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Holidays November 22

Psychologist Day in Russia

A person can realize his potential only when
a certain mental well-being. The profession of psychologist today
gaining momentum since people’s mental health is no less
more important than physical. Psychology noticeably affects the decision
social problems in many areas of life, it is also necessary
people and needs funding, like other industries. Celebration
in Russia is celebrated unofficially, but the most important educational institutions
MSU countries and St. Petersburg State University are trying to draw public attention to
the importance of the profession of psychologist. In Ukraine, the day of the psychologist is celebrated
April 23rd.

Thanksgiving in the USA

For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day – a favorite holiday
Americans since 1621, highlighted the fourth Thursday of November. Story
the holiday takes us to the distant 17th century, to the Plymouth colony. After
heavy lean year for the colonists came heavy
time. The new winter also did not promise anything good, and the governor
William Bradford organized with Indian tribes
celebration. People thanked God for the joys of life. And the Indians
saved the inhabitants from starvation. George Washington in 1789 issued a Decree
in which the thanksgiving holiday became national. In that
day people donate to charity for the poor
organize lunches for the homeless. An important attribute of the holiday – fried
turkey. Also on this day are traditional costumed

Freedom Day of Ukraine

The goal of this holiday is to affirm the ideals of democracy,
education of the national spirit and dignity. It is held in memory
about the Orange Revolution of 2004, in which the people rose,
demanding a recount. As a result of the Orange Revolution
the people achieved an honest attitude, Victor became the President of the country
Yushchenko, and Ukraine has become more free.

Day of Justice of Azerbaijan

Since 2000, the Ministry of Justice and employees of justice have noted
профессиональный celebration. For the first time after the collapse of the USSR in
Azerbaijan, the exit of the penitentiary system from the Ministry
Justice Теперь она находится в составе Министерства Justice

Lebanon Independence Day

In 1943, the Lebanese Parliament excluded from the country’s constitution
articles related to the restriction of sovereignty. On the arrest of the president
and the prime minister by the french authorities and the dissolution of parliament
the country responded with massive protests and armed
skirmishes with colonizers. November 22 Constitution and legal
The Lebanese government has been restored. The day became national

Banker’s Day of Armenia

Bank employees celebrate their professional holiday in order to
emphasize the importance of the banking system and its role in
functioning of the industrial and social infrastructure of the country.
Armenian government chose a date for the celebration
with the fact that for the first time on November 22, 1993, Armenia began to use
own currency. The transition to drama has enabled the country
develop and improve the banking system and stimulated
economic development. Strengthening the drama did not occur immediately, only
After 10 years, Armenia has achieved significant success.

Saint Cecilia Day in Mexico

R. Rodriguez in his film “Desperate” showed the world
famous Mexican musicians – mariyanchi. Every year a day
their patroness Cecilia they celebrate their professional
Celebration in Piazza Garibaldi. The life of a simple musician is quite
is common. They love their profession, they believe in God and they don’t have many
civil rights in the country. They are not paid benefits and pensions, not
give medical insurance. The collective of musicians, as a rule,
includes 8-9 people, there are women. An annual competition is held.
Marianchi, in which the owner of the best voice is assigned
title “Ambassador Maryanchi of the Year.”

Folk calendar November 22

(November 10th old style) – Reverend Remembrance Day
Matronas of Tsargrad

The matron lived in Constantinople in the 5th century. Being married she
I loved the temple, the prayers, and the conversations with godly people. Husband is not
understood these aspirations and attacked her. Wanting to hide from her husband,
Matrona gave her daughter to a familiar woman and went to a monastery under men’s
by name. The hegumen was a vision, the secret of Matron was revealed.
The servant was transferred to a convent where she lived a lot
years in honoring God and became a superior. In Russia on this day
consider signs to judge the weather for the coming days. Frost
predicted frosts, and fog – thaw. If the geese went on the ice
looking for water means wait for warming. Cloudy and snowy weather on
Mattress predicted a good harvest. Frost обещал овес, а дождь –
good wheat harvest.

Significant Historical Events 22

22 november 1960 года – выход с конвейера первой
Zaporozhets ZAZ-965 car batches

They were created on the model of a talented Italian
Designer Dante Dzhakozy based on the FIAT 600 car.
Zaporozhets was durable and economical compact car, had
smooth bottom, good cross, and won fame undemanding
and inexpensive model. Abroad cars were sold under
called “Yalta”. The same plant in Ukraine began to produce
wheelchairs. Afterдним потомком этих автомобилей стала
Slavuta model, which is currently out of production
because of the environmental requirements of the European Union.

