Vascular diet – the basic principles of nutrition.What can and can not be a patient on a diet with cardiovasculardiseases?

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In the modern world, heart diseases are leading
position on the number of deaths.

Who has not heard of coronary heart disease or heart attack and
a stroke?

These diseases are practically on everyone’s lips.

Heart diseases are easier to treat if common
Therapy is combined with a vascular diet.

Experts say that the majority of heart pathologies
due to the lack of potassium and magnesium in the body. Therefore it is important
make sure that the patient’s table is full of products,
containing these beneficial trace elements.

General principles of diet in cardiovascular diseases

Proper nutrition in cardiovascular diseases directly
affects the effectiveness of treatment. The first thing you need to pay
attention – the quality of fat consumed. One who suffers
heart disease should minimize consumption
fatty foods.

Animal oils and fats that have passed
industrial processing should be restricted in the diet
sick person. Such substances are not completely digested
part of it settles on the walls of blood vessels. It’s about fat meat, dairy
foods, cheese, so many favorite fast food.

It is recommended to use vegetable oils. It is they
digest all fats that enter the body. Every butter
It has its own set of useful substances. Therefore time
from time to time it is necessary to change the types of oils.

Recommended unrefined oils that are best
use with vegetables, using them for salad dressing. Helpful
sunflower, olive, pumpkin, corn, linseed oil.
The maximum “dose” of any – 2-3 large spoons per day.

The main recommendations of the vascular diet include

1. Reduce meat intake as much as possible. For cooking
food, use vegetable fats.

2. Include fish in your diet.

3. Eat foods that can bind bad cholesterol. TO
These include: beans, beans, greens, eggplants, potatoes,
dried fruits.

4. Eat dairy fat free products, preferably
sour milk.

5. Reduce salt intake.

6. Include more potassium-containing products on the menu. It,
first of all – bananas, grapes, kiwi, citrus, etc.

7. Give up on carbonated sugary drinks, including

8. Eat plenty of fiber foods. Vegetables and
fruits that contain it normalize intestinal activity,
способствуют лучшему продвижению пищи по ЖTOТ, создают ощущение
satiety, fill the body with useful vitamins and microelements,
strengthen the immune system.

9. Refuse flour and sweet, watch your own

10. Maximize your diet. Eat and
plant and food of animal origin (in limited

11. Try to eat food at the same time for active
secretion of gastric juice. Spread daily volume by 3-4 or
4-5 (with obesity) techniques.

12. Do not transmit. If you really want to eat before bedtime, have a drink
kefir or eat an apple.

Attention! Do not prescribe a diet
on their own. Lack of accurate knowledge of your disease,
inability to make a menu – all this can lead to deterioration

According to scientists, foods containing flavonoids contribute to
prevention of cardiovascular diseases. TO ним относятся:
tea, onions, apples, wine. Apart from this, it is extremely helpful when
heart disease polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. They
found in vegetable oils, soybean, beans, seafood,
fish These substances improve the work of blood vessels, reduce the level
cholesterol, strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Products recommended for malfunctions

• cod liver oil, wheat germ

• fatty fish: salmon, salmon

• olive oil

• nuts, berries

• oatmeal

• soy

• beans

• artichoke

• flaxseeds

• tea

Diet for cardiovascular diseases implies

• vegetarian soup or borscht, vegetable, potato,
milk soup

• lean meat, fish, seafood

• low-fat dairy products

• eggs (up to 4 per week)

• porridge (buckwheat, oatmeal, millet), in small quantities – rice
and decoys

• vegetables, fruits, berries

• small amount of sugar

• weak tea or coffee

Prohibited heart products

• Animal fats with which cholesterol enters the body. They
contained in fat meat (pork, lamb), in butter,
fatty dairy products, in sausages. Fat Meat
and sausages should be generally excluded, and the rest consumed in
small quantities, remember your illness.

• Alcohol negatively affects the entire body, poisoning it.
Alcohol makes the heart work, which is called “wear and tear.” is he
increases blood pressure, “helps” to develop a heart attack and
stroke, causes complications of coronary heart disease.

• TOофеиносодержащие продукты. TO ним относятся крепкий чай, кофе,
energy, cocoa, chocolate. These drinks contribute to spasm.
blood vessels, increase blood pressure. However some
researchers argue that a moderate amount of tea or coffee
on the contrary, it is useful for heart disease.

• Salt. is heа не рекомендована на сосудистой диете, т. к. содержит
sodium, which retains water, causing an increase in pressure.

Proper nutrition in cardiovascular diseases –
approximate menu

Menu for 1 day:

Breakfast: Omelette from 1 steamed egg, milk oatmeal, weak

2 breakfast: Baked apples with sugar.

Lunch: Boiled meat (lean), carrot puree, vegetable soup with
barley, compote.

Lunch: Broth hips.

Dinner: Mashed potatoes, boiled fish, cottage cheese casserole,
the juice.

Before going to bed – a glass of kefir.

Menu for the week:

1 day

Breakfast: Buckwheat porridge with milk, green tea (weak).

Second breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg.

Lunch: Vegetable soup, casserole (vegetable with meat), berry

Safe, banana or kiwi.

