Diet with PMS – can I diet beforemonthly?

  • 1 Diet before menstruation – features of compliance
    • 1.1 How to comply with the regime – before or after menstruation
  • 2 Why follow a diet before the month and what can be achieved?
    • 2.1 Food if there is pain
    • 2.2 How to eat if there is swelling
    • 2.3 Diet with a rash on the skin
    • 2.4 PMS delayed diet

The body of every woman in reproductive age is preparing for
pregnancy and procreation. Every month in the body of a woman
there are changes called the menstrual cycle, which
Lasts from 21 to 32 days, depending on the individual
features. Before and during the menstrual phase (in
the period of formation of the follicle, which will later turn into
ovum) most women have a weakened
emotional and physical condition. To improve well-being
before the month is recommended to follow a diet.


Diet before menstruation – especially compliance

Diet before the month is aimed at strengthening the immune system,
maintaining water balance in the body, facilitating physical and
psycho-emotional state of a woman. Due to physiological
features, before women’s critical days
increased appetite, fatigue, frequent drops
moods and nagging pains in the lower abdomen.

Meals during this period should be balanced. Required
include in your diet foods containing magnesium, calcium,
iron, vitamins E, B6, B1, which will help reduce
painful sensations and reduce blood loss during
menstrual phase.

In the diet menu before PMS should prevail:

  • Fish and seafood;
  • Dairy and dairy products;
  • Seeds and nuts (especially walnuts and almonds);
  • Offal (especially useful beef liver);
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, peas);
  • Spinach and asparagus;
  • Bran and whole grain bread;
  • Olive oil;
  • Unsweetened fruit (apples, oranges, pears).

To maintain water balance in the body when dieting
daily drink non-carbonated water (1.5 liters), and to replenish
iron deficiency – freshly squeezed pomegranate or apple juice.

Before menstruation in women increases appetite, which is associated with
decrease in the hormone serotonin, affecting mood and
emotional condition. During the ICP period on a subconscious level
there is a desire to raise serotonin levels, and therefore many
women begin to consume large amounts of sweet and flour,
which only aggravates the discomfort, and subsequently leads to a set of

Observing a diet before menstruation should be excluded from
your diet:

  • Butter cakes and bakery products from wheat;
  • Pasta and potatoes;
  • Fatty and fried foods;
  • Sweets and desserts with an abundance of creams;
  • Strong tea and coffee;
  • Carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Meals when dieting before menstruation should be frequent, at least
4-5 times a day, but in small portions. It is desirable that the last
the meal was no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Sample menu for one day (breakfast, snack, lunch,
afternoon snack, dinner):

  • Low-fat cottage cheese, seasoned with Greek yogurt with
  • A glass of pomegranate juice;
  • Spinach cream soup. 2 slices of bran bread. Boiled
    chicken fillet;
  • A handful of walnuts;
  • Steamed fish. Greek salad”.

How to comply with the regime – before or after menstruation

Diet before menstruation or after? Before the monthly many
women experience frequent mood swings and increased appetite.
Observing a balanced diet, excluding the use of simple
carbohydrates (sweets, flour products), as well as fatty foods can
settle serotonin drops that in a significant way
will affect the improvement of emotional state and well-being in

Diet before menstruation will help moderate the appetite, which later
не отразится на набор overweight. Recommended before ICP
use vitamin complexes, as well as hormones,
appointed by the gynecologist and aimed at alignment
hormone surges.

After critical days, an increase in hormone levels is observed.
estrogen and progesterone levels are reduced, which affects
improvement of health, mood and performance. Organism
women refreshed and cleansed. For full recovery
worth a couple of days to stick to a balanced diet with
restriction in the diet of fats and simple carbohydrates (sweets,
baking, desserts).

After critical days it’s worth increasing daily
physical activity to maintain its shape in the norm. Later
week you can start to follow strict diets for weight loss
(for example, kefir or buckwheat), if there is

Why diet before menstruation and what can
to achieve?

