Abundant periods after childbirth – is this the norm?What to do if abundant periods after childbirth do not stopfor a long time?

Abundant periods after childbirth - is this the norm?What to do if abundant periods after childbirth do not stopfor a long time? 

The long 9 months are finally left behind, contractions, toxicosis,
it’s all over.

You were discharged from the hospital, and a completely new life began.

Many moms are interested in the question of why such heavy periods
after childbirth, how long they should go and whether it is generally normal


Abundant periods after childbirth: causes

Since excessive bleeding is not the best
aftermath, the woman must be carefully observed
for health. If suddenly the symptoms mentioned below are necessary
Be sure to visit a gynecologist:

1. Menstruation lasts more than two weeks after delivery.

2. The amount of blood released is very large.

3. Along with blood clots come out.

4. Menstruation is accompanied by severe pain.

5. Nausea, poor general condition.

After delivery, heavy bleeding may not stop.
many reasons. It may happen that the uterus remains
a small part of the placenta that will interfere with normal
recovery. There may be injuries to the female organs or

For many women in labor, labor is difficult, and the uterus is damaged.
In addition, abundant periods may not stop due to the presence
infections. Each of these cases requires intervention.
specialists. It is worth noting that in some women, such
copious menstruation after childbirth is the norm. But anyway
need to be examined by a qualified specialist.

Damage to the female genital area during childbirth
organs: breaks, injuries. Such problems can provoke
prolonged labor activity. The most undesirable and dangerous
the consequence is uterine inversion. The disease does not occur often, but
it can lead to the fact that the monthly will be long and

Another reason – a violation of blood clotting. Disease
Practical is always genetic. That is why if
a woman knows about her illness, she should expect such complications.

Abundant periods after childbirth: menstruation or bleeding

Bleeding after childbirth always lasts two weeks, and
sometimes more. In some women, the uterus is reduced throughout
month, but it happens very rarely. But it always increases.
pain, especially in the back and abdomen at the time of feeding the baby.
This is due to the fact that at this time the activity of the uterus increases, and
she is trying in every way to get rid of excess blood. If pain
very worried, you can drink painkillers, but only by
coordination with the doctor.

In order for the uterus to contract as quickly as possible, in the maternity hospital
Oxytocin is prescribed for mothers.

The first call for anxiety for a woman is not monthly
end for a month, while they are accompanied
unpleasant smell. All this may suggest that the process
uterine contraction is disturbed, inflammation is observed, and
maybe a pathological neoplasm. Visit as soon as possible
doctor, remember that the sooner you are diagnosed, the
rather you can be cured.

If the uterus has contracted quickly, then within a month
monthly In many women, the menstrual cycle is restored
fast enough. Of course, this does not happen often, but,
however, it is quite normal. This usually happens in those women
who easily endured pregnancy and childbirth, and possibly give birth already
not the first time.

If the monthly does not bother and pass as always, then all
OK. But in any case, one and a half to two months after birth,
нужно посетить гинеколога и убедиться в том, что все OK.

Abundant periods after childbirth: effects

If a woman stays idle, then no good
will lead. The most common consequence of this condition is
anemia, due to the fact that blood loss is too large. It’s all about
that blood contains a lot of iron, and if blood loss
will be abundant, there will be iron deficiency in the body.

The consequences can be very different: lack of air,
migraine, nausea, dizziness, tachycardia. As a result
a woman will become very irritable, aggressive. On their own
in any case, it is impossible to begin treatment in this case.
The only thing that a woman can take in the most extreme cases
– these are folk methods.

Abundant periods after childbirth – this is quite understandable and
normal, but until a certain time. If they don’t
end in one to two weeks, then this suggests that
serious disturbances occur in the body. The uterus does not contract as
laid and can not be cleaned. Diagnose can of course
only a doctor.

Abundant periods after childbirth: what to do

Since heavy periods can cause iron deficiency,
it is necessary to correct this situation. In order not to
there was such a problem, you need to fill as soon as possible
lost iron. Better if you take iron regularly
inside. You can get it from fruits, vegetables, vitamins. With
large blood loss you need to drink plenty of fluids. Today there is
many drugs that allow you to increase iron in the body,
take them in conjunction with other equally observable
trace elements (manganese and copper). Because of this, the body is better
absorbs drugs.

