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Holidays November 15

International day of quitting

The American Cancer Society in 1977 proposed
отмечать в третий четверг ноября (в 2012 году- 15
November) a very relevant date – the international day of refusal
smoking The World Health Organization states –
a huge percentage of fatal diseases occur due to
smoking Every minute, 6 heavy smokers die, and for
10 years, these figures may double. On this day
the attention of all people of the world is drawn to the fact that smoking is
terrible evil for humanity. The goal of this day is to engage in a fight.
against smoking as many people as possible, inform the public about
the terrible consequences of this bad habit. Today is giving up
smoking and a healthy lifestyle is becoming fashionable, more and more people
find the strength to fight the evil tendencies.

Hijra New Year

On this day исламский мир отмечает Новый год. It happens in
the process of reading sermons in mosques about the prophet’s relocation
Mohammed to Medina from Mecca. This event dates back to 662
from here begins the Muslim lunar calendar, and the first
the month is Muharram. At this time, the Prophet forbids conflicts
war, and all sorts of strife, and prescribes the service of God. In that
month, as with Ramadan, fasting As-Saum is observed, that is, the full
abstaining from eating, entertainment and pleasure until sunset
the sun. Anyone whom he can do harm is released from fasting –
sick, pregnant, children and nursing mothers.

All-Russian Day of Recruit

Since 1992, draftees and servants celebrate the day of the draftee. By
the law of Russia, every healthy man from 18 to 27 years old should
serve in the army, protecting the country during active service.
The calls are held twice a year according to the law “On Military Duty and
military service “, since 2008, recruits serve in the
of the year. AT Moscow в этот день проходят мероприятия, в которых
показывается настоящее военное шоу на Byклонной горе, проводятся
excursions to the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

Day units to combat
organized crime

The Directorate of the Ministry of Interior is designed to fight organized crime,
illicit arms and drug trafficking, as well as trafficking
corruption. Byзже эти подразделения носили название Главного
departments to combat the most dangerous crimes, including
drug business, corruption, organized crime. Today is
Department for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism.
The organization of the Department includes special detachments of rapid

World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day отмечается в третий четверг
и призван искать общую платформу для обсуждения
scale transformations. Promotion of new ideas are held at
stimulating debate thinkers. Today, before the society is
a multitude of challenges, humanity, by nature, seeks to
self-knowledge. Philosophy teaches us to think, produces love for
wisdom, gives rise to concepts and ideas of sound analysis and
creative thinking.

City-Go-San – children’s holiday in Japan

This day is called in Japan, “I – seven!”. By всей стране
you can watch how incredibly beautiful dressed children rush
together with parents to the temple to celebrate the beloved of all
holiday. Translated into Russian, City-Go-San means 3-5-7,
symbolizing the growth and maturation of the child. In three years is committed
an important rite Kamioki – hair cutting and saving them for memory. AT
the same time, kids first wore hakam – Japanese national
clothes. Now they do it in five years, and girls have an adult belt
кимоно завязывают в семь years old. The Japanese firmly believe that up to 7 years
the child is of divine nature, and is the messenger of God,
therefore everything is forgiven to the children. But from the age of 7 they are asked how
adults, upbringing becomes demanding and harsh.

Memorial Day of Leopold, Patron Saint

AT ATене этот праздник является официальным, Леопольд Святой жил в
Austria в 11 веке, он поддержал восстание в Римской империи, и
received the favor of the new emperor, married his sister.
Leopold sought to maintain a peaceful and friendly policy
State, founded several monasteries in the country. AT
1485 was canonized as a saint, and after 2 centuries declared
покровителем Austria.

Holiday “New Beaujolais” in France

Exactly at midnight, on the night from Wednesday to the third Thursday of November, on
French land comes the feast of young wine. It
Manufactured in a small area north of Lyon. Initially
the holiday was just a commercial event in order to
advertise and sell local wines. Today it is loved by the people
France and overseas tourists holiday that praises
Beaujolais – short-lived, unsuitable for storage of wine from
local varieties, ripening rapidly, and having a rather rich
aromatic bouquet. The Guinness Book of Records captured such a fact
– in 1993 for the first glass wine at the auction was received $ 1,450.
At the beginning of the holiday there is a demonstration of wine-makers with lighted
torches to the barrels of young wine, where exactly at midnight solemnly
open the lids.

Folk calendar November 15

Akindin and Pegasy

In the fourth century, 7,000 suffered during the persecution of Christians.
believers. Святые Akindin and Pegasy также не отреклись от своей веры
and courageously accepted the torment. On the day of memory of saints in Russia
Began to burn a torch or a candle, since all the summer work was
finished, and the day became much less, so the first
the place went out saving kerosene. Also began to dry the grain in
barns making a fire. In these evenings, peasant children loved
tell and listen to fairy tales stories about ovinniki, Rizhniki,
Humenniki – good brownies who help in the economy. But the spirits were
very strict – it was necessary to ask for permission to work and
communicate with them very respectfully, otherwise they could burn the whole
barn. Peasant women prepared sheaves and flax for sale.

