When the eyes of a newborn change, howwill the eye color? Scientific evidence on when the eyes changenewborns

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The birth of a long-awaited baby is a great joy for

Mother gazes at the face of the newborn, admires
�”Familiar stranger”, noting the slightest features of his appearance.

Who will the baby look like? Какой у него will the eye color?


Why the newborn’s eye color changes

Almost all babies are born with dull bright eyes.
bluish tint. In rare cases, the color of the iris from birth
dark, and in time it will turn brown or black.

It’s all about the special pigment that determines the color of human skin,
hair, eyes. It’s about melanin. At birth, melanin in
Iris practically no. But after a few days the body
the newborn will begin to adapt to the changing conditions
existence, the melanocyte cells are activated, and the physiological
the process of accumulation of melanin in the iris will begin. Eyes gradually
will become clear, and by the month of life turbidity usually disappears, although
the color of the iris will change more than once. When the eyes change
a newborn cannot be said in advance.

A child is born with a set of parental genes, but influenced by
external environment they may vary. In other words, based on
individual features of the development of the infant conditions arise for
formation of the phenotype. Heredity and individuality are from
what depends on the color of the eyes of the baby. And during the first months
and even years of life finally answer the question of how
will be the color of the iris, impossible.

Accumulation of melanin occurs gradually. Sometimes process
completed in the first months of life, sometimes delayed by
some years. In any case, when the eyes change
newborn, there is no danger. This is not a disease, but more
fine tuning of the organism’s most complex genetic system
environmental parameters. Baby grows, and the color of the iris gradually
is changing.

What can be the color of the eyes of a child

The vast majority of children are born into the world either
blue-eyed or brown-eyed. If melanin at birth baby
in the iris a lot, it will be dark, a little – bluish.

Albinos that suffer from a lack of pigment, generally with
births have a frighteningly scarlet color of the iris. This is also not dangerous
just the blood shines through the vessels and the mucous membrane of the eye. In
adult state albino people tend to have
light blue eyes.

Modern science, explaining the features of the color of human eyes,
based on the famous law of Mendel. If you do not go deep into
the theory is the following: dominant genes are responsible for dark

The problem of external differences between children and parents, except
Mendel, engaged in other scientists, such as Darwin and Lamarck. AT
As a result, there were not only rules, but also exceptions.
What does it mean:

• Indeed, if both parents have dark eyes, then the children
likely to be born dark-eyed;

• light-eyed parents will give children light eyes;

• if parents have different eye color, then children can take as
darker, dominant, shade, and intermediate (available in
mind color intensity).

Biology lessons in learning the basics of genetics for children
It is proposed to solve the problem of determining the recessive and
dominant gene. The birth of man, like his appearance on earth
or, for example, instant in terms of space clocks
technical development, still represents a great mystery.

Scientists still do not know exactly when their eyes change
a newborn, and they can guess what the color of his eyes will be,
only approximately.

The pattern is as follows.

• Mother and father have blue eyes: 99 percent will be blue
and the eyes of a newborn, although in one percent of cases the iris may
turn out to be green.

• Mother and father have brown eyes: 75 percent iris will
hazel, at 18 percent – green, at seven percent – blue.

• Mother and father have green eyes: in 75 percent of cases the iris
will have a green tint, in 24 percent – blue, and only one
A chance out of a hundred that a child will be born brown-eyed.

• One parent has green eyes, the other is blue: children will
either green-eyed or blue-eyed (fifty to

• One parent has green eyes, the second is brown: fifty
percent the iris will be brown, in 37 percent green,
the remaining 13 percent is a chance to be born blue-eyed.

• One parent has brown eyes, the other is blue: equal
fifty percent chance of having a brown-eyed or
blue-eyed offspring (green color of the iris is not possible).

AT общем, второй закон Менделя позволяет лишь приблизительно
Imagine how the baby really is born. When changing
eye color in the newborn, some parents may wait

Особенности цвета глаз и зрения у newborns

The turbidity of the eyes of a newborn baby due to the features
adaptation of the organism. AT чреве матери зрение малышу не было нужно,
since there was no no sunlight, no visual perspective.
After the birth of adaptation mechanisms are included.
For about a month, the daylight setting is on.
Postpartum opacification of the iris disappears.

