American diet: diet “roller coaster”.Basic principles, features, menus and results of Americandiets

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The roller coaster is not only the most exciting
attraction all over the world.

This name was given to an effective diet that won
huge popularity among the fair sex.

She appeared in the eighties. Creator – psychologist
Martin Catan.

He developed the American diet on his experience, proved
opportunity to get effective results in the allotted time.

American Roller Coaster Diet: Positive and Negative

There is no perfect nutritional system, each has its own
advantages and disadvantages. American diet is not
the exception.

Benefits of the diet

1. The most important advantage is that clear
following the menu guarantees getting rid of the hated extras

2. At the end of the method, the weight is not returned back. It was
checked women from different parts of the globe.

3. Very few restrictions on the choice of products. Following the main
rules can not deprive yourself of your favorite dishes.

Some drawbacks of the diet

1. Medical professionals believe that the sharp cut in daily
calorie norms (up to 600 units in the first 3 days) adversely affect
on losing weight Human body is not enough
energy, so dizziness, nausea and

2. It is difficult to overcome the feeling of hunger, the probability of breakdown. because of
lack of calories and a constant feeling of weakness the body will
require to fill the energy balance. The first three days are the most
heavy, if not hold out, then further sense to continue
diet “roller coaster” no.

3. The power system is not suitable for those who want to quickly
избавиться от лишних kilogram. American diet continues 21
day, gives after this period an effective result.

American diet: the essence of the diet and basic
the principles

Every woman at least once in her life, but kept on a diet. AT
in most cases, body weight at some stage or ceased
leave, or come back. Explain this tendency not
complicated. The body just gets used to the monotony. American diet
acts a little differently. It is built on several
periods, each of which is designed for a certain amount

The “roller coaster” diet got its name because
stages pass “jumps”. ATсего она рассчитана на 21 день.

1. Day 1,2,3. They are unloading – the hardest thing to hold out in
the very beginning. AT эти дни употребляется по 600 Kcal.

2. Day 4,5,6 – 900 Kcal each.

3. Day 7.8.9 – 1200 each.

Further, all on the same principle. Every three days is new
stage. American diet имеет одно основное правило — не превышать
calories, in this diet and
is the whole point of weight loss.

It turns out that in the first days the body is under stress due to
the reason that you give him during the day just 600 Kcal. Further
the amount of energy increases slightly, and on the 10th day again 600
Kcal. There will be much easier, the body gets used to
horse racing

The rollercoaster diet gives a good shake to a woman
which has a positive effect on getting rid of unwanted
kilogram. The best part is that there are no big restrictions on the selection
diet The main thing is to use as little as possible.
products with chemical additives, preference is given
natural ingredients.

Diet “roller coaster”: permitted foods

Despite the fact that there are no strong restrictions in the selection of the diet,
eat all that got, you can not. ATажно постоянно считать калории для
in order to give the body the required amount of
with the next stage. However, the food consumed must be beneficial,
contain vitamins and minerals to maintain
normal operation of all body systems.

The perfect list of “good” products includes
following names:

• leafy green lettuce;

• beets;

• mushrooms;

• lean meat (it can be chicken, rabbit or beef

• cucumbers and tomatoes;

• celery;

• zucchini (in season).

Little secret! Heat treated
foods give the body more saturation than raw.
For example, if you have overcome the feeling of hunger, you can stew a zucchini with
carrot. Get a hearty and healthy dish. So it comes with
any vegetables.

American diet: запрещенные продукты

The list of undesirable products can be continued
infinitely. To rid yourself of unnecessary information, enough
be guided by common sense.

Basic prohibited foods:

• mayonnaise and other sauces;

• semi-finished products (sausages, shop dumplings and
frozen patties);

• carbonated drinks;

• too sharp and too salty foods (cause strong

• potatoes – one of the most useless vegetables, contains
�”Empty” calories;

• confectionery;

• alcoholic beverages.

Buying in-store products for organizing the right
The nutritional regimen needs to reflect on whether they are really helpful.
and contain important for the body vitamins. Only
Guided by this principle, the “roller coaster” diet will
excellent result in a specified period of time.

Diet “roller coaster”: an exemplary menu at different stages

Making the right and useful menu for each stage is not
simply. Not to be mistaken, you can use the presented
рационом на 600, 900 и 1200 calories.

