What to do if acne appeared whenpregnancy? Are scary acne during pregnancy and how with themfight?

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It is believed that pregnancy paints a woman.

Magazines write about it, talk on TV, such an opinion
supported by loving husbands. But the beauty is radiant, full of love.
eyes can easily spoil those that appear during pregnancy


Acne during pregnancy – causes

The cause of acne during pregnancy lies in the changes
who are waiting for a woman in this beautiful period. To them

• hormonal activity;

• stress;

• use of iodine-containing drugs;

• heredity.

Since the main cause of acne during pregnancy are
hormonal changes, dwell on them in more detail.

The appearance of pustules on the skin due to hormonal activity
can occur literally in the first weeks of pregnancy or after
13th obstetric week. At this time, the growth of male
hormone testosterone. In ordinary life in women, it is present in
body in small quantities. Slightly testosterone level
rises in the middle of the menstrual cycle, stimulating attraction to
the opposite sex during ovulation, and then decreases again.
Some women note its influence during this period: changing
mood, several pimples may appear, notes
breast tenderness. Such phenomena are called
premenstrual symptom.

If fertilization of the egg occurs, the resulting
the corpus luteum begins active testosterone production, thanks to
which synthesizes another hormone – progesterone. Progesterone
allows the embryo to remain in the uterus and is needed to preserve
of pregnancy. There is a close relationship between these two hormones.
With a lack of testosterone, it immediately stops producing
progesterone, and pregnancy ends spontaneous

After completion of the 1st trimester of pregnancy, to develop
testosterone plugs in to start functioning at full strength
placenta. It is at this time that a large number of
acne on pregnant women’s skin because testosterone regulates
sebaceous glands, the load on them increases and there is a failure in
debugged system.

Acne during pregnancy – types and effects

Many noted that some pimples pass rather quickly,
others may break for weeks, others do not bring
painful sensations, but only spoil the appearance.

Inflammations on the skin go through several stages, moving from one
view to another or remaining in the same condition.

1. In the pores formed cork from a mixture of old epithelium and fat,
secreted by the sebaceous glands. Occurs clogged pores. Such
traffic jams are called comedones.

2. Depending on how deep the cork is, on
In place of comedo, white or blackheads form over time. Whites
(Wen) located under the skin, black – in open pores.
Black eels become when fat in an open pore becomes old and
becomes yellow at first, and then black.

3. Both types of eels are not protected from falling into them.
infections. This can happen when trying to remove blackhead
mechanically, with a hard skin scrub or just
when you touch your hands or objects to the affected skin.
Often, inflammation begins in places where the skin is exposed.
squeezing (chin support with your hands, pressing the phone to
cheeks). This is how the third stage develops – papules or pustules.

4. Pus inside inflammation comes out and pimple
heals. If the abscess persists for a long time, the skin may
stay scars.

Getting rid of acne is not easy, but possible. For this
There are special cosmetic procedures and products.

• Dermabrasion – hardware surgery, during which the layers of the skin
one by one, gradually cut off to the lower point of the scar, due to
what is evened out the skin of the face.

• Laser polishing of scars – quite a painful procedure,
requiring lengthy preparation and rehabilitation. Face smeared
anesthetic cream, after which the treatment itself
by laser. After the procedure, a burn remains on the skin, which heals.
about 7 days.

• Chemical peeling – a procedure during which peels off
the upper layers of the skin with the help of special chemical compounds. Peeling
varies in depth of exposure and duration of rehabilitation,
which is on average 1-2 weeks.

• Injections – the introduction into the skin of substances that fill the pits from

• Ointments, creams – the means with which you can cure
fresh scars. Give a good effect in treating scars on one
level with skin (blemishes).

Important! Treatment of the effects of acne can only begin after
ending the fight against acne themselves, so solving this issue
is delayed until the moment of delivery, and sometimes until the end of feeding

Acne during pregnancy – what to do

Because the cause of acne during pregnancy
become hormonal changes, the skin should be
note gynecologist leading pregnancy. The doctor will prescribe
hormone analysis. It must be remembered that if a pregnant woman
Acne suddenly appeared, which means that testosterone levels and
progesterone may be overestimated and this adversely affects

Acne treatment by a gynecologist includes a prescription.
drugs that help restore normal hormonal
фон для сохранения of pregnancy. Clean skin with
secondary importance and if acne does not go away after the course
medication and normalization of indicators, then you have to wait
termination of pregnancy, because lower hormone levels below
certain boundaries during pregnancy is impossible. In 80% of cases, the problem
manages to solve immediately.

