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Пн, 13 июн 2016 Автор: Ольга Гаврилова

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas,
which in turn is responsible for the processing of harmful substances in
body and monitors the level of sugar.

Causes of pancreatic exacerbation may be
numerous – alcohol intoxication, brute force and
spicy food, long-term antibiotic treatment.

Although rare, pancreatitis occurs in children, which
arises due to genetic abnormalities.

During the exacerbation of the pancreas is recommended to eat
fractional and often – at least 5-6 times a day in small portions, and food
should not be rude.

It is necessary to completely exclude from the menu fatty foods, spicy dishes,
preservation, and focus on puree and liquid foods,
which can easily process the pancreas. After
these words first comes to mind soup, the general principles of cooking
which is significantly different from everyday cooking

Many are wondering – is it even possible to eat?
pancreatitis soup? Суп при панкреатите – незаменим и
обладает лечебными свойствами
, помогает притупить и
relieve pain, or even eliminate the focus of exacerbation. Soups
valuable because they improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, have
high in vitamins and microelements, and also capable
remove toxins from the body. Therefore, the greatest preference
It is given to soups, the recipes of which are unlimited.
Ingredients for soups with exacerbation of the pancreas can
choose to your taste, but follow the advice of a nutritionist about
product selection is worth it.

About foods and soups that can be used with pancreatitis,
I would like to tell you more.

Soups в рационе человека должны быть ежедневно, а при обострении
chronic pancreatitis, their consumption increases to
several times a day, since during these periods the pancreas
especially needs sparing and soft food. These may be soups.
from vegetables, soups from chicken broth with noodles or cereals,
milk soups, soups from low-fat varieties of fish.

When cooking soups should be based on those products
which will help the pancreas to normalize their work.
For example, meat and fish contain large amounts of protein,
which in the period of exacerbation must be increased in the diet. Recipes
soup for pancreatitis with the addition of meat is desirable to cook on
secondary broth (i.e. boil meat twice) from low-fat varieties
meat, which must first be carefully examined for the presence of
fatty layers. It is better to chop the meat itself, cut it into cubes or
bars for optimal pancreatic digestion.
Fatty varieties can cause irritation of the pancreas and
cause a new aggravation. For the preparation of healthy soup
You can choose meat from chicken, turkey, rabbit and lean beef,
and from the fish is perfect hake or pollock. In addition to fatty meats
in case of pancreatitis it is not recommended to cook soups from legumes, cabbage
and millet, as they increase the secretion of pancreatic juice and can
cause nausea, provoke a new bout of pain. Alternatively, in
pancreatitis soup you can add potatoes, carrots, onions,
zucchini, pumpkin. From spices allowed adding turmeric, salt,
ginger, garlic and greens.

As mentioned above, soups from
milk, but there are also a few nuances. Pure milk
may cause flatulence and even vomiting due to insufficiency
lactase that accompanies pancreatitis. Therefore, with pancreatitis
It is recommended to cook milk soups in dilution with water in
1: 1 ratio, and cook them once or twice a week.

In priority, the preparation of soups soft consistency – such as
cream soup, cream soup. There is no more optimal and successful option in
period of diet and exacerbation of chronic diseases
gastrointestinal tract than mashed soups. Their peculiarity is
that thanks to their cooking method, the maximum is kept in them
beneficial substances. The cream soup has a soft, tender texture and
therefore, it acts sparingly on the pancreas.

It is believed that when boiling all the valuable properties of products
are lost, therefore it is recommended to put out vegetables and meat before cooking
or lightly fry in olive or rapeseed oil.

Currently, the Internet and many headlines in thematic
magazines are full of a variety of recipes for soups to facilitate
pancreatitis attack.

Below are recipes for soups that are relevant.
with pancreatitis.

1. Carrot-beet soup

Ingredients for 4 servings:

3 beets

1 small carrot

1 PC. bow

1 minced garlic clove

1 tablespoon olive oil for frying.

Способ приготовления:

Boiled carrots and beets grate on a fine grater. Onion finely
cut and fry in olive oil to a light golden color.
Соединить bow свеклу и морковь, и жарить на умеренном огне 5

AT boil 1 liter of water in a saucepan, after boiling,
add there our roast and cook, stirring, about twenty
minutes until the carrots and beets are soft. Two minutes before
complete add chopped garlic to the soup. As an option – you can
add shredded ginger root.

Serve on the table can be either hot or cold,
seasoned with sour cream or natural yogurt.

2. Mashed Potato Soup


large potatoes – 3 pcs.

carrots – 1 pc.

bowа – 1шт.

corn starch – 1 / 2st.

