Diets that improve skin condition with allergies andrashes. Principles of diet for the skin of the face: how to maintain beauty andyouth

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Skin eruptions, black spots, dry dermis are topical.
for women problems.

However, not everyone thinks about the reason for this state.

The fair sex are eager to buy all kinds of
lotions and other cosmetics.

It is important to understand that they will solve the problem only outside, and
�”Treat” the skin must be from the inside.

When the body lacks vitamins, minerals or
other trace elements, all this is reflected in the appearance.

Not surprisingly, the “starving” girls most often have
problems with the epidermis. Diet for the skin of the face is a series of principles and
regulations on dietary regulation. Following the recommendations and
advice, the face will always remain smooth, young and

A diet that improves skin condition with allergies and rashes:
basic principles

1. The menu should be varied. It is important to use as meat,
and fish products, prepare salads from fresh vegetables.

2. To maintain proper functioning of the digestive tract.
Must first be included in your daily diet first
the dishes.

3. Refusal of bad habits (alcohol, smoking) positively
affects the condition of the skin.

4. Restrict yourself from eating pastry and flour
products. These are “empty” calories that not only worsen the external
appearance of the skin, but also contribute to weight gain.

5. It is not recommended to eat 2 hours before sleep, otherwise the body does not
will have time to process the food, it will be deposited in the fat.

The organism of each person is individual, therefore the diet should be
select, considering its features. Diet improving condition
skin allergies and rashes should exclude products that
causing a negative reaction of the epidermis.

Benefits of a face skin diet

1. Alignment of tone of the epidermis, getting rid of rashes.

2. Improve overall well-being.

3. Normalization of metabolism.

4. Getting rid of extra pounds.

Diet improving condition кожи при аллергии и высыпаниях
minimizes carbohydrate intake. It is because of them on the face
acne appears. Healthy Diet Technique
saturates the body with missing beneficial microelements, improves
human well-being from the inside, which is reflected from the outside.

Diet for the skin: a list of useful products

If a woman wants to improve the condition of her skin, you need to be able to
properly plan your diet. In the diet should be
products enriched with minerals and vitamins, other

Healthy products

1. Морепродукты. Their use 1-2 times a
течение недели надолго сохранит чистоту и youth skin. Composed
fish eat Omega-3 – a substance that does not allow the skin
dry out, maintains moisture balance. Also very helpful
Seaweed is a real “treasure” with vitamins, including
it contains iodine. Including seafood in the face skin diet
a woman can be sure that she will forget about acne forever

2. Цитрусовые. Cosmetologists and nutritionists are sure
that ladies definitely need to eat citrus fresh. They
stimulate the production of collagen, so that the skin will
remain elastic regardless of age. Vitamin C –
antioxidant of natural origin, protect from exposure
negative factors from out. It is worth noting that it is very useful
fresh orange or grapefruit juice. Balanced composition
evens out complexion, relieves pigment spots.

3. Салат и оранжевые овощи. When derma
peel off and it lacks moisture – a sign of a lack of vitamin A.
You can fill the balance and return freshness to your face.
foods like spinach carrots. Any green vegetables will do.

4. Орехи. They have amino acids
fatty acids, vitamins, minerals – a real “chest” to the top
заполненный полезными microelements. Maintain balance in
Vitamin E will protect your skin from drying out and harmful
exposure to UV rays. The face will remain fresh, soft.

5. Цельно зерновые. In their composition there is
cellulose that will maintain skin cell moisture levels
and prevent the appearance of rash.

6. Молочные продукты. Stimulate improvement
work of the stomach, contribute to the renewal of epidermal cells.

7. Мясо является источником железа и белка,
the lack of which in the body leads to premature aging
skin. To keep your face always fresh and elastic, this product
must be included in the diet.

8. Зеленый чай — антиоксидант природного
origin, breaks down fat cells and promotes
efficient cell renewal of the dermis.

9. Растительные масла были признаны диетологами
and beauticians present elixir of youth. They содержатся в
olive, coconut, sea buckthorn oil. Helps avoid acne
and allergic rash.

10. Натуральный шоколад. Little sweet
joy “does not harm the figure, but the components of the composition will improve the color
face and protect it from negative solar impact.

Diet for the face: undesirable products

A huge amount of beauty products are promoted, which
creates a deceptive impression among the representatives of the weaker sex.
Few people think that cosmetics are capable
give only a temporary effect, they do not eradicate the problem itself. If a
the woman wants to have no acne or rash on her face
должна понять, что поможет только диета для skin. When the body
healthy from the inside – it is reflected and externally.

