Will the birth be easy or difficult: from what it isdepends on

Will the birth be easy or difficult: from what it is depends on

The appearance of a child in the life of a woman is very significant.
event. Some say that after the birth of the long-awaited child
gain the meaning of life. However, not all women know how to
prepare for maternity to get the least damage
own health and the health of the baby. And in vain, because childbirth is
natural, physiological process that can undergo
calm and almost painless. What it may depend on
What are the most common pathologies in the process of labor?

Prolonged labor

The generic process begins with the appearance of regular contractions. AT
This moment the future mother needs to detect time.

Every year a woman in labor gives less and less time
so successfully and without medical intervention alone
give birth to your baby.

If earlier doctors waited 18 hours before the start of the active phase of labor,
now this time is gradually reduced to 8-10 hours.

Surprisingly, 50 years ago, midwives responded calmly to
contractions that last about a day. The same applies to the outpouring.
waters, before giving birth was given more than a day to give birth
independently in the absence of amniotic fluid.

Now it is strictly forbidden to wait for the appearance
attempt of more than 10-12 hours, increases the risk of
infections, and expectant mother will be prescribed an urgent reception

Obstetricians explain such changes in the permissible timing of bouts with
so that they began to better understand the generic process. Prolonged labor,
usually have a cause, and modern doctors have learned this
reason to notice and eliminate in time. Not always experts in
able to evaluate all possible factors affecting the course
pregnancy and childbirth, so modern mom needs to be able to
monitor your health and emotional state.

Causes of protracted labor

Why is it important to be registered with a gynecologist during pregnancy?
Because a specialist can monitor a woman’s condition,
check tests in order to avoid problems with the course and development
generic activity. There are some factors that most often
affect the course of labor, namely:

  • Transferred abortions and frozen pregnancies.
  • Large fruit.
  • Polyhydramnios or multiple pregnancies.
  • Stretching the muscles of the uterus.
  • ATоспалительные процессы внешних половых органов.
  • Too early or, conversely, late pregnancy (by
    relation to the age of the woman).
  • Endocrine pathology of the woman in labor.

Usually one of these points is an occasion to prepare for
difficult childbirth. Expectant mothers should pay attention to the fact that

If the mother or grandmother had a difficult and prolonged labor, then
Probably this fate will overtake you.

A significant role is played by the emotional component of the future mother.
ATсем известно, что гормон окситоцин стимулирует родовую
activity, it is very important in the process of opening the uterus. ATыработку
oxytocin can block fear and anxiety in this state
actively produced adrenaline, which prevents

“Hungry” fights

Many girls in preparation for childbirth are wondering: is it worth
eat during bouts? Naturally, we are talking about primary, weak
fights, but not when “sparks” fly from eyes. AT этой ситуации нужно
make a decision based on your condition and feelings. ATо
labor contractions are often nauseous, and therefore doctors advise not
eat and drink very little. But do not bring yourself to the hungry
fainting, because fights take a lot of energy.

Hunger can provoke adrenaline,
most inhibit the generic process.

Therefore, it is important to listen to your body: feel
hunger – quench it, otherwise the birth may be delayed. In no case
do not overeat, especially if strong fights began. Same
concerns and drinking, it is desirable to simply moisten the lips, and then frequent
going to the toilet won’t bother you.

“Cold” fights

ATо время схваток нужно стараться максимально расслабиться, но
How can this be achieved when the body penetrates the cold and teeth click?
That’s right, you need a warm and cozy ancestral chamber. AT некоторых
“Advanced” maternity hospitals can turn on your favorite music, there is in the ward
bath, which is allowed to take during labor, in general,
all the conditions have been created so that the woman in labor could relax and
feel safe.

No wonder a few decades ago it was decided to give birth
in the baths.

AT современном мире сложно встретить холодные родовые палаты, за
this is a special control. But situations are different, therefore
the expectant mother can bring warm clothes and socks with her to be

External factors

Successful Delivery Specialist – Michel Oden –
describes some simple rules to follow to
giving birth was easy. First of all, he is confident that the woman in labor should
relax as much as possible and “turn off” the brain. When the activity of the cortex
the brain is reduced to zero – starts work hard
hypothalamus, promoting successful and easy childbirth.

How to “turn off” the cerebral cortex and neocortex? Need to
create suitable conditions:

  • Minimize conversations. It concerns
    people accompanying the woman in labor should not try to talk to her,
    you only harm it. For speech processing and perception
    the neocortex is strongly strained.
  • Darken the room. Bright light instantly
    activates the work of the neocortex, so it is advisable to close
    eyes, if possible, shut the windows and turn off the light.
  • Create silence. It often happens that
    the waiting rooms are busy, and women in labor crowd in the next rooms, waiting
    full opening of the uterus. Extraneous sounds, moans of pregnant women, cry
    giving birth to women and loud staff conversations can stimulate
    cerebral cortex.
  • The neocortex “wakes up” during anxiety from sensation
    That is why obstetricians do not sit holding the woman for
    handle, and periodically depart and leave the chamber.

Of course, you need to treat everyone wisely
recommendations. If a woman in labor wants to hold someone by the hand, listen
music or chatting, you should not discourage her. The woman herself does not
always understands that it can interfere with and harm the flow

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