Renal diet – what you need to know? Prohibited andpermitted foods on a diet with renal failure andrenal colic

Пн, 30 май 2016 Автор: натуропат Лариса

Renal failure is a pathological condition
an organism in which the kidneys are impaired.

This leads to improper exchange of nitrogen, water and

The disease is acute and chronic, and it occurs in a number
reasons that only a doctor is able to identify.

In the treatment of this disease are used medications
but nutrition plays an important role.

Renal Diet – General Principles

Normal kidney function allows the body to
to function, “as a watch”. The kidneys maintain the balance of water,
the content of micronutrients necessary for health
toxic substances. In case of violation of the work of such an important body
it is necessary to eat in such a way as to take the load off the kidneys
while not forgetting to saturate the body with vitamins and other
beneficial substances.

Diet for renal failure is the use of beneficial
fats, carbohydrates, fiber. In the diet of the patient should
contain vegetables, fruits, berries. It is better if these products are
familiar. Vegetables are consumed in boiled, stewed, baked or
slightly fried. From fruits and berries you can cook compotes and
jelly, and cook delicious jelly.

Diet for renal failure implies maximum
restriction of protein products, both animal and vegetable
origin. Protein food exerts the strongest load on
diseased kidneys.

Experts advise when cooking do not use salt.
Sodium in salt is responsible for water retention,
causing swelling and hypertension. In case of kidney failure, such
condition is not desirable.

The kidneys (during their normal work) do well with
excess of phosphorus. This element is mostly contained in
protein products. However, diseased kidneys do not perform well.
the task of allowing phosphorus to negatively affect the bone system,
provoking joint problems.

Due to an abnormal kidney function, it can increase dramatically.
blood potassium content. Pathology causes general weakness in
muscles, heart rhythm disturbances and even cardiac arrest.

Kidney Diet недостаточности и renal colic включает в
limiting potassium-containing foods. This item also
is in protein food. Reducing potassium intake means
automatically reduce the burden on the kidneys and improve the overall condition.
Bananas, dried fruits, nuts, avocados,
wheat, legumes.

So, the basic important concepts of diet therapy in renal

1. The maximum restriction of protein intake. Allowed until
20-70 g per day (it all depends on the state of health). “Dose”
appointed by a specialist.

2. Ensuring energy through fat and

3. Inclusion in the diet of such an amount of vegetables and fruits
– the real “fount” of the most useful vitamins and microelements,
so that it is possible to cover the deficiency of these most necessary for the body

4. Culinary processing of products in order to improve their food
attractiveness. After all, salt-free food is not a secret that it is fresh and not
too tasty.

5. Salt restriction and regulation of water intake
an organism.

6. Introduction to the habit of traditionally spending the day

Renal Diet – Banned and Allowed List

Diet for renal failure is characterized by
high-calorie diet that distinguishes it from other systems
power supply. Why? If the body that suffers a violation
kidney work will not do a lot of calories, then he himself will begin
expend their internal resources, namely proteins. Decaying
they increase the blood levels of urea. In this case, the patient
man gradually weakens and loses weight. This negative process in
able to stop the high-calorie diet.

Prohibited foods for chronic renal

• concentrated coffee, cocoa, tea, hot chocolate, and

• salted foods

• mushrooms

• refractory fats

• sorrel, spinach

• legumes

• sausages

• canned food

• mustard, horseradish

• bananas, dried fruits, apricots

• garlic, radish

Substitute products are prohibited:

• sago groats, rice

• salt-free protein-free bread

• vegetable soups

• lean meat (veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit)

• lean fish

• habitual vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes,

• eggs (preferably not more than 1 per day)

• ограниченное количество молочных products

• weak tea infusion, rosehip decoction – a source of vitamin C,
non-concentrated juices

• fruit in the form of jelly, mousse, jam, jam

• candies

• spices, which improve the taste of any,
even the most dietary, dishes. These are pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon,

Attention! Kidney Diet
недостаточности и renal colic должна назначаться доктором,
based on the individual characteristics of the disease.

Withмерное меню при renal colic

Renal colic, as such, is not a pathology itself. by
to myself. Rather, it is a symptom of a negative process occurring in
the body, indicating obstruction of the ureter.

The attack of colic may be short-term, and may continue
up to several days. In order to avoid pain you need
stick to a certain diet which
предусматривает снятие нагрузки с byчек.

The first is recommended to limit proteins. Nutrition должно
быть разнообразным и дробным, byрции небольшими и сытными.

Sample menu for the week:

1 day

Завтрак: Омлет из 1 яйца, маленький кусочек
bread with a thin layer of butter, weak tea (choice: green or
the black).

Обед: Бульон без мяса с добавлением цельной
cereals – barley, potato chops, milk.

Полдник: Творог с ягодами, стакан кефира.

Ужин: Курица (вареная), салат из овощей, комbyт
or juice.

2 day

Завтрак: Гречка (без молока), яйцо, сваренное
hard boiled tea

Обед: Рисовый суп, картофельная запеканка,
a piece of chicken, jelly from the berries.

Полдник: Тыква, запеченная в духовке, отвар

Ужин: Салат из моркови, кальмары в отварном
the form, the juice of apples.

3 day

Завтрак: Молочный вермишелевый суп, 1 яйцо,
yogurt or kefir.

Обед: Суп с тыквой, плов с курицей, некрепкий

Полдник: Запеканка из творога, яблочный
the juice.