�”When to go on a diet with PMS, and how not to break?” –
The main issues of interest to many women. Diet before menstruation
aims to maintain the body of a woman, improve well-being
through proper, balanced nutrition that influences
the fluctuation of hormones and, as a consequence, a decrease in appetite,
sleep improvement moods.

It is recommended to begin to follow the dietary diet for
week before menstruation, as well as during critical days. For
In order not to break, you should make in advance
Balanced menu of preferred products. Eat better
often but little by little to normalize blood sugar, and
also not to break and not to eat any of the prohibited foods
(sweets, desserts, pastries, fast food). With an acute feeling of hunger
better to eat savory fruit (apple, grapefruit),
low-fat dairy products (kefir, natural yogurt)
or drink fresh juice, herbal tea, decoctions of berries.

Food if there is pain

Numerous studies have shown that there is a direct
the relationship between food intake and the level of fluctuations of hormones.
Diet food with PMS for pain should consist mainly of
from protein products (lean meat, fish, dairy products) and
complex carbohydrates (cereals, cereals, vegetables, fruits), and the amount
fat should not exceed 10% of the total daily diet. Scientists
have proven that this diet helps reduce pain in
critical days and also helps to improve mood and

Diet before menstruation от боли предполагает дробное питание
in small portions. Frequent eating stabilizes the level of sugar.
in the blood that dulls the appetite and prevents drastic changes
moods. In addition to diet during menstruation, it is important to observe the regime.
days to reduce pain. It should rest, sleep not
less than 8 hours a day, if possible, reduce mental and
physical exertion, more often to be in the open air, to air
the room where you are.

How to eat if there is swelling

During PMS there is fluid retention in the body.
women, especially in areas containing the highest fat
interlayer (buttocks, thighs, abdomen). Puffiness also occurs under
the effect of increased progesterone, which helps to reduce
urination and reduced urine output. Often before
and during menstruation, women experience swelling in the face and
feet. During menstruation, women with the most
overweight, with existing kidney disease or
vascular dystonia.

Diet before menstruation от отеков – низко-солевая. One week before
start of the month should be reduced to a minimum consumption
salt. It is better to salt ready-made dishes. With low salt
diet should be excluded from your diet smoked sausage
products, fast food, canned food (especially fish) and caviar.

It is also recommended to exclude strong coffee, carbonated and
alcoholic beverages affecting strong mood swings and
sleep disorders. During the diet before the month is recommended to drink
clean, still water, herbal teas, berry fruit drinks,
freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.

Diet with a rash on the skin

The anatomical feature of the female body affects
acne rash before menstruation. To additional stimulation
rashes before PMS include: frequent stresses, poor ecology,
adolescence, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
weakened immunity, the use of poor-quality cosmetics.

Diet before menstruation from rashes should be
correct, fractional and balanced. Should be cut
eating salted, spicy, pepper, smoked, flour and sweet
food. Daily need to eat low-fat dairy
foods that normalize metabolism, which prevents
skin rashes.

Diet before menstruation от прыщей должна состоять из нежирного
meat, fish and poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and sour milk
products. It is recommended to use vitamin complexes for
saturation of the body with all necessary microelements. Should
completely eliminate fatty and fried foods from your diet,
contributing to the accumulation of toxins in the body,
provoking acne.

It is also necessary to carry out proper skin care during
avoid rash. Deep cleansing recommended
Faces with properly selected tonics and lotions, depending on
skin type, use of high-quality decorative cosmetics,
nutritious day and night creams.

PMS delayed diet

For reasons of delayed menstruation, in addition to pregnancy,
include physiological features of the body, gynecological
diseases, hormonal disruptions, as well as frequent stress,
improper lifestyle (alcohol abuse,
smoking, chronic sleep deprivation, hard physical work). Have
women who maintain a strict diet for weight loss, there are frequent
and long ICP delays.

If, after consultation with the doctor gynecological diseases
or hormonal disorders are not detected, and the delay in menstruation
occurred, should be reviewed and drastically change their diet
and if possible lifestyle. It is recommended to get enough sleep
only in ventilated areas, often walk in the fresh
air, give up bad habits. With frequent delays
critical days should abandon strict weight loss diets and
reduce your level of physical activity.

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