Windows to life: foundry

Windows to life: foundry
Mon, 05 Dec 2016

Society seeks to solve the problem of foundlings throughout
many centuries. Unfortunately, an unwanted child is a phenomenon
timeless, mothers left their children as if in a dark era
Middle Ages, and in the Age of Enlightenment and Rationalism. No threat
prison sentence nor public reprimand did not stop
crazed women seeking any ways to get rid of
born but unnecessary child. These days social
propaganda, exhortations of doctors in maternity hospitals and the efforts of public
organizations are aimed at reassuring women and supporting
the decision not to abandon the child. But not always exhortations and
timely support is possible, and then the baby box becomes
the only way out. Sometimes everything society can do for
abandoned babies – this is to create conditions for their mothers for the anonymous and
convenient rejection of the newborn. After all, it is often impossible
throw a baby secretly and with impunity costs him his life.

The similarity of modern “baby boxes” first appeared in Europe already
at the end of the 12th century – the first nest for an abandoned baby was
created in Italy. Responsibility for the creation of such an item took
on the Catholic Church. At the beginning of the 18th century in Germany a window
for small foundlings appeared right in the wall of the shelter, and 150 years
later, numerous reception rooms were already operating in France
offices where mothers could pass their children anonymously. However as
and in our times, the reaction of the authorities to such measures was not only
ambiguous, but often negative. Windows into life periodically
shut down.

Despite the fact that baby boxes came to Russia from Europe, there are
fate was no less shaky than ours. Claim,
presented to this means of saving infant lives,
по-европейски неожиданна: анонимность нарушает право ребенка
знать, кто его родители
. Opponents of baby boxes in Russia
they rest on the other side of the question – the absence of punishment and
criminal responsibility for the abandonment of the child. Really,
The transfer of the baby through the windows of life is not punished. Some
fighters with innovation are not only satisfied with the lack of criminal
responsibility, but also by the very fact of facilitating a life of dysfunctional
mother. In their opinion, only the most
conscious mothers, whom such a way only “corrupts”,
greatly facilitating the process of abandoning the child. However, doing
the moral image of the parents of abandoned children, officials miss
in mind that on the other side of the scale is often the life of a child.

What exactly is happening in the head of a woman who has just given birth,
looking for a way to get rid of a newborn – most people
understand and imagine impossible. Some планируют постфактум
�“Finish an abortion”, which was abandoned by specialists at late
during pregnancy, others are simply lost and broken. But in
Both cases of the problem of “re-education” of such women should
separate from helping their children. Installed containers for
babies and should not be a way to reduce failures from
children, because their function is to save the fragile lives of babies,
providing them with caring and reliable hands of specialists in return
deceived maternal.

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