The crumb grows: when a newborn startskeep your head up Whether to worry if the newborn does not holdhead

The crumb grows: when a newborn startskeep your head up Whether to worry if the newborn does not holdhead

When young parents first stay alone with a newborn,
Immediately a lot of questions arise.

Один из них — когда новорожденный начинает держать head?

This is not accidental, since the mother has to constantly take
baby in his arms to feed, calm, bathe.

Weak neck muscles are not able to hold the head, and mom needs
be very careful.


Why do moms worry about when a newborn starts
держать head

The excitement of young parents is understandable. Yes, right after birth
baby’s head resembles a bud on a weak stalk: without
support is leaning in all directions. But this is completely normal, and
worry about anything.

Во-первых, нервозность матери мгновенно
transferred to the crumbs, and he turns from angel to capricious.

Во-вторых, у каждого человеческого младенца
there is a certain schedule of growing up: physical, nervous,
psychomotor, emotional. So you have to wait before
чем с гордостью явить миру уверенно держащего head румяного

But you need to take the baby in your arms in the first days and weeks of life
really very careful. Нежную headшку нужно придерживать
palm to protect against injury. Before defenseless
the baby will learn to hold the head, responsibility
for his health are adults.

The fact is that with a sharp deviation of the head in one or another
the cervical vertebrae can be seriously damaged. Baby not
can control the muscles, and therefore does not have the ability to keep
head due to their strength. Therefore, the “hanging out” of the head is unacceptable.
Rocking baby or hygiene, feeding or
putting in the crib, mom should gently support the head.
Sharp deviations, jerks are unacceptable.

Но не все так страшно: инстинкты у младенцев
very strong, but any
an adult in his prime years. And this is another reason not to worry
especially about when the newborn starts to hold the head. To all
its time. Adaptation mechanisms are already running, otherwise the infant would
just could not overcome the difficult road from my mother’s tummy on
God’s light.

Обратите внимание: если новорожденного
a few days after birth, put on his stomach, he reflexively
повернет head в сторону. It works wonderful instinct
self-preservation, thanks to which the smart organism of the crumbs knows,
what to do to prevent mechanical suffocation. So don’t
you need to worry, and with joy to follow the wonderful daily
change baby.

By the way, if the baby is too early to “please” the mother
by holding the head upright
in fact, an occasion to urgently turn to a pediatric neurologist. So
increased intracranial pressure may occur, causing
the baby has severe discomfort and requires neurological

What happens in the first two months of a newborn?

In the first days of life, the movements of the newborn are built on
reflexes. All moms know: if you touch the baby’s cheek, he is here
же повернет head в эту сторону, а если вложить в крохотную
palm finger, immediately grab it with all your fingers. Attempt
raise the newborn for the first time days of life from a prone position,
holding the handles, will end up dropping his head. In the early days
ребенок не умеет ни удерживать head, ни переворачиваться. is he
almost all the time he sleeps (up to 20 hours a day), waking up occasionally for
to eat. When a newborn starts to hold

To make conscious movements or to learn
control your muscles, it will take some time. Psychophysical
the development of each child individually, but in general, already by three
weeks of life, the baby, which is laid out on the tummy, will do
все более уверенные попытки приподняться поднять headшку.
Literally for a few seconds he will succeed.

In a month a newborn is gaining weight well and is already able
какое-то время удерживать head в upright position.
Holding lasts literally 5-10 seconds, but this is already
serious progress.

К полутора месяцам младенец сможет упорно держать head, лежа
on the tummy and looking up at a 45 degree angle. Hold out in
Such a difficult situation, the baby will be able to about a minute. It is too early
wait for the newborn to start keeping the head more free and
for a longer time.

From the second month of life, the muscles of the newborn become so strong
что уже способны удержать head без запрокидывания в течение
minutes If a two-month crumb put on his stomach, he is easily
будет поворачивать head на голос взрослого, приподниматься на
ручках, удерживая и head, и грудь. During this period, the newborn
already distinguishes relatives by voices, with pleasure reacts to
bright objects, trying to grab and hold them.

From nine weeks, the question of when a newborn will start to keep
head, уже не так тревожит родителей. Most babies,
stepped over two-month mark, already know how to keep your head on
level with the body without drooping. True, neck muscles and
the backs are still very weak and tired quickly. Safety net adult
after a minute of “free swimming” is required.