Historical events November 15

15 ноября 1933 года — пущен первый троллейбус в

Moscow on this day marks the beginning of a trolleybus movement in
the city. The first trolley bus was just one line away, from the subway
�”Belorusskaya” to the subway “Sokol”. Electric ground idea
Transport appeared in the year of the creation of the USSR. In the thirties it was
manufactured two prototypes called LC – Lazar
Kaganovich The first passengers along with the selection committee were
N. Khrushchev and N. Bulganin.

15 ноября 1931 года в СССР проводится первая
sound telecast

If it were not for the Great Patriotic War, the emergence of mass
television in our country would have happened much earlier. Back in 1931
the year was the first telecast, transmitting at a distance
picture. For this, equipment with mechanical
scan at the Moscow radio center. The generation of low-tech equipment
created already in 1934, and the sound is transmitted 25 minutes
pop concert from the courtyard of Nikolskaya street, where the

15 ноября 1996 года в городе Каспийске
there was a terrorist act

The house of the Russian border guards of the Makhachkala department was blown up.
Dagestan, destroyed 41 apartments and killed 68 people. Put forward
two versions – terrorism and mafia “fights” outside the window at the border for

15 ноября 1932 году – открылся Музей истории
Religions in Kazan Cathedral (Leningrad)

St. Petersburg Kazan Cathedral was built during
Patriotic War of 1812, at the end of the war, he became
a victory monument. In 1932 a museum was opened in it, originally
It was called the Museum of the History of Atheism and Religion. This museum is not
analogues everywhere. The story is represented by numerous
the oldest exhibits, the originality of which does not cause
doubt. In 1998, he was re-consecrated and later transferred to a new
premises on Pochtamtskaya street, and Kazan Cathedral again became

Were born on November 15

Павел Мочалов (1800- 1848 годы), великий
Russian actor

The famous 19th century actor brilliantly performed roles in vaudeville and
Shakespeare plays. At the very beginning of his career, he is already positive
was celebrated by critics. Many went to the theater pomotret exactly the game
This famous artist, special “uyala minutes” noted
V. G. Belinsky. 250 roles in the Maly Theater for a short
life of Pavel Mochalov made him the most significant actor of the era

Герхард Гауптман (1862 -1946 годы), немецкий

Gerhard Hauptmann was awarded the Nobel Prize for high
вклад в области playwrightии. His most famous works are:
poem “Prodometide lot”, the comedy “Our Comrade Krampton”, plays
�”Weavers” and “Before the Sunrise.”

Мишель Шаль (1793 -1880 годы), великий
mathematician, geometer

In addition, Michel Shale was considered a historian of mathematics, writing
their work on the history of geometry. His new synthetic method
of projective geometry led to scandal, as used in
description of the historical documents were fake.

Эрвин Роммель (1891 -1944 годы), немецкий
commander of the 20th century

Professional military, highly rated by Hitler, Erwin
Rommel achieved great success on the fronts of the first and second
world wars. For special methods of war in African countries he was
nicknamed “The Desert Fox”, his strategic tricks are highly appreciated
even rivals. He is known in the list of those who attempted to hit Hitler, and
after the arrest committed suicide. However, Hitler, appreciating
mastery of the general, awarded him the title of hero of the Third Reich.

Август Крог (1874 -1949 годы), датский биолог и

Krog is credited with the invention of the device for measuring pressure
gas dissolved in a liquid. This fixture is used.
today to measure the oxygen pressure in the blood as well as the pressure
oxygen in fresh and salt water. Krogh made a huge contribution to
a study of diabetes and insulin, and in 1920 received
Нобелевскую премию по physiologistии и медицине.

Игорь Стечкин (1922 -2001 г.), инженер,
inventor of a 9mm Stechkin pistol

Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin already at the end of the institute chose his
the theme of the pistol charges, after the diploma has been defended,
TsKB-14, where he develops an automatic metal gun, according to
worthy of appreciated in the army. He later creates
a pistol with a silencer and shortened machines “Modern”, “Abakan”.
In total on his account more than 50 inventions.

Иоганн Каспар Лафатер (1741 – 1801 годы),
Swiss theologian, poet and writer

Lavater owns the work Physiognomy, collections of poems,
theological lectures and sermons, biblical epics. Leitmotif him
creativity is the identification of faith and love, it is constantly
tried to find a compromise between the views of the church and society.

Александра Яблочкина (1866 -1964 г.), русская
theater actress

The great actress Alexander Yablochkina came from the ancient
artists, worked in the Maly Theater and played in it.
множество ролей отечественных и западных playwrightов. She is
distinguished by high taste and great attention to the purity of Russian
language, was a love and comedian actress, immaculately wore
stage costumes. She played her last role at the age of 95
years old. Alexandra Yablochkina wrote the books of memories that
popular among modern stage lovers, has long been
Chairman of the Russian Theater Society, founded by Maria
Savina. Умерла в возрасте 98 years old.

Nameday November 15

On this day, the birthday of Dominic and Constantine is celebrated.

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