Why weight is in place when losing weight?

  • 1 Why is the weight standing still?
    • 1.1 When fasting
    • 1.2 With proper nutrition
    • 1.3 Why do volumes leave and weight stays in place?
  • 2 What to do if the weight is in place?
    • 2.1 Proven Methods
    • 2.2 What to do after childbirth?

Lead an active lifestyle, exercise regularly,
Do you fulfill all the requirements of a trainer and a nutritionist? Contrary to expectations,
soon the loss of kilograms will slow down
stop at one mark.

The so-called “plateau effect” arises due to the habituation of the body to
one or another changes in the body. As you know, if too
take something for a long time, it stops giving proper results. AT
The following material will try to figure out why this happens.
and how to get rid of it in the shortest time.

Why is the weight standing still?

First of all, you need to understand what the problem is “stagnation”
extra pounds in the body. Итак, вес стоит на месте —
the reasons:

  • allowing yourself some inaccuracies during limited
  • inadequate fluid intake;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • taking medication during dieting;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • hormonal imbalance.

If you do not miss the chance to enjoy a sweet pastry
product, then from what those extra pounds are in no hurry to leave your
organism, I see. But why does the weight stand still with the right

Let’s start with the fact that such a concept as “proper nutrition”
each perceives in its own way. Some people follow a strict diet,
combining it with a lot of grueling physical training, others
– simply exclude from the diet high-calorie foods.

An important role here is played by the human hormones:
some show a tendency to corpulence even with small
the amount of food consumed, others remain slim,
despite the daily consumption of a huge amount

When fasting

On the dietetic forums you can often find the question “why
weight stays in place when fasting? Try to answer it with
point of view of medicine. With prolonged dietary restrictions,
reduced to water alone, the body gets used to it
�”Diet” and, therefore, slows down the metabolism.

The girls, even with the strongest fasting, extra pounds
may linger in place due to the menstrual cycle.
Therefore, do not worry, already on completion of the above
�“Procedures” everything will return to its place – the weight will decrease,
well-being will improve.

At first, when the body is still getting used to the new diet,
i.e. fasting. there is a significant disposal of
kilograms. When this process will become something ordinary, the body
stops responding to it, so that the extra weight is so
same stands.

With proper nutrition

Next, we consider why the weight is in place with the right
nutrition. ATедь как известно, употребление в пищу только правильных
low-calorie foods cleanses the body of toxins,
thereby improving mood and well-being.

AT большинстве случаев, вес стоит на месте из-за соблюдения одних
and the same methods of losing weight. On this basis, it follows often
experiment with diets, changing the amount consumed
calories per day, for example from 1300 to 1600.

In addition, in order to lose weight effectively and quickly,
to waste calories costs as much as to consume.
Therefore, even sitting on the strictest diet, try to combine it with
physical activities.

Why does the volume go, and the weight is in place?

One of the obvious answers to the question of why the volumes go
and the weight is still standing still, this is an effective muscle pumping. ATаше
the body became slimmer and bold as a result of superfluous
kilograms that successfully “moved” from one part of the body to
another one.

ATы ведь нередко видели фото двух совершенно разных женщин,
belonging to the same weight categories. With that, one slightly
plump, and the other figure is close to the ideal. ATышеуказанный случай —
none other than the magic of sports.

In order to effectively correct the figure, thereby removing unnecessary
kilograms, you should combine sports activities with strict
ограничением в nutrition. And of course, drink plenty of clean
still water.

What if the weight is in place?

Tried a lot of ways, and the weight is still standing still? AT
In this case, all diets should be carefully analyzed.
physical exercise. ATозможно, где-то была упущена ошибка.

If you have doubts about the correctness of their actions for losing weight
due to the fact that the kilograms still “stand” unchanged,
consult with experts. ATедь подобные неприятности
happened not only with you, so it’s probably already been discovered
why the weight is still standing still and the right solution was found
the above problem.

If, after so much agony, those extra pounds still stand on
most desperate place we offer to get acquainted with proven
ways to deal with extra pounds.

Proven methods

Being overweight is like an unwelcome guest, comes when he’s not
waiting and at the very the wrong moment. How to deal with it, not
upset the psyche and not causing harm to health?

How to speed up weight loss – ways:

  • correct six meals, in small portions;
  • exclusion from the diet of flour, sweet, fat and
  • change of the program of physical activities;
  • girls are encouraged to squat, swing the press, do lunges and
    kick your feet;
  • motivate yourself with exercise videos;
  • attend a massage.

If those extra pounds continue to “stand still”, these and many
other techniques will greatly facilitate your life, eliminating
overweight, in return giving energy and good mood.

What to do after childbirth?

What to do young mothers, if the weight after giving birth
stays in place? As you know, a rounded tummy is not in a hurry
leave the woman’s body even after the birth of the baby.

After giving birth, every woman is under tremendous stress,
referred to as “postpartum depression.” AT большинстве случаев, это
This is due to the fact that the extra weight is still standing still.

Try at this time not to give in to emotions, but correctly and
eat a balanced diet, especially during the feeding period

With regards to physical exercise, you must wait a minimum
six months from the moment of delivery. During this time, do not rush to fall into
panic, and try to devote as much time as possible to the baby and
remember that this sacrifice was worth it.

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