If the hormones are not disturbed, the pregnant woman is sent to
consultation with a dermatologist. However, as such medicamental
treatment from him should not wait until the moment of delivery because of the risk
pregnancy complications with antibacterial use

A pregnant dermatologist may recommend:

• exclude fatty and sugary foods, prescribe a diet that excludes
food allergens;

• drink more pure water to eliminate toxins and
reduce the amount of fat secreted by the skin;

• use less decorative cosmetics;
pores on the face (tonal cream, powder, concealers);

• spend more time outdoors without forgetting time
from time to clean the face from dust with wet wipes;

• perform homemade refreshments and masks to reduce
oily skin.

So you can significantly reduce the number of inflammations on the skin.
If after childbirth the problem does not disappear, medicinal
anti-acne products and cosmetic procedures for scar removal,
if they stayed after completion of treatment.

Acne during pregnancy: folk remedies

Reduce the risk of spreading acne, reduce the duration
inflammation and thereby prevent the appearance of deep scars
можно даже во время of pregnancy. For this нужно соблюдать
recommendations of a dermatologist regarding diet and commit
Elementary, but regular facial skin care treatments:

• thorough cleansing of the skin;

• masks made at home according to old grandmother’s recipes.

Folk remedies for acne during pregnancy warn
spreading inflammation to healthy areas of the skin, beneficial
affect her overall condition and help gently get rid of
existing eels.

Washing with ice or contrast washing

Brief contact of the skin with ice water or ice
tightens pores, improves blood circulation, enriches it with oxygen, and does not
allows disease-causing bacteria to multiply and penetrate

Washing with tar soap

Tar soap known for its antibacterial action
is an excellent remedy for acne. Regular washing with soap
on the basis of tar reduces the oiliness of the skin and tightens the pores, healing already
acne and preventing the emergence of new ones. Improve effect
You can use a soft sponge. For this нужно нанести мыло на
sponge or sponge and good rub the most problematic areas

Gelatin mask


• 0.5 tsp. gelatin;

• 1 tablet of activated carbon;

• 1 tsp. warm water.

The ingredients are mixed, heated for 10 seconds in the microwave, and
The resulting product is applied in 8-10 layers. Each layer must be given
10-15 seconds to dry. After the final drying, which
Lasts about 30 minutes, remove the mask film. On the back
surface will see a lot of greasy traffic jams.

Massage with honey

A small amount of honey must be applied to the skin of the face and lungs.
clapping movements to massage. Due to the special
sticky honey composition, all greasy plugs will be removed, the skin
It will be much cleaner, and pores already.

Egg Mask

Another mask allows you to clear the pores of the plugs. Egg
whipped, applied to the skin and superimposed very top
a thin paper napkin, then the action is repeated again.
After drying, remove the resulting mask film. After application
This mask is better to lie down, completely relaxing the face, otherwise the napkin when
muscle movement will begin to lag behind the skin and in this place it will not
there will be no effect.

Lemon mask

Honey and lemon juice mixed in equal proportions and applied to the skin
for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This mask kills
microbes and gently cleanses the skin, lightening the inflamed areas. The best
effect can be achieved if you pre-steam face.

Cucumber Mask

Grated cucumber applied to the face for 20 minutes and washed off
cool water. This mask is suitable for summer skin care.
лица, освежает и снижает жирность skin. Used more for
prevent the occurrence of acne than to treat them.

Important! In the treatment of acne can not be used scrubs and hard
щетки из-за риска повреждения кожи и занесения infections.

Using these simple means you can even during pregnancy.
Do not let acne spread across the skin of the face, if not
do without them. And feeling its appeal and saving
good mood throughout pregnancy, you make
only better for your appearance, health and future

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