists in the removal of fluid that is unnecessary to the body;
  • may be a way to prevent early aging.

It is believed that a useful result is achieved within
drinking dry wine.

Applying the rules can be beneficial if the person

  • anemia;
  • insomnia;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • digestive problems;
  • immune system malfunction.

Lack of inclusion in the diet, in the framework of losing weight,
alcoholic beverages:

  • high calorie drink;
  • increased appetite;
  • emotional liberation in which it is difficult to comply
    mode rules.

What is a wine diet?

A diet that aims to lose weight imposes
certain restrictions on the daily diet. Considering that
based on the wine method is considered, alcohol is not included in the list
reduced products.

Rules of diet according to the wine method, which is necessary
perform for 5 days:

  • reduce carbohydrate based foods and
    sugar containing foods;
  • refuse to add salt to dishes;
  • You can drink wine drink and water, tea and herbal teas.

It is believed that the use of sugar substitutes will not break
the result of applying nutritional restrictions for a duration of five

It must be remembered that dry wine should be the basis of the diet.
good quality. The use of diet wine reduction method
Weight has a number of contraindications:

  • acute, chronic pancreatitis;
  • liver disease;
  • persistent headache;
  • aggravation of gout.

There is a weight loss method based on wine vinegar,
which is the result of processing red or white wine.
Nutritional restrictions are determined by the rules of healthy
Lifestyle with the addition of one of two conditions:

  • after eating twice a day, drink a glass of water with a little
    a spoon of vinegar;
  • in the morning before meals drink water with honey and vinegar, one volume
    glass, adding ingredients one teaspoon.

Menu for 5 days

Calculate the diet in a diet aimed at losing weight,
simple: for the specified number of days daily meals
stays the same. There are various menu options within
diet wine method.

Wine diet for weight loss — меню на

The first day:

  • завтрак: помидор. boiled in a cool egg;
  • snack: apple;
  • ланч: фруктовый салат- апельсин, грейпфрут, киви,
  • обед: 200 г. творога (желательно зернового);
  • ужин: 200 мл. dry white wine.

Second day:

  • sweet apple, 100 g of wine;
  • cucumber;
  • hard cheese toast;
  • cottage cheese with an apple;
  • a glass of liquor with an orange.

Day three:

  • protein omelette;
  • low fat kefir;
  • cottage cheese with an apple;
  • alcohol with cheese toast.

Day four:

  • glass of alcohol with fruit salad (apple, pear,
  • an Apple;
  • a glass of wine and a toast with tomato;
  • cottage cheese and a glass of wine.

Day five:

  • a glass of wine and hard-boiled quail eggs (4-5 pcs);
  • cucumber with tomato;
  • grapefruit curd;
  • a glass of wine with a protein omelette.

The second version of the diet, which implies a wine way to lose weight,
It is distinguished by the addition of five days of cheese to the diet at lunch time and
evening snack Wine / cheese combination rules may apply.
a couple of days longer than standard limits.

Wine diet for weight loss с сыром — пример

  • завтрак — белковый омлет с помидорами и
  • ланч — фруктовый салат: яблоко, апельсин, киви,
  • в обеденный перерыв — можно есть огурец и 150 г.
    low fat hard cheese;
  • вечером — к 200 мл. wine is added 50 g cheese.

There is a French method of weight loss using wine
lasting five days:

  • for breakfast 0.25 kg. low fat cottage cheese, fruit or
  • at lunchtime you need to eat 0.2 kg. сыра, vegetable;
  • The afternoon snack consists of an apple or an orange;
  • 250 ml in the evening. wine with a slice of cheese.

Выводы: Согласно отзывам людей применяющих
the diet based on the wine slimming method, the weight goes quickly for
рассчитанное количество days The amount of weight you can lose
respecting the serious dietary restrictions depends on the features

Full compliance with the rules helps to remove fluid from the body,
which contributes to weight loss. Among the reviews you can find
positive comments about reducing the edema symptom.

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