What to do to lose weight at homeconditions?

Junk food (empty calories) and lack of movement are the reasons
formation of bulk reserves of cellulite and subcutaneous fat on the hips
in women, therefore, the main methods of combating undesirable
fat deposits in the thighs are nutritional adjustments
and exercise as well as an overall increase in motor

What to do to lose weight at home conditions?


  • Slimming Nutrition
  • Increased motor activity
  • 6 poses from yoga slimming hips
  • Effective thigh exercises
  • Exercises for weight loss problem areas of the hips
  • How to improve the shape of the hips in a week
  • How can a man lose weight in the hips?
  • Video: Top 5 best exercises for the hips and buttocks


Slimming Nutrition

Of course, there are no special products that helped.
would lose weight locally – precisely in the hips. But for successful deliverance
from the “ears” and “orange peel” power adjustment is required.
At a minimum, it is necessary once and for all to remove from the diet “food

  • fast food;
  • packaged juices;
  • sweet soda;
  • flakes;
  • crackers;
  • chips;
  • snacks and other “wonders” of the modern food industry.

The more processed a product is, the less it is edible.
a woman who wants to have a beautiful figure and healthy skin without
stretch marks and cellulite. All sorts of dyes, emulsifiers,
thickeners, anti-caking agents and other food components
industrial production just also lead to the stagnation of fluid and
lymph, pathological changes in the membranes of adipocytes and, as
consequence, to the appearance of unsightly fat deposits in the area

The following measures help improve the shape of the hips:
minimally processed products; inclusion in the diet of the rich
fiber of vegetables; selection of healthy fats; protein intake
products with a careful attitude to carbohydrates.

The fight against cellulite, which “occupies”, above all, precisely
hips, associated with normalization of lymph flow and excretion
excess fluid and toxins. For решения этих задач очень важно
consumption of pure water in sufficient quantities: 9-10 glasses per
day is an average rate.

Increased motor activity

The daily rate of movement (walking or running), below which
It is unhealthy to descend, – 5 km, optimally – 8-10 km. AT
Australia, for example, advises 12–15 km. Do not like to run or fast
to walk? Swim in the pool, dance, ride a bike –
just secure yourself daily physical activity which
will maintain at the proper level the blood flow intensity in
lower limbs, will not allow the lymph and fluid to stagnate.

Sitting in the workplace, you can also do imperceptible to
surrounding exercise:

  1. Strain in turn and together the buttocks at a slow pace, and
    then in fast. Alternate the rhythm, as if dancing in a chair.
  2. Tear off your heels from the floor, lightly hitting them on the floor on the back
    movement, and vice versa, raise your socks.

Regular performance of such “office” exercises is positive.
will affect your well-being, the state of the abdominal organs and
vessels of the lower extremities, will help to more effectively fight for
стройность thighs

6 poses from yoga slimming hips

Get yoga and slender hips will allow yoga, if you do
every day, and at least three times a week.


This is the posture of the chair, which also increases the flexibility

  1. ATстать прямо, стопы свести вместе.
  2. На вдохе поднять руки над головой или вытянуть forward.
  3. At the exit bend your knees to 90 degrees.

You can complicate the pose – get up on your toes or make a deep
squat ATыйти из нее необходимо спустя 30-60 секунд, причем дыша
deep and calm. Repeat about 3-4 times.

Поза в йоге - Utkatasana


This position has many variations. Imagine further technique
one of them:

  1. Lie on your back, place your hands along the body, stretch your legs
  2. Close your eyes and relax.
  3. ATдохнуть и поднять ноги перпендикулярно полу.
  4. Bend the knees so that they lean on the chest.
  5. Hands clasp your knees.
  6. After 5-7 seconds, raise the legs perpendicular to the floor and return
    to the starting position.

Поза в йоге - Pavanmuktasana

Ananda Balasana

Упражнение делается на коврике in the following way:

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. ATдохнуть, поднять ноги параллельно полу и согнуть в коленях
    along the hull.
  3. To clasp your toes, and the hands should be
    in front of the shins, and behind the feet to hold from the outside.
  4. ATыдохнуть и потянуть на себя стопы, максимально расслабляя
  5. Keep your knees apart so that your ankles are over

Поза в йоге- Ananda Balasana

After 3-4 seconds, return to the PI, relax and repeat
exercise several times.


This posture has several variations. Consider the first one:

  1. ATстать прямо, ноги на ширине плеч, а руки вытянуты вдоль
  2. ATыдохнуть и повернуть левую стопу на 90 градусов так, чтобы
    the sock looked to the left, and the right one – by 45 degrees.
  3. ATдохнуть и поднять руки над головой. You can keep them straight, and
    can connect palms.
  4. ATыдыхая, повернуть туловище в левую сторону на 90 градусов и
    bend your left leg to 90 degrees, bending over your body forward.
  5. Make 4-5 inputs-exhalations.
  6. Exhale, straightening the leg and returning to the PI.
  7. Do the same with your right foot.


Dog pose

It is also called the Adho Mukha Shvanasan pose. Performed
in the following way:

  1. Stand on your knees and palms lean on the floor, holding your back
  2. Inhale and exhale, raising your knees above the floor and straightening
  3. When the legs are fully stretched, the feet are fixed on
    floor, alternately lift your legs, pulling up and
    lingering in a taut pose for 3-4 breaths.

