Rapid weight loss per week for 10 kg: the secretsproven practice. How to achieve rapid weight loss in a week10 kg

Пт, 27 май 2016 Автор: Анна Онуку

Not every woman can boast a flat belly,
elastic legs and hands without loose skin.

It is for this reason that the issue of obtaining
perfect shape.

Sometimes the fair sex is urgent
get rid of excess weight.

Быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg — это возможно, но только
subject to the basic rules and principles of the methodology.

It won’t be easy, but the result is worth the effort and

Быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg: принципы построения
power mode

Some women over the years trying to get rid of the hated
10 kilograms. They turn to cosmetic procedures,
attend gyms. The weight goes away, but after a while everything
equal returns back, sometimes even in double. it
happens for the reason that the woman did not initially come to
The issue of losing weight is right. The technique must be carefully
thought out.

Not only do sports, you need to teach yourself to distinguish
foods that can be eaten and which cannot be.

Healthy slimming products

It is important to understand that the diet should be varied. Use
always the same product is wrong. Organism
depleted, fails important trace elements and vitamins. AT
As a result, everything leads to a slower metabolism and
weight loss process.

AT рацион худеющей должны быть включены следующие

• seasonal vegetables and fruits;

• cereal porridge;

• low-fat kefir and yogurt;

• chicken and beef meat;

• seafood.

Prohibited Products

Calorie counting is not enough to get rid of
fatty layer. To balance your diet and make it
most useful and safe for the figure, you need to exclude
следующие Products:

• salted nuts, chips;

• various sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise);

• smoked meat;

• alcoholic drinks;

• confectionery and flour products.

In addition to the listed products it is desirable to limit
seasoning AT них нет ничего опасного, фигуре вреда они
do not bring. Condiments for weight loss are excluded for the reason that
they whet the appetite.

Sports loads for quick weight loss for the week by 10

Если женщина задала себе четкую цель избавиться от 10 kg всего
in one week – she will face a serious struggle. Fasting and
monodiets do not achieve lasting spectacular results. An approach
should be comprehensive.

The exercise cycle for weight loss is designed so that
absolutely every girl could perform it, regardless of level
your physical fitness. A little gym every morning.
will have a positive effect on health, will allow you to get in shape and
pump up the press.

Быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg начинается с правильной

1. The first exercise – walking on the spot for 5 minutes.
It seems to be of little use, but it is not. Walking in place with
arms bent at the elbows allows you to warm up the muscles perfectly,
prepare them for more serious workload.

2. From walking, you must slowly go to a run on the spot. With
It is important to try to raise your hips high.

3 The same run on the spot, only now with a high rise

4. Standing on the spot in turn, the legs are raised to the side.

5. Effective exercise that allows you to use
abdominal muscles and reduce the waist in volume – knee lift to

6. Jumping on the spot, with arms and legs divorced
to the parties.

7. Complicated squats. Each time the leg is retracted
side – first right, then left. Exercise allows
get rid of the folds in the sides, remove the fat from the area of ​​the buttocks.

8. Withнимается стойка боксера, руки поочередно выбрасываются
in front of him, as if in front of a man rival.

ATыполняя перечисленные упражнения в представленном порядке,
every day in the mornings, excellent in a week
result. A woman will not only improve the level of her physical
training, but also pumped up the abdominal muscles, get rid of
�”Orange peel” in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs.

Быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg: примерное меню возможных

На сегодняшний день пропагандируется огромное количество diets,
each of which promises to find the perfect figure in a short time.
It is worth noting that most of these recipes imply
starvation. Refusal to eat is a huge stress for the body,
which leads to the development of diseases.

Быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg возможно и без голодания.
Есть несколько эффективных diets, основное действие которых
It is aimed at burning subcutaneous fat. With этом организм будет
keep getting essential trace elements to maintain
vitamin balance.

Недельная dietsа на гречке

Преимущества dietsы:

• simplicity;

• the ability to use buckwheat in any quantity;

• the product contains very few carbohydrates in its composition, therefore
it is quickly and easily acquired;

• buckwheat is rich in trace elements useful for the body.

Before тем, как сесть на гречневую dietsу, нужно научиться
properly cook for her cereal. This is done very simply. Before
sleep a glass of buckwheat steamed with two glasses of boiling water.
The container is covered with a lid, wrapped in a towel and
left in a warm place. ATажно, что туда нельзя добавлять сахар,
salt or other spices.

The first meal should be no earlier than 4 hours after
sleep. Last – until 18:00.

Withмерное дневное меню


• steamed buckwheat (100 grams);

• a glass of low-fat kefir or green tea without


• buckwheat, you can add a little fresh seasonal

• green tea.


