Smoking during pregnancy is possible or not.What do pregnant women who can not quitto smoke

Ср, 01 июн 2016 Автор: Ольга Затевахина

It would seem, is considered an obvious fact that smoking
is a bad habit to get rid of
every person.

So why do so many questions arise about smoking during

Почему одни утверждают, что to smoke во время беременности можно,
and others, what is not, and which of them is right?


Danger of smoking during pregnancy. It is possible or not – to decide

Smoking definitely does not bode well. Nicotine ruins
Thousands of lives each year. It is also terrible that this is not happening
one moment, but gradually, creating the illusion that the picture is wrong
critical, as in reality.

It’s terrible that women are addicted to this addiction, but
the fact that future mothers, puffing on a cigarette, philosophically
размышляют над вопросом, можно или нет to smoke во время
pregnancy equates to disaster.

According to WHO, 30% of expectant mothers do not give up smoking,
creating new statistics on the effects of smoking during
pregnancy on the health of the child. Below is just a small
the list arising on the background of smoking pathologies.

Самопроизвольное прерывание беременности.
Among pregnant women who smoke, the number of
miscarriages, compared with non-smokers. Depending on the quantity
the number of spontaneous cigarettes smoked and their quality
Abortions can reach 80%. The reason is incompatible
the amount of poison contained in cigarettes and tiny body mass
unborn baby. On the famous phrase “a drop of nicotine
kills a horse “need to remember women whenever they take
in the hands of a cigarette. If for an adult in one cigarette is not
dose that can kill him instantly, then for the tiny creature
stomach and a few puffs made by his mom.

Перинатальная смертность. Those kiddies who
managed to survive in the womb of a smoked mother, and be born into the world,
a new test drops out – 35% of them die before the 7th day
after birth for various reasons. Mostly they have pathologies
development not compatible with life.

Синдром внезапной детской смерти у
. This is the case when a baby
who is not even one year old, she just stops breathing in her sleep.
Respiratory arrest occurs due to impaired functioning of the imperfect
nervous system (including vegetative), on the development of which is a huge
Mother’s inhalation of cigarette smoke, regardless of
Moreover, she herself smokes or is next to smokers.

Внутриутробная задержка развития. So
called fetal lag in weight and size from the norm in time
of pregnancy. The easiest degree is 2 weeks behind
минимального веса, соответствующего сроку of pregnancy. For smokers
future moms, this figure does not say anything, but a few hundred grams
for a newborn this is a huge difference. A laggard kid spends everything
their few forces to restore mass, lagging behind
all parameters of neuropsychic and physical development from
peers more and more.

Предлежание плаценты. Location of the placenta
below the child is a serious pathology and most often leads
miscarriage in early or preterm labor. Soже при
placenta previa possible premature detachment, which
threatens the death of the fetus in utero.

Преждевременная отслойка плаценты. Detachment
placenta in a smoking woman can occur at any time on
throughout pregnancy and even during childbirth. Whatever
from the moment at which the pathology appeared, this process requires
immediate medical attention, but often it is irreversible. With
placental abruption from the uterine wall by a quarter of the total area,
the child suffers from a severe lack of oxygen. With увеличении
the area of ​​detachment to a third, the fetus dies.

Преждевременное излитие околоплодных вод. On
throughout pregnancy, the fetus is protected by water from falling into
infections, they allow the child to breathe normally and
move. In case of premature rupture of the membranes and
If the waters are out, the child will die if it is not born in
over the next 12 hours. Further developments depend on
the term at which the waters diverted. If this happened after 38 weeks,
then childbirth, under the supervision of a doctor most often end
Well, if the pregnancy is premature, the fetus can
die or be born with numerous pathologies.

Whether or not бросать to smoke во время pregnancy?

The opinion of doctors on this is unambiguous. Бросать to smoke нужно еще
long before pregnancy or if pregnancy
unplanned, as soon as it became known.

On женских форумах, посвященных вынашиванию детей и материнству,
Increasingly, there are reports of the dangers of abrupt smoking cessation.
время of pregnancy. This is explained by the stress that is experienced
mother from nicotine deficiency and trying to fight her harmful
habit, which in turn affects the development of the fetus and
благополучность of pregnancy.