But there is another way that can help a woman not
allow the so-called “iron crisis”. The main time to start
carry out iron deficiency prophylaxis, at the time of childbirth, and
then continue it after the birth of the baby. For this you need
follow the simple rules:

1. Try to eat only healthy, balanced food.
Avoid fast food, too greasy food, do not abuse
carbonated drinks.

2. Carefully monitor your health, timely hand over
necessary analyzes, pass examinations. Try earlier
get registered in order for the doctor to watch you from the very first
months of pregnancy.

3. At the planning stage of pregnancy fully examine your
the body, if there are chronic diseases, they are desirable
get rid of or carry out preventive measures.

4. Do not overdo it. Carefully distribute your day in it
there should be enough time for rest.

5. Try not to conflict, avoid any
stressful situations.

If a woman has too heavy periods after
birth, you can use folk remedies in order to
slightly stop bleeding and contribute to the uterus
shrink But it is recommended to use any means only after
how were examined by a specialist and received approval. So,
The most effective folk remedies are as follows:

1. Many medicinal herbs have hemostatic
action: shepherd’s purse, borova uterus, nettle, yarrow.
In order to prepare medicinal decoction you need finely
chop the grass, and then pour it with one glass of boiling water.
Put everything in the water bath for 15 minutes, then pass. Ready
The remedy should be taken within one week, half an hour before meals.
The tool is completely safe and does not affect the milk.

2. A good way to stop bleeding is corn.
stigma. Brewed medicinal herb in the same way as in
previous case. Withнимайте три раза в день по одной ложке.

3. The following remedy is suitable only for patient women. AT
period, when after childbirth do not pass long periods, you can
press on a certain point every day. It is between
upper lip, in the hollow before the nose. Although it is
quite an unusual way, it allows you to reduce the intensity
menstrual cycle.

4. Every day, drink tea based on mint or viburnum. But be
very careful, see if it reacts to this drink

5. ATозьмите две ложки овсяных зерен, поместите в емкость и
fill with boiling water. Set to infuse for 20 minutes. Recommended
drink ready means instead of water.


Many young mothers begin to consult with their neighbors
or friends, on how to stop the monthly period after
childbirth. Of course, this is not worth doing. So how independent
solving such a problem can only aggravate your situation.
Wait two or three weeks, if the monthly does not stop,
visit your gynecologist for examination. AT том случае, если будет
identified a serious cause of this condition, the specialist will appoint
drug therapy. Most likely, from feeding the baby to you
have for some time to refuse.

Hemostatic agents are actively used.
help reduce discomfort and save you from unnecessary blood loss.
Most often, experts prescribe the following remedies:

1. Askorutin. Under the influence of the drug walls are strengthened
vessels, capillary permeability decreases markedly. General
young mom’s condition is getting better.

2. Tranexam. It is a modern medicine that
назначается при обильных месячных после childbirth. A course of treatment
passes under the strict supervision of a physician.

3. Dicine. The medication is used if together with monthly
big clots come out.

4. ATикасол. This drug is known to many. it
good analogue of vitamin K that has an effect on
blood clotting. Assigned only if
menstruation is really abundant. Since the drug has a lot
contraindications, it can only be prescribed by a doctor.

ATажно понимать, что чем скорее врач определит, почему месячные
do not stop, the sooner you will be prescribed treatment.
Use any drugs yourself in no case
can not.

Abundant periods after childbirth: prevention

Despite the fact that abundant periods after childbirth is the norm,
You can try to at least slightly reduce the amount of allocated
blood. Due to this, the woman will feel a little better
discomfort will be absent.

First of all, stick to the right diet,
consume foods containing magnesium. Give up on coffee and
teas, as they have a constricting effect, and blood vessels
can not fully relax.

Try to limit your fluid intake a little, thanks to
this amount of blood is reduced.

AT древние времена использовали акупрессуру, это своего рода
massage, which affects certain
biological points. Drop down the knee from the inside
side on one palm. It is there that is the point that
responsible for the profusion of bleeding. You can also get rid of
pain, if present.

Pregnancy and childbirth, it is always a kind of stress for the body,
therefore, your health should be monitored more carefully.

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