When will the newborn start to keep his head confident?

In three months of life, the baby is already well managed with its
handles, legs, body and head. Prepared kids with
which mothers do physical education, have already learned
roll over on the side of the prone position. They are with interest
watch what’s going on around them, pull your fingers in your mouth and everything
items that managed to grab. The child needs to communicate, and he with
pleasure “talking” with parents, gulit.

At three months, the newborn in the arms of an adult
able to keep his head upright for quite a long time, for
five minutes. You can take a real journey with him, which
will cause a storm of delight. It is important not to forget about safety net.

If you put a crumb on his tummy, he will try to rise
on hands. And if you pull it by the handles from the prone position on the back,
then the head will not be thrown back, but will remain on the same axis with the body. Long
stay in this position for infants hard, but for
daily training such ascents will be just right.

When the newborn starts to hold the head
With four months retention time
heads getting longer. The kid easily lifts the head, even
lying on your back. By the fifth month, Mom’s concerns are completely
dissipated and it supports the infant rather out of habit than
seriously fearing injury.

In six months, you can absolutely not fear for the state
cervical vertebrae and stretched muscles. Physically child to this
age becomes strong and already looks like a textbook
toddler. A six-month old child not only holds his head confidently,
but with interest turns it around. The kid turns and
tilts his head in different directions, looks around upon hearing
interested in his sound or looking for a toy.

When to worry that the newborn does not hold

A newborn baby is examined by a pediatrician while still in the maternity hospital.
An experienced doctor will immediately notice all the features of the development of the crumbs. If
Mummy something is alarming, then after discharge from the hospital she
can contact your local pediatrician. Including by
about when a newborn starts to hold its head.

If by four to five months the child is unable to keep
head, then it needs to be shown urgently to the neurologist. The reasons
may be the following:

• The baby was born premature and just lags behind in development.
The body will recover in time, nothing terrible

• The baby lacks nutrients and therefore is serious
lags behind in development. It is necessary to reconsider the diet of the newborn with
considering possible persistent malnutrition;

• at birth, the baby suffered a birth injury;

• the newborn is diagnosed with muscle paresis of the neck, weak
muscle tone or torticollis;

• the child suffers from neurological pathology;

• mom doesn’t do baby gymnastics, not
lays out on the tummy.

After examination, the neurologist will prescribe therapy. Usually this combination
therapeutic massage, medication and special gymnastics.
Massage for a child can be a real salvation from many
neurological problems. But you can only trust experienced
masseurs who work with babies. Maybe,
It will take 2-3 courses to completely get rid of the pathology.

Do not be afraid of drugs. The doctor does not prescribe them.
�“Heal” a child, and to help his body adapt,
to relieve the symptoms of discomfort and restore muscle

As for therapeutic gymnastics, her mother can do it herself.
The doctor will give a scheme of classes, and then – all in loving maternal

Как научить новорожденного держать head?

To help the newborn develop from the first days of life
right, parents need to learn a few simple rules
daily care for the baby. Prepared mom does not have to break
head over when the newborn begins to hold the head, because
all processes of physical development will correspond

• It is necessary to spread the newborn between feedings.
on the stomach from the third week of life. Not only is it very
useful for the normal functioning of the intestines, so also makes
baby strain back and neck in an attempt to rise reflexively.
A trained child will be great to keep his head already to two or three

• The baby needs a daily massage, to neglect it in any way
case is impossible. Affectionate strokes soothe, rubbing muscles
makes them more resilient and strong. Massage develops strength
strengthens health in general and the nervous system in particular. Scheme
Massage can be found in any book for the care of a newborn.

• Perfectly strengthens the muscular frame bathing. Newborn
you can buy a special circle that will hold the little head
above the water. Swimming, baby will not only get a huge
pleasure but also strengthen muscle. In addition, swimming guarantees
baby (and therefore nursing mother) a long night rest.

• From two months it is very useful to wear a baby in your arms
upright position. Of course, be sure to hold the head
by hands. This is also an excellent and safe neck muscle training.

• Another very useful pose is the horizontal position of the body.
on the hand of mom tummy down. With the other hand you need to hold the neck
and head to avoid jerks and hold straight position.

Помните главное: ребенок обязательно начнет
keep your head and worry about it is not worth it. All babies
develop differently. But if for half a year the neck muscles remain
weak, you need to consult a doctor.

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