200 ml of water


Способ приготовления:

Картофель, морковь и bow очистить и порезать маленькими
cubes. Then fry this mixture of vegetables over moderate heat 3-5
minutes with olive oil in a deep pan. When
овощи слегка потемнеют, поместить в кастрюлю 200 ml of water, salt, и
cook until the potatoes are tender.

Using an immersion blender or mortar, mash the potatoes and
carrots until mashed, add cornstarch, and beat,
until lumps remain.

Boil mash on low heat for 2 minutes.

I would like to note that in one portion of the recipe contains only 4
gr. fat If frying is replaced by boiling, then the fat content
reduced to one gram per serving.

3. Chicken Potato Soup


500 ml of secondary chicken broth

3 pcs. potatoes

carrots -2 pcs.

2 celery stalks

Several bunches of parsley and dill

350g boiled chicken breast fillet.

Способ приготовления:

Potatoes, carrots and boiled chicken breast fillet cut into
cubes. Chop celery and parsley.

After закипания куриного бульона, забросить овощи в кастрюлю.
Reduce the heat to minimum, cover the pot with a lid and boil,
until the vegetables are soft. Then add the chicken fillet, and
доваривать на медленном огне 3-5 minutes

AT качестве приправы можно добавить куркуму, которая разрешена
with acute pancreatitis.

Serve soup, you can fill it with sour cream.

4. Milk soup with buckwheat.


Milk – 1.5L

ATода – 200мл

Buckwheat -3 tbsp. l

Сахар – 1 ч. l


Buckwheat to sort and cook in salted water to those
until buckwheat is cooked in half. AT эту же
pour milk into the pot, add sugar and boil on moderate
fire until boiling.

Serve hot, adding a little to the plate

5. Chicken cream soup with potatoes and carrots


Chicken Breast – 500g

Potatoes – 3-4 pcs. small size

Моркови – 1 PC.

Одну bowовицу




Free the chicken breast from skin and fat, finely chop and
boil in salted water until ready. Carrot
peel and grate. AT кастрюлю с получившимся
broth, put peeled and diced potatoes and
boil until ready. As soon as the potatoes become
soft, add carrots to the mixture and boil, stirring
all the time.

Finely chop the onion and fry in a frying pan, adding
немного муки в течении 3-5 minutes Put this fry in the pot,
in which the soup is cooked. Stir well and cook until

As soon as the soup boils, turn off the gas.

The finished dish should be whipped with a mixer or a blender when it is
a little cool. Serve warmly by adding a spoon
sour cream.

6. Fish and vegetable puree soup


400 gr. low-fat fish fillets (hake, pollock);

1 морковь small size;

1 medium-sized squash;

1 bowовицу;

0.5 tbsp. milk;

2 tbsp. l flour;

greens of dill, parsley and celery;


Cooking method:

Boil the fish fillets in salted water, then, as the boil, remove
the resulting foam. ATытащить рыбу из кастрюли, а в рыбный бульон
lower the chopped potatoes and boil until it is
is ready.

Carrot натереть с помощью мелкой терки и вместе с измельченной
bowовицей пассировать на сковороде с использованием оливкового

Zucchini cut into cubes, combine with potatoes and boil
до тех пор, until the vegetables are soft.

While the soup is boiling, fry the flour until yellow in the pan,
then combine the flour with the broth with vegetables.

5-7 minutes before the dish is ready, put in fish broth
mash and boil it slightly. ATажно не переварить рыбу, иначе она
will be dry and tasteless.

After removing the soup from the heat, you need to cool it a little, then beat
blender to a pasty state.

Now it’s the turn of the milk to be added to the soup,
pre-boiling it.

Mix the mass thoroughly. AT завершении должен
get a gentle and thin cream soup.

Before serving, it will not be superfluous to add a pinch to the soup
a mixture of chopped parsley, dill and celery.

Serve warm, in portions.

AT завершении хочется подчеркнуть особо важные советы и
, которые пригодятся при приготовлении диетических
soups, prepared during the exacerbation of the digestive tract.

As stated above, products can be selected to your taste –
the main thing is that in the end the cooked dish does not bring complications
and not caused pancreatic discomfort. Strongly recommended
consume at this time non-fat meat and fish, eggs and dairy
products reduced to a minimum. Spicy food lovers can be given
special flavor spices such as turmeric and ginger, which possess
anti-inflammatory action and reduce the production of gastric

Those who can not imagine their life without a sweet, in the dairy
soups with pancreatitis in remission can add half a spoon
honey, but subject to the absence of contraindications, such as

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