• buckwheat (100 grams);

• one apple;

• green tea.

If you do not want to eat lunch or dinner, do not force it
worth it. AT том случае, если в течение дня одолело резкое чувство
hunger, allowed to eat steamed buckwheat or drink a glass
kefir. Преимущество dietsы в том, что крупу можно употреблять в
any amount, figure, it does not hurt.

Похудеть за неделю на 10 kg с представленным выше рационом
food – this is real, if you do not forget every morning to pay 20-30
minutes of charging.

Diet of doctors

Эта dietsа характеризуется своей дешевизной. Following the main
принципам, она гарантирует быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg.
Повторять dietsу можно не чаще, чем один раз в месяц. For achievement
great result you need to have willpower and a desire to find a figure
your dreams.

Withмерное меню

1. The first day is the most difficult. Need to drink two liters of mineral
water, but not immediately, but for 6-7 times.

2. ATторой день с утра будет одолевать легкое чувство голода —
тут и понадобится сила воли, чтобы продолжить dietsу. AT течение дня
liter of skim milk is drunk. An hour before bedtime
One green apple is eaten.

3 The third day is the consolidation of the first. Also during the day
drunk 6 times 2 liters of mineral water.

4. The fourth day is a small feast for the stomach.
Preparing vegetable salad, divided into three parts, which are eaten in
throughout the day. You can drink plain water or green tea without

5. The fifth day passes on the same principle as the second.

6. On the sixth day green apples and 100 grams are allowed.
boiled chicken fillet.

7. Окончание недели — это выход из dietsы. During the day you need to eat
100 grams of fresh cottage cheese and drink two glasses of skim

What products to take for cooking vegetable
salad dressing:

• White cabbage;

• raw carrots;

• dill;

• olive oil.

The diet is very strict, but on the eighth day, standing on the scales,
женщина обнаружит, что похудела на 10 kg.

Mayo Clinic Diet for a week

Основной секрет dietsы заключатся в жиросжигающем супе,
cooked according to a special recipe. It will be on it
based daily food intake all week. ATажно разнообразить
menu and other products from the allowed list.

The advantage of the soup is that it does not add
calories, and burns them. Use его можно в любом

Recommendations and important notes

1. AT период dietsы запрещается употреблять алкоголь, так как он
slows down the process of splitting subcutaneous fat.

2. Bread, soda and fried food – all of this
Absolutely forbidden.

3 After a week you need to take a short break.

Products for the preparation of fat burning

• onions (6 medium sized heads);

• White cabbage;

• celery (1 bunch);

• green pepper (to taste);

• vegetable broth (2 cubes);

• tomatoes (can be used canned).

Every time a woman feels hungry, she can satisfy it.

Меню dietsы на яблоках и кефире

Данная dietsа рассчитана на 7 дней, после который дама
избавляется от 10-ти kg. The advantage is that in the daily
The diet contains useful and inexpensive foods. AT яблоках
contains many vitamins, and kefir perfectly quenches the feeling

Withмерное меню

1. The first three days are very strict. Use можно только кефир
in the amount of 1.5 liters per day.

2. The next two days are apple. Съедать надо ежедневно по 1,5 kg
green fruits.

3 The last two days again on kefir.

ATажно! AT рационе dietsы не хватает
carbohydrate, so the fair sex can feel
slight weakness

Секреты быстрого похудения за неделю на 10 kg

Become slim and find your dream figure in record short
timing is possible, knowing some small but very useful

1. Мотивация — это самый главный принцип
losing weight If not, all efforts to lose weight will be
useless. A woman should put aside all negative
emotions and realize for yourself that remove the fat layer of her extremely
necessary. A little trick will help – look at yourself in
зеркало и представить фигуру без 10-ти kg. it отличная мотивация,
которая поможет не сорваться с dietsы.

2. Режим сна. It is very important to get enough sleep.
it не означает, что ложиться можно когда угодно. Correct mode
Sleep helps to burn calories and improve metabolism.
ATо время dietsы нужно стараться ложиться в 21:00 и вставать

3 Никогда не стоит лишать себя завтрака — это
the most important meal. Even if a woman does not want at all
eat, you need to try to eat at least one apple or
стакан kefir.

4. После 18:00 кушать действительно нельзя.
The fact is that at this time the metabolic processes in the body
food is slowed down and not being digested, it is converted into

5. Зарядка. Every morning you need to start with
little workout. The easiest set of exercises will help
wake up, saturate you with energy for the whole day and launch the exchange
body processes.

Если быстрое похудение за неделю на 10 kg стало для девушки
urgent need to prepare yourself morally and
tune in to a positive result, following the basic principles
weight loss.

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