22 november 1990 года – отставка Маргарэт Тэтчер
from the post of British Prime Minister

11 years in office Margaret Thatcher in office
The Prime Minister in England ended in controversy in
Conservative Party and resignation. Margaret Thatcher – recognized
world politician, she is rightly considered the winner of the Cold War
along with Ronald Reagan. As prime minister she
has achieved significant economic success and increased prestige
UK in the world. Under her leadership, privatization was carried out.
many state-owned companies. The nickname “Iron Lady” is quite
justifies its inexorable nature, business acumen and
determination. In 1992 she was awarded the title of nobility
the baroness.

22 november 1963 года – в Далласе убит Джон

Kennedy стал самым первым президентом такого молодого возраста,
at that time he was only 44 years old. He managed to hold
several important laws and make a difference in the country, but a large
part of the reform was blocked in Congress. Kennedy внес большой
contribution to the removal of tensions between the US and the USSR, in 1963 were
signed agreements on disarmament and nuclear test ban.
The country loved its President for his determination and wit.
He was shot by a sniper, hitting the neck with two bullets. Crime 20
century still not disclosed.

22 november 1928 года — состоялось первое
performance of “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel in “Grand Opera”

Russian dancer Ida Rubinstein asked Maurice Ravel
write a piece of music for her troupe. On this evening
the troupe at the Grand Opera in Paris, it was first performed as
musical accompaniment numbers. Connect classic rhythms with
Spanish dance tunes made a splash at a concert.
Also, the premiere of “Waltz” by Ravel. Great performance success
long been discussed by the public and in the Paris newspapers. �Bolero has become
independent work.

22 november родились

ATладимир Иванович Даль (1801- 1872 годы), автор
explanatory dictionary of the Russian language

Dahl was a very versatile person. Practicing medicine and
literature, he managed to serve as a youth in the navy, get
medical education, participated in the war with the Poles. Among his
hobbies was ethnography, he constantly collected information and decided
try strength in literature. The first book – Russian fairy tales, was
prohibited from publishing. Dahl began to publish under different
pseudonyms. �”Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language” together
with his proverbs of the Russian people until today are considered
gold fund of Russian literature.

Курт Коффка (1886 — 1941 годы), один из
founders of gestalt psychology

Particular attention in the theory of Kofka is given to the child’s learning
your mistakes. He wrote many works in which he turned
attention to the innate ability of people to interact with
environment. Supported stern “theory of convergence”,
participated together with Wertheimer and Köhler in experiments, founded
psychological journal of research. In 1935 it comes out
the main work is the Principles of Gestalt Psychology.

Шарль де Голль (1890 — 1970г.) — французский
commander, writer, President of the country

Charles de Gaulle is a recognized military theorist. In
World War 2 time he created and headed the organization
resistance, after the liberation of France becomes chairman
Council of Ministers of France. Later, he created the party “Association
French people “and became a prominent political figure of the country. AT
his memoirs – the three-volume work “The Call”, “Unity” and
�”Salvation” he describes activities in critical war years. AT
1958 elected President of France, decolonization
land, trying to preserve cultural influence. AT период его
government of France gets nuclear weapons. Charles de Gaulle went to
retire voluntarily during a crisis in the country. His name is assigned
Square of Paris.

ATиктор Олегович Пелевин (1962 год), российский
writer, winner of the Little Booker Prize

His famous works: the Blue Lantern collection, the story
�”Chapaev and emptiness”, and others. Today it is included in 1000 significant
figures of modern culture. His works are filmed
film studios, theaters put on plays. Translation into world languages ​​and wide
fame brought him the title of the most influential intellectual

Эдвард Бернейс (1891- 1995 годы) – один из
PR founders

The development of the first companies of PR Bernays conducted on the basis of
the writings of Sigmund Freud, being his nephew. Manipulation
subconscious feelings and impulses allowed Berneis
develop the science of mass persuasion. AT США он активно развивал
commercial advertising using an approach of subconscious influence on
audience. Same methods he used in political persuasion.
The result of his first advertising campaign was a huge success.
Dyagilev Ballet Tour (1915). He owns a share of success in
promotion of such companies as “Procter End
Gamble “,” General Motors “and several influential political
figures of the 20th century. His scientific method, he called “engineering
consent. “

Именины 22 november

Today is the birthday of Joseph, Constantine, Porfiry, Cyril,
Матрена, Михаил, ATиктор, Дмитрий, Илья, Иван, Алексей,

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