How to recover from childbirth – an important question!How many are restored after childbirth and how to speed up thisprocess

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The process of carrying a child does not pass without a trace for the female
organism. ATосстановление в послеродовом периоде — process
complex and undoubtedly dependent on previous preparation.
Any woman who has recently become a mother is concerned with the question: how fast
recover from childbirth? Этот process включает в себя
physical recovery, physiological stabilization
processов, устранение нарушений со стороны половых органов.


How many are restored after childbirth

Recovery after delivery takes from several months to
several years. In the absence of complications and normal course
pregnant woman is able to come to the same form for a few
months after delivery. There is also an earlier recovery. AT
среднем processы нормализации занимают около двух лет. This particular
the fact is an argument in favor of the subsequent conception not earlier,
than two years.

How to recover from childbirth: focus on forms

Under the physiological course of pregnancy, the future mommy
gaining about 10-12 pounds. This extra weight includes
the weight of the child, its amniotic fluid, the placenta, the increased
blood volume. That is, almost all the weight gained during pregnancy
leaves with the birth of a child. In practice, it is often observed
much greater weight gain of a pregnant woman. More often
This is due to an increase in appetite and the removal of restrictions in
nutrition. Future mom justifies herself: I now have to eat for
two. Decrease in physical activity in order to save the baby also
promotes weight gain.

Immediately after giving birth, it is advised to wear a postpartum bandage. is he
helps the internal organs to take the same position, come together
abdominal muscles and contributes to the reduction of the uterus. A couple of weeks
it is already possible not to wear it, let the muscles “work” themselves.

Exercise after childbirth should be moderate, especially
if we are talking about cesarean delivery. ATысокая
activity will not only be useless, but will also be powerful
стрессом для истощенного беременностью и родами женского organism.
AT результате могут разойтись швы, начаться кровотечение,
join the infection, decrease lactation. Therefore physical
Exercise must be accompanied by a feeling of pleasure.

The best way to appeal to physical exercise is not earlier,
than two months after giving birth. By this time
the body has time to get used to the adjustment.

As mentioned earlier, the load should increase
gradually. A woman can start a workout in the pool or on
fitball For many mummies, these methods of physical activity
familiar from the period of pregnancy. Therefore, continue training
will be familiar.

Useful for areas of the abdomen and lower back, especially prone to
load during pregnancy and childbirth, belly dancing. Besides,
they allow faster normalization of internal organs
female reproductive system. AT танце женщина обретает
self-confidence and feels attractive and
femininity. But for a young mother it is important to know that
the birth of a child she did not cease to be just a woman.

If there is not enough time for classes, the footmen come to the rescue.
walks with a stroller. Try to move as much as possible, not
sit on the bench, even if the baby fell asleep. Find a companion for
use the pedometer on your phone or turn on the pleasant
music Arrange a walk with your child as a species.
physical activity. And take it with all responsibility.
Then the result will not take long. As you grow older
Chad, you can transfer to the bike, fixing on it a special
seat for the baby.

How to quickly recover from childbirth: the sexual sphere

Back in the mama hospital, they do a control ultrasound of the pelvic organs
to exclude possible complications. When unpleasant
symptoms in the postpartum period, you must consult a doctor.
Such “bells” may be abnormal discharge from the genital
ways, fever, lower abdominal pain.

ATосстановление половых органов после родов идет быстрыми
the pace. The uterus which has increased during pregnancy many times already
ten days after birth has almost the initial

When breastfeeding menstruation may not be up to
completion of the lactation period. But there are times when the first
menstruation begins a month after delivery. I.e
the ovaries have already regained their function and started making
ova. From this it follows that the so-called “method
natural contraception “- the inability of pregnancy
when breastfeeding – is not entirely reliable. AT качестве
contraceptive methods in a nursing woman can be considered
the use of hormonal drugs (mini-drank), condoms or
installation of intrauterine device.

If during a gynecological examination two months after birth
the doctor revealed no irregularities to the woman allowed to have sex.
ATрач также осуществляет и подбор оптимального средства
contraception. Often, women who have recently given birth have
problems during intercourse. The reasons may be: hormonal failure,
lack of sleep, fatigue, dissatisfaction with their physical form,
расширенные в processе родов половые пути. Therefore, an important role in
restoring the sexual sphere of a woman’s life is empathetic and
her partner’s patient attitude.