Ужин: TOартофельное пюре, овощной салат с добавлением
vegetable oil.

Before bed – kefir.

2 day

Breakfast: Oat milk porridge, herbal decoction.

Second breakfast: Low-fat cottage cheese.

Обед: TOуриный суп, пюре их картошки, морс.

Tea time: Milk shake, banana (can be added to

Dinner: Noodle Casserole, boiled beetroot salad.

Before сном – jelly.

3 day

Завтрак: Паровой омлет, некрепкий tea.

Second breakfast: An apple baked in the oven with sugar.

Lunch: Vegetarian soup, steamed pancakes, meatballs,

Lunch: Cottage cheese or cottage cheese casserole.

Dinner: Fish, stewed in sour cream, carrot salad with olive

Before bed – yogurt (without additives).

4 day

Breakfast: Milk semolina, coffee with milk.

Second breakfast: Carrots, grated on a fine grater with sugar.

Lunch: Vegetable soup, boiled potatoes with a piece of turkey,
the juice.

Tea time: Any fruit salad.

Dinner: Steamed buckwheat cutlets, cabbage salad with the addition of

Before going to bed – a little low-fat cottage cheese.

5 day

Breakfast: Boiled egg, baked pumpkin.

Второй завтрак: Фруктовый jelly.

Dinner: Vermicelli soup, braised cabbage, boiled meat,

Tea time: Baked apple with sugar.

Dinner: Fishcake, corn porridge, vegetable salad.

Bedtime – a decoction of herbs.

6 day

Breakfast: Oatmeal on water (with the addition of dried fruit),
herbal decoction.

The second breakfast: cottage cheese.

Обед: TOартофельный суп, плов с овощами, морс.

Tea time: Fruit.

Dinner: Boiled pasta, meatballs, vegetable salad with olive

Before bed – yogurt.

7 day

Breakfast: Usual rice milk porridge from childhood, weak
tea solution.

Second breakfast: Vinaigrette.

Обед: Перловый суп, тушеный картофель, jelly.

Lunch: Yogurt.

Dinner: Vegetable chicken casserole, vinaigrette.

Before bed – kefir.

Recipes for some dishes

TOуриный суп.

Pour about 2 liters of water into the enameled bowl, boil,
throw diced (or whatever) peeled potatoes,
carrots and onions, as well as some buckwheat. Pre-fry on
vegetable oil chicken breast. Put it in a pot of soup
and cook the dish until cooked. Add a bit at the end

Овощной салат.

It is made from any kind of vegetables. The main thing – to fill in the end
растительным oil On a vascular diet, a boiled salad is good.
beets with green peas. Boil root, then, as is customary,
Grate it with large teeth. Add to grated mass
green canned peas (without liquid), pour the salad
любым растительным oil

TOартофельная запеканка с творогом.

Peel the potatoes (200 g), cut them into large pieces and boil until
Partially cooked, mash. Connect the potato mass with
curd cheese (low-fat) and add a quarter of an egg,
mix it up.

As a result of your efforts, you will get the mass that follows.
put on a greased baking sheet and place in the oven. Above
Apply a layer of sour cream with an egg (pre-beat). Before
use casserole pour a small amount of low-fat
sour cream.

Мясные битки с кабачком.

Mix ground beef (100 g) with squeezed wet bread, add
salt and knead well. Form small bits and
cook them in a double boiler. Prepare zucchini beforehand:
slice them and boil in lightly salted water.

Grease a baking sheet with butter, put zucchini on it, in the middle
each place a chop point, pour all sour cream and bake in
oven until golden brown.

Proper nutrition in cardiovascular diseases –
important points

While adhering to a vascular diet, some
rules that allow you to quickly overcome the disease. So what
need to know:

1. A sick person should remember that he is best eaten.
often and gradually, in order not to overload the stomach.

2. TOоличество выпитой жидкости уменьшают. This is necessary before
of all, those people who are familiar with edema.
Allowed to drink the traditional 1.5 liters of water per day.

3. Eating enough of fibers
eliminates the excess “harmful” cholesterol, and also removes
toxins and slags. Minimum of fruits and vegetables to eat –
300 g per day.

4. Products are better to boil, bake, that is, to cook like this,
to eliminate the use of excess fat.

5. TOоличество соли рекомендуется резко ограничить до 3-5 г в
day. Food should be cooked unsalted, and dosalivat – directly
before use.

6. In the absence of obvious contraindications, you can drink a little.
red wine – up to 70 ml per day, but smoking is the real enemy

10. Having excess weight, lead the struggle to normalize it.

11. Preference should be given to fruits and vegetables in which
A lot of vitamin C, P, B, as well as magnesium and potassium.

12. The energy value of products per day should not
exceed 2400-2600 kcal. Reduced calorie produced for
by reducing the amount of fat and a small amount

13. Vegetarian or soups with barley is not recommended to eat.
more than 250-400 ml at one time.

A diet for cardiovascular diseases should strictly
be observed by those with moderate or severe compensation
diseases. Medical diet helps to normalize the metabolic processes in
body, improve blood circulation and cardiovascular work
system. The task of diet therapy is to create favorable, benign
conditions for the heart, as well as for other equally important

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