Menu calorie in 600 units

1. First meal – a glass of green tea without adding
sweeteners and a slice of bread (rye).

2. Snack. A small amount of low fat cottage cheese. A portion
about 200 grams, not more.

3. Lunch. Vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, chicken
broth or boiled buckwheat with a piece of beef pulp. Total portion
no more than 250 grams.

4. ATторой перекус. Boiled egg and a glass of skim

5. Dinner should be light so as not to burden the stomach before
a dream. It can be a stew of seasonal vegetables or a piece of boiled

900-calorie menu

1. Breakfast. One green apple and a glass of black tea without honey and

2. Snack. 200 grams of oatmeal on water, tea and a piece of rye
of bread.

3. Lunch. Chicken broth with homemade noodles (no added
zazharki). Vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil. AT крайнем
case, you can add a little sunflower.

4. ATторой перекус. Low-fat cottage cheese and one banana. You can separately
and you can whip everything in a blender with natural yogurt to get
cocktail smoothie.

5. Dinner. A piece of boiled fish and salad of seasonal vegetables or

Menu calorie in 1200 units

1. The first meal. Black tea without sweeteners, 200 grams
low-fat cottage cheese with finely chopped green apple.

2. Snack. Oatmeal, steamed with water, tea and a piece of black
of bread.

3. Lunch. Vegetable salad, baked chicken or lean borscht.

4. ATторой перекус. Natural yogurt and one banana.

5. Dinner. A glass of nonfat kefir and fruit salad.

Most Popular Recipes

American diet — это не обязательно представленное выше
menu. The diet can be planned independently, following the necessary
количеству допустимых calories.

For example, the following steps are also suitable for the first stage.

• crackers and sugar free coffee for breakfast;

• two boiled eggs and spinach for lunch;

• vegetable salad as an evening snack.

For a menu of 900 calories suitable:

• fresh juice in the morning;

• fat burning cocktail for dinner made from kefir,
cinnamon and red pepper;

• for dinner stewed zucchini and vegetable patties.

For the third stage in 1200 calories fit the following

• banana smoothie based on low-fat kefir;

• chicken soup and a piece of salted salmon;

• ratatouille made from vegetables.

The rollercoaster diet is considered strict. If the stages are at 600,
900 and 1200 Kcal are difficult, you can replace them in stages in 1200,
1400 и 1600 Kcal. Such a diet will also allow you to balance your
рацион и избавиться от назойливых kilogram.

American diet должна продолжаться 21 день, после этого в
the body is required a break, otherwise the exchange
substances will be broken.

ATажные нюансы организации питания

To diet “roller coaster” gave the desired result
know other aspects of the organization of your daily diet.

1. Portionality. You need to train yourself to eat small
in portions. Forget the big plates. Better fill yourself
saucer. This will be a visual deception for the body.

2. ATода. Питьевой режим очень важен для любой diets. AT течение
of the day a person must drink at least 1.5 liters
water. ATажно помнить, что сок и компот — это жидкость, а для
effective weight loss needs water.

3. Cutting calories leads to a lack of nutrients.
ATо избежание чувства сонливости и слабости рекомендуется на время
американской diets приобрести для себя в аптеке витаминный
complex. ATыбор сейчас довольно большой, подобрать для себя
оптимальный вариант будет не complicated.

4. Without sports, forgetting those extra pounds will be wrong.
simply. This does not mean that now you need to spend your time and
money to attend classes in gyms. It will be enough
do simple exercises every morning for 15-20 minutes. She will help
start metabolic processes, improve metabolism and provoke
increased fat burning.

5. If a woman cannot train herself to drink tea without sugar,
It is allowed to add some honey to it.

Diet “roller coaster”: performance

Statistics show that the American diet actually gives
effective result. The number of kilos dropped depends on
individual characteristics of the organism.

Other factors affecting

1. Initial weight.

2. Body structure.

3. Passive or active lifestyle.

4. Tune in to the result.

AT среднем за неделю женщинам удается избавиться от 5 до 7 кг.
Maximum weight loss after all stages up to 12 kg.
After 21 days, a break is taken, the diet is allowed to resume. through
3-4 months, but weight loss will not be so significant.

The “roller coaster” diet has been tested by women from all
corners of the globe. Positive feedback indicates her
efficiency. In addition, the weight will not return back. Organism
gets used to eat right, and in the future will not require
большого количества calories.

American diet — это не просто диетическое меню, а
proper organization of your daily diet.
An effective method that does not have contraindications will help a woman
find the figure of your dreams. The main thing is to tune in positively and
strictly follow all the rules and principles.

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