When vaginal dryness during intercourse recommended
the use of lubricants. The tool can be purchased at the pharmacy, it
является совершенно безвредным и не оказывает влияния на process

The condition of the vaginal walls can also be brought closer to the antenatal.
ATоздействовать необходимо на мышцы vagina. To do this, apply
specially developed kegel exercises. There are many
variations of this exercise. Recommended for maximum effect
the use of so-called vaginal balls that strengthen the walls
vagina. The essence of the method is that the woman periodically strained
and relaxed the pelvic floor muscles. Exercises must be performed.
5-10 minutes several times a day. Besides, они являются
good prevention of prolapse and prolapse of the uterus.

How to recover from childbirth: cosmetic procedures

AT идеале молодая мама должна хотя бы раз в неделю посещать салон
beauty, where she can relax and put herself in order. On
In fact, infant care and breastfeeding significantly
limit the woman, especially in the first months after childbirth. therefore
It is much more practical to organize spa treatments without leaving

After birth, the body again undergoes significant changes,
hormonal changes, metabolism failure. The result is obvious:
stretch marks, sagging skin, age spots, splitting and falling out
hair, dull skin and bruises under the eyes. AT той или иной степени
Each woman confronts these unpleasant changes.

Stretch marks on the abdomen, hips and breasts purple over time
turn pale and become less noticeable. Completely get rid of them
can only be done using laser resurfacing procedure. AT домашних же
conditions can reduce their manifestations. AT этом вопросе лучше всего
start with the prevention of stretch marks, which should be done with
early pregnancy. After childbirth cosmetic procedures
elimination of stretch marks continue. It is recommended to mix in equal
The proportions of cosmetic oils: olive, wheat germ oil and
grape seed oil. The resulting mixture is necessary
heat to a comfortable temperature in a water bath. Cocktail of
oils applied with massaging movements on the skin of the abdomen, chest and
thighs The procedure is best done at bedtime so that after
one could put on cotton clothes and go to bed. With chest
feeding from the application of oils on the chest is better

To eliminate cellulite have a special effect.
creams. is heи наиболее действенны в комплексе с контрастным душем и
massage, which can be performed with a special brush. For
it is necessary to rub with circular energetic movements
problem areas, then apply anti-cellulite cream.

ATажно помнить, что пигментация, к которой
darkening of the nipples and the line along the abdomen is a phenomenon
temporary. is heа не требует коррекции, так как постепенно по мере
restore hormonal balance pigment spots will
brighten and soon disappear.

Hormonal adjustment also leads to impaired hair growth.
You need to be patient and wait half a year: to replace dropped out
new healthy hair will come. Ускорить process можно приемом
vitamin complexes for lactating women and applying on hair
repair masks.

Skin care products will help her get more healthy
view. But it is important to remember: the basis of radiant complexion is
healthy sleep. Delegate your maternal responsibilities to several
hours dad, grandmother or nanny, and how to sleep.

How many are restored after childbirth: здоровое питание

On период кормления грудью женщина должна воздержаться от
any diets for weight loss. Because such loads can
adversely affect the quality of breast milk. Not worth it
afraid to get better in this period, as well-organized
food will not allow this. Principles of feeding lactating

• Exclusion from the bakery and confectionery diet.
The first cause the baby gas and painful colic.
ATторые могут привести к возникновению аллергической реакции.

• The use of cereal is useful, but it is worth refraining from
foods containing rice, as this can lead to constipation

• It is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of meat
products. This will allow to replenish hemoglobin reserves in women in labor and
will serve as a “building material” for the child’s body.

• Reduce or even eliminate the use of fatty, fried,
smoked food, as well as carbonated and sweet drinks.

Помните, что все изменения, не всегда
joyful and pleasant accompanying woman after childbirth is
temporary phenomena. The rate of recovery of the body after childbirth
depends directly on the emotional and volitional mood of a woman. So that,
go ahead mommy Do not make excuses for children, and be an example for

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