The essence of Christmas – why was Christ born? howtell children about the essence of Christmas, the traditions of Christmas and the biblicalstories

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Mysterious, close to each of us, joyful holiday
Christmas is one of the most important events in
Christian world. It is celebrated especially solemnly. Christmas trees,
decorations, gifts, Christmas goose on the table – basic
holiday attributes.

How many of us think about the essence of Christmas? How many
tell a wonderful Christmas story to children? Or every year
By inertia, we decorate the fir-tree, give gifts to our loved ones and eat,


Biblical story – the best illustration of the essence of Christmas

Virtually all people have ever read a story recorded on
pages of the Bible about the birth of Jesus Christ. Evangelist luka by
the inspiration of the Holy Ghost talks about how to the Virgin Mary,
who was engaged to Joseph an angel appeared and said the words
who pierced her in the heart: “Rejoice, gracious! Lord
with you! “And then the angel of God proclaims to her the great news that
she will give birth to a son and name his name jesus and he will be the savior
of the world.

I think Maria was very scared of these words. After all, she was
betrothed, and the husband still did not know. But the servant of God told her that
be born of the Holy Spirit. In essence, Mary had to faith
take the angel’s words and she hurried to share them with Joseph.

В Евангелии от Матфея (1 глава 18 стих) ясно
It is said that before they were combined, it turned out that Mary has
in the womb of the Holy Ghost. In other words, Maria found herself in
predicament. There was a conversation with Joseph and much
depended on his reaction.

By law, a woman who was in fornication was punished by death. AND
если бы ANDосиф распустил худую молву о невесте, будучи движим
wounded pride, then Maria would simply have been stoned. We see
из текста, что ANDосиф был праведным человеком и потому хотел после
conversation to secretly let go of the girl. That is, without publicity, quietly
in a peaceful way.

However, God has his own plan. Ангел явился ANDосифу и и сказал ему
wonderful words after which the righteous husband accepted Mary and did not
knew her until she gave birth. Ангел возвестил ANDосифу о рождении
Младенца, которого он должен назвать ANDисус – “Господь спасение
ours “. Here the essence of Christmas is just clearly visible – saving people
from their sins.

Во второй главе Евангелия от Луки сказано, что
at that time there was a population census and everyone had to go
to the place where he came from. Most likely, this event is not
happened in the winter for the simple reason that weather conditions are not
would allow many to travel to their locality.

Кроме того, в пользу того, что ANDисус был рожден не зимой говорит
the fact that the shepherds who saw the angels could not feed the sheep in
cold season. During this period, the flocks were not driven out.
pasture due to bad weather. how ни странно, но вероятнее
all, the date of December 25, as the birthday of Christ, brought
converts Christians from pagans. And the church, instead of
to fight pagan traditions helped them

how бы там ни было, важна не сама по себе дата (ведь это все
conditionally), but an event that happened many years ago: born
Christ is the Messiah, the Savior, the One who became the mediator between God
both by man and through whom we have access to the Creator of the worlds.

Но вернемся к библейской stories. Мария вместе с ANDосифом
I went to my kinship house for the census – to Bethlehem. there in
due to the lack of a hotel room, Christ was born and
laid in a nursery. His birth to others was
imperceptible. Only those who in their hearts expected the most
in the light of seeing the Messiah, those in whose heart there was a place for faith could
to witness this wonderful event.

Shepherds herded their flock. At night an angel of the Lord appeared to them and
God’s glory shone upon them. how бы мы отреагировали на присутствие
angels? It is written, the shepherds are very scared. No wonder Night,
quietly, there are stars in the sky and suddenly – the heavenly host cries out: “Glory to
Highest to God and on earth peace, good will among men. “

But the angel said to the shepherds: “Do not be afraid, I declare to you the great
the joy that will be to all people, for now you were born in the city
David the Savior, who is Christ the Lord. “Then the shepherds
heard of a sign that a baby will be found lying in

Surprisingly, the first people who heard the good news
there were ordinary people whose work was not held in high esteem by the Jews. Not the Pharisees –
the most righteous of the people, not kings, not nobles, but ordinary people,
waiting for the Savior and believing the Word of God.

In this, the meaning and essence of Christmas is clearly visible: to have faith, let it be with
mustard seed, so that you can get the requested. Christ
born to save us, not through our good deeds, but through faith.
Belief in what He is and rewarded to those who seek.

The faith of the shepherds had an effect. They hurried в Вифлеем и,
having found the Baby there, they bowed to Him, and, returning, they proclaimed
all about the wonderful event that happened at night.

Мудрецам с Востока выпала честь видеть новорожденного Jesus
May with sure to say that these people were looking for God. They studied
star luminaries, the laws of the universe. In everything they saw the Hand of the Creator
therefore, reading the scriptures, they believed in the coming of the Savior of the world and
waited for him.