If you look into this issue in more detail, then in fact
the body of a pregnant woman does not experience more stress when giving up
smoking than, for example, from standing in a long line or any
other domestic inconvenience. Nicotine dependence of the majority
women are also greatly exaggerated, because the smoking experience of many of them
does not reach 5 years. Even with longer smoking, enough
сравнить стресс при отказе от harmful привычки со стрессом, который
a woman is experiencing, thinking about possible pathologies when smoking during
время of pregnancy. It is possible or not so irresponsible to approach
health of a little man should not remain in doubt.
Similar messages are a made-up opinion that smokers
pregnant women use as an excuse.

Заменители сигарет во время of pregnancy. Can or not they

Женщины, не готовые психологически бросить to smoke, но понимающие
the need for this coming up with different ways to do it
smoothly. Advertising offers a variety of means, cigarette replacements,
which, according to their manufacturers, are less harmful and over time
will get rid of addiction.

Tablets, patches, sprays, chewing gums containing

All these drugs are strictly prohibited to use when
of pregnancy. Содержащегося в них nicotineа вполне достаточно, чтобы
cause all the consequences that while smoking. Placenta can not
отфильтровать nicotine, поэтому он попадает к ребенку, вызывая
oxygen starvation of the brain, developmental delays, causing
nicotineовую зависимость у плода. It is among smokers during
Pregnant women most often have future questions about
causes of child smoking.


Withнцип электронных сигарет мало чем отличается от действия
tablets and patches. Despite the absence of unpleasant smell
e-cigarette cartridges still contain in their
составе nicotine, оказывающий свое губительное действие на здоровье
future mother and baby. Strictly speaking, replacing a regular cigarette
e, a woman only gets rid of the unpleasant smell, but to
It has nothing to do with the health of the body.


Табачный дым имеет в своем составе помимо nicotineа, тяжелые
metals, carbon monoxide, arsenic and other harmful substances,
poisoning the body. Information that the water through which
smoke passes in a hookah, cleans it, nothing more than a myth invented
for promotional purposes. In addition to tobacco for hookah add
flavors, dyes and other chemicals to improve
perception of taste, resulting in a mixture, categorically
contraindicated for use by any person, especially
to a pregnant woman.

Бросать to smoke нужно сразу и навсегда или хотя бы до окончания
breastfeeding. This is the only way to protect your own
born child and keep him healthy. Any auxiliary
funds only take precious time during which they can
irreversible consequences occur because all major systems
organs are laid precisely in the first trimester, when for the fetus
every day – a huge leap in development.

Психологический аспект: как легко бросить to smoke во время

It is proved that smoking causes primarily psychological
зависимость, и только во вторую зависимость от nicotineа.
Accordingly, coping with smoking is necessary at the level of
of consciousness.

Doctors and scientists have written many books and brochures,
telling about the dangers of smoking. For pregnant all described in them
the consequences (cancer, asthma, bronchitis, infertility, etc.) also have
attitude, but first of all the expectant mother should think about her
child Если для нее самой опасность потребления nicotineа
stretched in time, it’s a matter of life and death for a child
for several weeks, maximum, months. Need to act
quickly and decisively.

Большинство людей, которые хотят бросить to smoke, но не делают
This, in fact, did not make this decision consciously. How in
подростковом возрасте им знакомые говорили, что to smoke — это
cool, so now other friends say the opposite.
Собственного же мнения на этот счет у желающего бросить to smoke как
was not, and no. On беременную женщину давит общественное
opinion, and she begins to hide from people or to look for excuses,
чтобы продолжать to smoke во время of pregnancy. Whether or not
continue to live your life every future mother decides
itself and must be responsible for their act.

Unlike other people, a woman in a position has a huge
преимущество, чтобы бросить to smoke. From the most important witness of her
weakness she did not hide ever. For every delay in the future for her
have to pay at best sleepless nights at the bedside
sick child. Awareness of this fact will help to quickly accept
the decision, after deciding to keep the pregnancy, the expectant mother takes
the huge responsibility in the future for the physical and
the moral health of your child. Already now she needs to decide
что важнее: выto smoke сигарету (пусть даже она принесет минутное
pleasure) or life to enjoy the success of your child.

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