There are products that adversely affect the condition of the dermis.
By eliminating them from your diet, positive changes will be
visible after the first week of the diet.

1. Кондитерские изделия — пирожные, торты,
milk chocolate. Excessive use leads to acne and
inflammatory processes. The face becomes greasy, tarnish.
If a хочется сладкого, лучше отдать предпочтение меду. However, even
This product should be consumed in moderation.

2. Маринады и консервы. Their composition contains
A lot of food additives, salt and sugar, vinegar. Preservative leads
to the formation of allergic rashes, peeling of the skin and pigment

3. Полуфабрикаты. Composition overflowing
preservatives and harmful food additives that harm
body from the inside, which is reflected in the female face. Besides,
often the use of semi-finished products provokes the formation of excess

4. Колбасные изделия. Their use
It is recommended to minimize. Large content in the composition
fragrances, thickeners and dyes, preservative negative
affects health. All this leads to early aging of the dermis,
sagging skin and wrinkle formation.

5. Фаст-фуд. This includes not only hamburgers and
hot dogs, but also pizza, sushi. Fast food contains
huge amount of calories, a lot of carcinogens, harmful
additives. With their frequent use, the skin will start to age and will
look tired.

6. Снеки. Few people know that crackers, chips and
other quick snacks affect the condition of the dermis. In them
contains a lot of salt. These products change the tone of the face.
and the formation of rashes.

7. Чеснок и лук. There is no doubt that they
very useful for human immunity. However when it comes to
diet for the skin, then you need to be careful. Overuse
garlic and onion can trigger allergic rashes.

8. При злоупотреблении алкоголем, газированными
напитками и энергетиками
женщина может не надеяться
сохранить надолго свою youth. Substances of the listed
drinks make the derma flabby, deprive it of a healthy tone and
natural shine.

Beautiful skin recipes

Diet for the skin of the face is a great opportunity for everyone.
представительницы прекрасного пола сохранить youth и красоту на
long years. Beauticians and nutritionists offer several recipes.
dishes that must be included in the daily

1. Творожный пудинг с сухофруктами — это
great option for breakfast. Fresh low fat cottage cheese
whipped in a blender with dry apples and prunes until
formation of homogeneous mass.

2. Овощной витаминный суп. There is a lot of room
for fantasy. Vitamin soup is best at vegetable broth.
You can use foods like celery, baby beans,
fresh broccoli, green peas and cauliflower. All ingredients
boiled in a small saucepan. To make the soup rich, you can
add a bouillon cube.

3. Полезный салат. Shallow straws are cut 5
bell peppers and 2 large tomatoes. This also adds fresh
greenery. Salt is not necessary to add, as it has a negative impact
на состоянии skin. Salad dressed with olive oil.

4. Салат с крапивы и квашеной капусты.
It will take one boiled egg, nettle (70g g), sauerkraut
(100 g). Everything is finely chopped and mixed together.
Dressed with olive oil.

5. For the diet for the skin will be very useful recipe.
черной смородины в сахарной пудре. Two squirrels
whipped to foam, there is poured cooled boiled water. AT
currants are soaked in the resulting mass, then the berries are rolled in
powdered sugar. ATсе высыпается на противень и сушится в духовке
15-20 minutes. You get very tasty and healthy dried fruit.
Sweet, but not high in calories.

6. Фруктовый смузи. Smoothies – Healthy Vitamin
cocktail. For the skin is useful to use citruses, whatever your heart desires.
This may be an orange, grapefruit, lemon. To taste added
green apple. ATсе смешивается в блендере и выпивается сразу.

7. Сезонное рагу. ATесной очень много овощей,
употребление которых положительно affects the condition of the skin.
You can make a delicious stew of peas, fresh beans, zucchini,
carrots. ATсе тушится в оливковом масле без добавления соли.

The secrets of beautiful skin: a summary

A diet for facial skin should include foods rich in
vitamins and minerals. The main secret that will help keep
youth, упругость и красоту лица — это исключение из своего
ration of all harmful products from list.

Some useful tips

1. You need to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits whenever possible.

2. AT блюдах вместо растительного масла желательно использовать

3. White bread is replaced by bran.

4. ATместо кондитерских изделий женщине лучше перейти на
dried fruits.

If a женщина хочет оставаться молодой и красивой, нужно не
only stick to a diet for the skin, but use the right ones
Derma care masks. The right decision is to cook them in
homemade of their natural ingredients.

Diet improving condition кожи при аллергии и высыпаниях — это
balanced diet of proper nutrition that will keep
youth дермы на протяжении долгих лет.

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