Moreover, visual acuity gradually increases. Organs of vision
synchronize work with the brain. AT первые дни после
the birth of the eye is able to see the world around it, but the brain is not in
able to process incoming information. Items gradually
come out of the world, the baby gradually learns
correlate sound, visual image, touch, smell, movement
air, etc. together.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of any indefinite eye color
newborn, no turbidity of the iris, no laxity
movements. With baby everything is fine: his brain is working at full capacity
and vision is fine. It will take quite some time, and some
cloudiness disappears, a social smile will appear (when a child
will learn to recognize the mother and loved ones) will become more accurate

But the eye color will not be established soon. It all depends on
melanin accumulation rate. This process is controlled by genes and
taking into account environmental conditions. Moreover, the process includes not only
parental genes, but the gene pool of the ancestors of the newborn. Some
the color of the iris changes not once or even twice, but
several times during the first years of life.

What color of eyes will the child have?

Even scientists are not able to say exactly what the color will be.
eye in a newborn baby. Almost everything depends on the color of the eyes.
parents, the iris color of grandmothers and
grandpas on both sides. Dominant genes can manifest through
generation. The light color of the iris indicates the presence of
recessive genes.

Dark-eyed parents are easier: in most cases
They are born brown-eyed baby. And yet the probability of occurrence on
the light of the blue-eyed crumbs they have saved. Dark-eyed people (color
iris brown, black, black and brown) – the owners of the record
amounts of melanin in the iris. According to statistics, this is the majority
the inhabitants of the earth.

If there are dark specks in the blue or greenish iris,
eyes over time can change their color very much. Inобще,
scientists came to an interesting conclusion: the blue iris is
a consequence of a mutation that happened about 6 thousand years ago.
It is clear that this happened on the territory of Eurasia, therefore the Russians and
European babies most often have blue-gray or blue

ATажные детали:

• if the newborn’s eyes are dark, they will not change, except
in color intensity or shade;

• if the baby was born with blue eyes, the first changes
in the color of the iris, parents will celebrate by the first month of life;

• if there are dark specks on the iris, then the eyes can strongly

Между прочим, у многих светлоглазых людей
eye color changes throughout life. It depends no longer
from genetic features, but from other factors. For example, if
the eyes are naturally gray-blue, then under certain lighting or in
moments of strong emotional experiences they can become
piercing blue or gray.

Rarely, but there are times when a child is born with
heterochromia. This is a rare phenomenon, the essence of which is incomprehensible, but
appearance is unusual: the right and left eyes have different colors
iris For example, blue and hazel, green and hazel, blue and

Heterochromia may show up immediately or become apparent later,
when the eyes of a newborn change. ATажно понимать, что это не
disease, but a feature. However, it does not hurt to control vision and
appear periodically to the optometrist.

When the newborn’s eye color changes

Parents will mark the first color changes in 2-3 weeks after
baby’s birth Known to all parents turbidity
infant look will pass, and together with the muddy veil will change
the initial shade of the eyes.

However, the color of the eyes will remain uncertain for at least three
of the month. Of course, this is a rough estimate, and the iris can
get clear color before. But in most cases, especially
if the child is light-eyed, the color of the iris will become apparent to just three

This does not mean that it is established for life. Parents with
surprise will note that during the first year of life, a little
Do not every month, crumbs eyes change color. Sunlight,
affecting melanocytes will affect melanin accumulation. it
slow process, and in many ways mysterious. When change
eyes of the newborn finally and irrevocably? To this question
no doctor or scientist will answer.

Approximately the picture may look as follows
in the following way:

  • from six months to 8 months a cardinal color change may occur
    iris For example, a brown-eyed baby becomes green-eyed, and
    blue-eyed pipsqueak – gray-eyed;

  • a change in the color of the iris may occur later. However time
    cardinal changes does not exceed two years. AT этом возрасте цвет
    the eye is already fully defined;

  • but changing the shade of the iris may continue farther.
    Finally, it will be clear what the eyes of the baby, only after five
    years old.

Thus, the answer to the question that concerns many parents is when
changing eyes of a newborn, ambiguous. Period of color change and
shade of the iris is long in time. Process can
продолжаться от полугода до пяти years old.

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