The wise men saw a star in the East and followed her in search of the Infant.
for worship. It pleased God that they met with the king
By Herod Herod ordered the sorcerers to find out the time when he should
to be born Jesus, ostensibly to worship Him.

The wise was a revelation from God not to return to the ruler.
Herod turned out to be ridiculed and, angry, ordered the destruction of all
babies in Bethlehem and the surrounding area up to 2 years. Joseph, Mary and
The baby at this time was far from that place. In a dream, Joseph
received a revelation to flee to Egypt.

Crying and crying filled the earth. The first to suffer for Christ
there were nonsense children. It was about them that Christ said: “For such
there is the kingdom of heaven. “We are not capable of our limited mind
understand the ways of God. Therefore, we will be afraid to grumble.

The star led the Magi to the place of Christ’s birth. They brought him
precious gifts: gold, incense and myrrh. Gold is truly
a royal gift, a symbol of the fact that Christ is the King and God.

Fragrant resin – incense symbolizes the purity of the heart.
This gift was brought to Jesus as High Priest.

Smyrna is a type of the Perfect Sacrifice that Jesus brought for
sins of the world. This sacrifice is the Lord Himself.

Reflecting on this truth, the question arises: why do we
need a victim? The answer is given in Scripture: “Without shedding of blood
forgiveness. “As the physical world has its own laws, so there are
laws and in the spiritual world. This is one of them.

In Old Testament time, for his sin, man had to shed
animal blood. But she could not satisfy the holiness of God.
Then the Creator, in His love for fallen humanity, sent His
Son be born into this world, be crucified and rise again.

The essence of Christmas – came to die for human
sins. For us, for you and me, or instead of you and me. Conceived by the Spirit
Holy, according to the flesh – man, according to the spirit – God.

Tradition as an attempt to display the essence of Christmas

The official church and believers begin the holiday with a wait.
It is accepted to stick to the post. Waiting symbolizes spiritual

After this, the so-called approach of Christmas begins –
Christmas Eve when preparing a special dish. At this time it is supposed
prepare for confession and communion, tune in to the celebration

An indispensable attribute of celebration is a fir tree, symbolizing the eternal
the life bestowed in Christ, and the star as the decoration of the top
forest beauty, recalls the star of Bethlehem, which led
Magi to the Baby.

And finally, the gifts that we give to each other also help
remember the Christmas events when the wise men brought to their feet
Jesus gold, incense and myrrh.

Why know about the essence of Christmas?

Knowing the purpose of coming to this world of Christ is both necessary and important. Important
it is not easy to pass on traditions and rites to the future generation. Vital
it is necessary to convey to those who will be after us the true meaning
Christmas, encourage children to read and study the Bible, to seek truth,
ponder, notice in everything that surrounds us the hand of God.

The essence of Christmas – the good news

The main purpose of the birth of Jesus can be formulated

• to redeem us

• to restore or revive us

• to reconcile with God

Summarizing all the above, it is worth emphasizing that the essence
Christmas is good news. The news that sometime in this world
the Savior came, through whom access to God is still open, through
Whom we have the right to raise our gaze to heaven and say, “Father,
for Jesus forgive me and accept, and when my time comes, enter
me in your kingdom. “

How to convey the essence of Christmas to children?

On the eve of the holiday it is important to read the birth story to the baby
Jesus This is the main thing that needs to be done. Simple and easy to understand
рассматриванием картинок раскрыть значение Christmas

Some aspects that should be addressed

1. Many years before the Messiah was born about this event.
the prophets of the Old Testament prophesied.

2. Without the Perfect Sacrifice it became impossible to satisfy
the holiness of God.

3. Mary and Joseph were righteous people.

4. Due to the lack of a place in the hotel, Maria had to give birth in
among the sheep and the oxen, and, swaddled, put the Baby in
cattle feeder.

5. The Son of God was born in a wretched cave, and not in a palace, in order to
He could come the most “useless” man, the greatest sinner and
the poorest.

6. The first to hear the good news of the shepherds. They hurried
bow to the newborn because they believed.

7. Sages from the East searched and found. When looking for, always
you find.

In addition, you can create a special holiday atmosphere. Buy
pictures with the image of the Holy Chet, include Christmas
музыку, дать возможность посмотреть мультфильм о рождении Jesus
Все это поможет донести до ребенка суть Christmas

Rituals and rites are not as important as they are.
have awe and reverence for those who voluntarily come in
this world is for the atonement of sin. Now there is no need for each
your sin go and sacrifice an animal. Christ gave himself
so that we may, in the simplicity of the heart, if we have sinned, say:
“Lord, for the sake of your son, forgive me and give strength to act like
You teach. “

This is the essence of Christmas – the Savior gives clothes of righteousness
to everyone who wants it, who believes in His atoning sacrifice.
For each, Christ can be a personal Savior. If only very
want it.

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