Wild blackberry: healthy properties all year round.Does therapeutic blackberry berry contraindications

Пн, 18 июл 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

Wild raspberries or blackberries in ordinary gardens are pretty

This wild plant contains many vitamins and
beneficial substances that allow you to surpass the pink relative
by taste and healing qualities.

Black berries are easy to treat and preserve, which
allows you to stock up on vitamin remedies for many ailments even
for the winter period.

What is the composition of blackberries and useful properties

The blueberry berry boasts not only its
unpretentious in germination, but low calorie. Per 100
grams of berries account for only 36 kcal. Berry is rich
vitamins, as well as micro and macronutrients, among

• vitamin A or beta carotene;

• vitamins of group B: thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid,
riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic acid;

• vitamin C or ascorbic acid;

• vitamin E or tocopherol;

• vitamins K and PP;

• magnesium;

• potassium;

• calcium;

• sodium;

• zinc;

• phosphorus;

• manganese;

• copper;

• iron;

• selenium;

• citric, malic, tartaric acids;

• fructose and glucose;

• other minerals.

The concentration in the composition of nutrients allowed to become a berry
blackberry widely used in traditional medicine as well
used to strengthen the immune system and saturation of the body
with vitamins.

If we consider the blackberry not only as pretty
delicious berry, but also as a medicinal plant, thanks to it you can
get rid of various diseases.

1. Rich in iron and potassium, the composition allows to treat
cardiovascular diseases. With the help of blackberry can be reduced
blood pressure, strengthen blood vessels and muscle of the heart.

2. People with kidney problems, diseases of the genitourinary organs
system, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis berries bring
considerable benefit. Thanks to choleretic motor actions
the biliary tract in the body gets better, the optimal environment
for the formation of stagnation is destroyed, there is an obstacle to
the appearance of inflammation and the formation of stones.

3. Being a natural antioxidant, blackberry not only eliminates
infection, resists infections, but is able to fight even with

4. Hematopoietic function stimulates the regeneration of blood cells,
whereby it becomes easier for the body to fight particularly
severe illnesses.

5. Trace elements in the composition of the blackberry have a positive effect on
the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminating disorders, facilitate
gastritis symptoms, have a laxative effect, improve metabolism
substances and a positive effect on the intestinal wall.

6. Patients with diabetes can also afford to taste
this useful berry.

7. Due to the active influence of the blackberry on the central
the nervous system can get rid of sleep problems and normalize
him, forget about stress, relieve nervous tension.

8. People struggling with excess weight should definitely be included in
your diet wild berries.

9. Blackberry has a positive effect on brain activity,
improves memory, mental activity, activates
cognitive processes.

10. Recommended berry for women during menopause, as
able to remove all adverse symptoms.

Blackberry: useful properties during pregnancy and feeding

On the body of pregnant women, blackberry fruits have the most
positive influence. Its useful elements blackberry
enriches the emerging fetus, as well as the fragile body
born baby through breast milk. Tannins,
vitamins and other trace elements and help the organisms moms
recover in the postpartum stage, normalize the level
hemoglobin, metabolism, heal wounds.

The useful property of blackberry – the ability to satisfy hunger will have
pregnant ladies are most welcome. Berry will be able to replace the flour
products that are not used during the period of childbearing
is welcome.

Eating berries during pregnancy reduces the risk
the occurrence of beriberi, strengthens the immune system. Immature berries
eliminate constipation, and ripe, on the contrary, are used for diarrhea.

It has blackberry contraindications for pregnant women in case
idiosyncrasy of the product or allergies.

Blackberries: contraindications berries

Blackberries can have a negative effect on the body.
case of overuse. As for pregnant women, for
Blackberry has contraindications for other people in case
the existence of allergies and individual incompatibilities with

Do not use blackberries in the presence of increased
acidity of gastric juice, as well as serious problems with
by the kidneys.

With care should include berry in the children’s diet. If a
the body did not respond to several berries in the form of skin
irritation, indigestion and others, then use the child
blackberry can be.

Recipes remedies from blackberries, useful

Blackberries are a unique tool. Speaking major
ingredient in jams, compotes, jams, blackberry manages
preserve its usefulness and vitamin composition. In the treatment
other diseases can be used for serious illnesses.
based on the berries, leaves and even the roots of the plant.

1. To improve well-being and overall health
make an infusion of leaves. He is also able to dispose of
hypertension, atherosclerosis and is recommended as a sedative
with hysterical attacks.

2. Pure or candied berries are very useful when
seasonal colds, acute respiratory infections, flu. They are capable in quick terms.
reduce body temperature. They are used with existing
intestinal diseases, cystitis.

3. Blackberry juice eliminates feverish and fights against

4. Tea brewed on blackberry berries, has a tonic
и успокаивающим propertiesми. Useful tea with berries for women in the period

5. Tea made from dried strawberry leaves is recommended for sugar
diabetes. Drink improves metabolism. Bury dried leaves
for him to be in a water bath.

6. Blackberry syrup is effective for dysentery.

7. A decoction of the leaves will save in case of problems with the stomach and

8. Tincture on the leaves of the plant is used to rinse.
sore throat, for healing open wounds in the mouth and
inflammations, in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, tonsillitis,
pulmonary hemorrhage.

9. Infusion of leaves reduces heavy menstrual flow,
normalizes sleep, reduces nervous irritability.

Universal infusion is prepared from 1 spoon of dry raw materials, and
glasses of boiling water. Drink infused for 20 minutes, then carefully
decanting It is necessary to drink the infusion in small sips for 3 sets
in a day.

To make a decoction, you need the same set of ingredients:
20 g of dry leaves, a glass of boiling water. It is necessary to boil the mixture 20
minutes, and then let it stand for 3 hours. After this make up
evaporated volume and take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day until

The most useful tea is obtained if you close the fresh leaves in
enamelware and let them completely wither and then dry
on air. If you want to drink healthy tea, the leaves
should pour boiling water.

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