Why you need to eat proteins. You starving ondiets!

Human life is impossible without the constant supply of nutrients
substances. To complete the work our body needs proteins,
fats and carbohydrates. Especially important for us is protein, which is
nourishing, building material for the body, without our
existence is impossible at all.

Proteins, which are part of the tissues, organs and even bones,
also produce enzymes, and they, in turn, “run” all
processes in the body. Including the process of burning fat.

Белковые продукты

Why does a man have protein?

Lack of protein is bad for health and appearance.
Girls who, in pursuit of harmony, starve and deprive themselves
protein, frequent colds, bad skin, falling hair and
flaccid muscles.

However, this does not mean that you need to eat daily
a pound of meat and a dozen eggs. Excess protein intake is also
harmful as its deficiency. Excess protein damages the health of the kidneys and
liver, which leads to poisoning of the body decomposition products.
Therefore, remember – everything is good in moderation.

Sources of protein

By origin proteins are divided into animal and vegetable.
Almost all animal products used in
food rich in protein – meat of all kinds, chicken and other poultry,
fish, seafood, eggs, milk, cheese, cottage cheese. Among vegetable
foods high in protein can boast legumes,
cereals and nuts.

How much to hang in grams?

Determining the approximate rate of protein is not so difficult – it is equal to
your weight, that is, for a woman who weighs 60 kg is 60 g
protein per day. Во время беременности  и кормления грудью, при
increased physical and emotional stress, recovery
after illness etc. more protein is needed – up to 1.5-2 g per 1 kg

For example, I can say that 1 boiled egg gives us about 5
g protein, the same amount we get with a glass of milk or
fermented milk product, a couple of pieces of cheese – about 10 g of protein.
 100 g low-fat protein meat is about 18-20 g, 100 g
cottage cheese – 16-18.

At the same time, official medicine believes that more than half
proteins must be of animal origin. Vegetarians with this
argue, however, the fact is that from animal food, protein is much
better absorbed than from the plant. And red meat is
traditional source of iron, essential for women.
Vegetable protein – cereals and nuts are also very helpful.

If you’re not a vegetarian, combine different types of protein foods,
so that the body receives all the substances it needs.

How to eat protein?

It’s not enough just to eat a protein norm, it’s important
still correctly do it. All the amount of protein you need
receive per day, it is recommended to divide into portions, at a time –
from 10 to 30 g of protein (it is believed that the “ceiling” is 40 g at a time, but
for a woman it is hardly feasible).

For example, 10-15 g at breakfast (boiled egg, porridge with milk and
a slice of cheese), 5 g for afternoon tea and second breakfast (a glass
yogurt, a handful of nuts), 25 g – at dinner (meat, chicken or fish
plus a side dish of buckwheat, rice, etc.), about 15 grams for dinner (fish,
cottage cheese, cheese).

Protein loves the company of non-starchy vegetables, rich
vitamins C, like lettuce, pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens.
It is useful to water the meat or fish with lemon juice.

Protein for losing weight

Protein + vegetables, so you can briefly describe all existing
protein diets. You refuse bread, pasta, sugar and rice and
use only egg whites, chicken breast, fish, cottage cheese and
non-starchy vegetables. And you start to lose weight. It is not very healthy
recipe, but as a principle, as a common vector it is quite possible
use.  Less carbohydrate and fat, more protein and vegetables
– here is a brief diet of a person losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, the amount of lean protein in the diet
need to increase, and the total caloric content is reduced due to the restriction
жирной пищи, сладостей и  прочих «легких углеводов».

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