Ужин: Картофельное пюре, тушеная телятина,

4 day

Завтрак: Пшенная каша на воде, бездрожжевой
хлеб с вареньем, tea.

Обед: Суп с гречкой, курица, рис, сок

Полдник: Арбуз

Ужин: Отварные овощи, кусочек рыбы, tea.

5 day

Завтрак: Нежная молочная пшеничная каша (можно
and water), salt-free fritters, coffee (weak).

Обед: Картофельный суп, овощное рагу, tea.

Полдник: Сырники, кисель.

Ужин: Плов из курицы, винегрет, клюквенный

6 day

Завтрак: Блины, крутое яйцо, некрепкий

Обед: Суп с вермишелью, цветная капуста с
говядиной (запеченные), tea.

Полдник: Печеное яблоко, кисломолочный

Ужин: Овощное рагу, салат (огурцы, byмидоры),
грушевый the juice.

7 day

Завтрак: Кукурузная каша на воде, хлеб с
butter, milk.

Обед: ATермишелевый суп, тушеная индейка, овощи,

Полдник: Желе из фруктов.

Ужин: Отварная рыба, печеная картошка, салат
(свекольный), комbyт.

The above menu clearly demonstrates how
must be varied menu of the patient. Mainstreaming
принциbyв питания byможет избежать нежелательных рецидивов и
to bring recovery.

How to cook some dietary meals?

1. Борщ без мяса.

Комbyненты: корнеплод – свекла (1 шт.), картофель средний (2
pcs.), onions (1 pc.), carrots (1 pc.), white cabbage (300 g), water
(1.5 liters).

Beets are washed, cleaned, chopped and dipped in boiling water. Cook up
readiness Onions, carrots passera in vegetable oil, add

AT кипящий отвар свеклы добавляют картофель (byрезать на дольки),
and after 10 minutes shredded cabbage. After the cabbage
cooked add passerovka, bring the borscht to a boil and boil more
minutes 5. Add the recommended amount to the finished dish

2. Овощное рагу.

Potatoes (200 g) are washed, peeled, diced and stewed to
readiness Separately stew carrots (70 g), cabbage (50 g),
beets (20 g), onions (20 g). Everything is stirred and another 5 minutes stewed in
sour cream

3. Суп картофельный.

Wash, peel and dice potatoes (300 g). With carrots
(25 g) do the same and pass it in butter.
Separately from carrots, passive onions (1 pc.).

Potatoes are thrown into boiling water and boiled for 15 minutes, then
add onions and carrots. Дают супу немного byкипеть. Before as
take up the meal, put chopped greens in the soup.

4. Картофельные котлеты.

Peel, wash and boil the potatoes (160 g). Then boil it and
frayed hot. A quarter is added to the chilled mash
the eggs. Everything is mixed and form the patties, which roll in
flour, spread on a baking sheet and baked in the oven until education
golden brown crust. Before as начать вкушать, блюдо
byливают сметаной.

5. Отварная рыба.

Меню byчечной диеты обязательно включает в себя отварную рыбу,
which is prepared so. 700 g pike perch, bream or cod wash,
byчистить и опустить в кипящую воду. Cooking time – 15 minutes.

Рыбу готовят целой или разрезают на byрционные кусочки. With
byдаче – кладут кусочек сливочного масла.

6. Печеные яблоки.

Яблоки byмыть, удалить сердцевину. In the formed dimple
pour sugar. Pour water (approximately 1 cup) on a baking sheet and
byставить яблоки бок о бок. Top still sprinkled with sugar. Bake
in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

7. Запеканка (вермишель и творог).

AT byловине литра воды отваривают до частичной готовности
vermicelli. Throw in a colander and allow it to cool slightly. AT
the product is added 1 raw egg, mix and lay out the mass in
any oiled form that everyone in the kitchen certainly has
mistress Сверху на вермишель выкладывают byдготовленный творог (с
adding sugar), and put the rest of the noodles on the curd. Baked
в духовке, byлив блюдо маслом.

Renal diet – what to look for

Диетотерапия при byчечной недостаточности имеет некоторые important
moments that must be considered:

1. Уbyтребление яиц не запрещено. However, don’t forget that
это белковый product. Поэтому, если вы съели яйцо, то byрцию рыбы
or meat per day is better to cut.

2. Dairy products: milk, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, etc.
are allowed. Нельзя уbyтреблять сыр.

3. Meat must be chosen lean. It can be cooked
bake, steam. Say no to lard
smoked meat, caviar, canned food.

4. Bread and pastries are recommended without the use of salt and

5. Groats are allowed almost any. Каждый может выбрать by
своим предbyчтениям.

6. Kidney Diet недостаточности исключает уbyтребление

7. Freshly squeezed juices are recommended to be diluted with water (1: 1). Can
пить черный, зеленый (некрепкий) чай, травяные отвары, слабый coffee.
Under the ban – carbonated drinks, mineral water with a large
sodium content.

8. С особой осторожностью следует относиться к уbyтреблению соли
both in pure form and as part of pickles, marinades, canned goods.
Even in the initial stage of the disease, the recommended dose is 2-3 g per

9. Количество byтребляемой жидкости, включая жидкую пищу не
must exceed the amount of urine excreted by more than 500

So that the diet does not seem fresh and tasteless during the illness,
to improve the taste is allowed to add to the dishes
зелень, некоторые специи, кислые овощные соки, лимонный the juice.

Withдерживаясь основных правил диеты и выbyлняя все рекомендации
doctor, you can expect that in a short period of time you
byзабудете про свою болезнь.

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