Dog pose в йоге

Utthita Parshvasahita

The exercise has the following technique:

  1. ATстать straight.
  2. Exhale by lifting the left foot in front of you.
  3. Inhale while grasping the thumb extended
  4. Rotate the raised leg 90 degrees.
  5. Turn the head to the right.
  6. Stay in position for 3-4 seconds and return to the PI.
  7. Повторить позу для правой legs.

Поза в йоге - Utthita Parshvasahita

Yoga perfectly strengthens the legs, removing excess fat from the thighs, so
Feel free to include in your workout exercises from the following

Effective thigh exercises

To legs become really slim and harmonious,
It is necessary to work out all the muscles of the thigh and the associated muscles.
buttocks, and problem areas to load further. The most
effective exercises for the lower body are
squats, thrusts and lunges. Already this trinity can be fully
load the hips.


  1. Squats классические. Work front and
    back of the thigh, buttocks. UE: standing, legs at a distance
    one and a half feet, socks slightly apart. Sit down to level
    parallels the hips with the floor. In this case, the projection of the knees cannot
    go beyond the socks, the back should remain straight, without
    excessive sagging in the waist, leaning forward is also impossible.
    To put on the proper squat technique, at first
    you can put your hands on the back of the chair in front of you and fix your gaze
    at one point at eye level while standing. On the go down
    inhale, on the rise exhale, crouch slowly.
  2. Squats «сумо». In this exercise
    involved the inner thighs. Sp: standing, legs much
    wider than shoulders, socks are separated to the sides more than with the classic
    exercise option. The rules for doing the same. At the same time knees in
    squat time looking forward to the side.
  3. Глубокие приседания. Can run as of
    classical position, and from the wide (“sumo”). Task: without losing
    proper body posture, sit as deep as possible, almost to
    touching the buttocks of the floor. In this case, all the muscles work as much as
    mobility of the hip joints is also developing.

О трех видах приседаний вы узнаете из следующего video:

Squats по мере увеличения тренированности нужно усложнять за
weighting account. You can squat with dumbbells or weight, and
the absence of sports equipment – just with a balloon of water.


Strictly speaking, traction are exercises for the back, but they
very well use the hips, especially the so-called
Romanian, which works great on the back surface.
Performed это упражнение из положения стоя на слегка согнутых
feet. Feet narrower than shoulder width, toes slightly apart.

Тяга штанги

Romanian traction can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, weight,
water bottles. Weighting moves along front
leg surfaces from a position just below the middle of the legs to the line
just above the middle of the thighs. The back should be straight without
pronounced lower back pain.

In fact, the Romanian without burdens is exercise good
morning Performed оно из того же ИП, но с руками в замке у
chest It is necessary to perform the maximum forward bend with
maintaining the position of the legs and body (usually this is parallel to
by the floor). A very effective exercise for the back of the thigh,
which can be performed anywhere and without inventory. Increasing
loads, exercise can be done with dumbbells:

Тяга с гантелями


On the effectiveness and feasibility of study of all muscle groups
thighs and buttocks with lunges no other

Lunges классические

PI: standing, legs together, hands can be kept in a lock at the chest or in
other comfortable position. Take a big step forward and sit down
so that the shin of the front leg is perpendicular to the floor, as
thigh back. The knee of the back leg almost touches the floor. Straight housing
and slightly tilted forward, the weight is evenly distributed on both

Классические выпады

Possible options for implementation:

  • After the first lunge, straighten the legs, but not
    return to the original position, but to do immediately approach
    one foot, then return to the PI, step forward with the other foot and
    perform an approach on her.
  • Every time to put a foot and step forward with the other foot,
    performing lunges alternately is a more difficult option.
  • When performing alternate attacks, step not forward, but
  • Pacing forward along the hall, room, walkway.
    on the street.

Lunges перекрестные («реверанс»):

  1. PI: the same as in the previous exercise.
  2. Step back and down and follow the squat
    Correct body position – do not turn around or bend over
    too much forward.

Cross lunge, like classic, can be done with

Перекрестные выпады

You can learn more about the features of performing attacks.

Exercises for weight loss problem areas of the hips

It is useful to have in your arsenal and exercises aimed
specifically for specific problem areas:

  1. Зашагивания на опору. For the front surface
    thighs. Technique: standing in front of the bench (height is selected
    on the physical abilities of the trainee), put on the bench
    leg, to rise almost to its full extension, the second leg with
    This casually put to the front and immediately begin to reverse
    movement down. You can perform first one foot, then the other
    or alternately. To complicate the exercises are used
  2. Подъем бедра. For the back surface.
    PI: standing with emphasis on hands and knees. Lift bent leg to
    parallel the hips to the floor and from this position perform movements
    hip up, as if pushing heel something in the direction of the ceiling.
    It is necessary to monitor the correct position of the back: it should
    stay straight and still. All movements are carried out only.
    due to the muscles of the thigh and buttocks.
  3. Боковые подъемы бедра. For external
    surface. PI: lying on its side with an emphasis on the elbow and forearm.
    Raise the straight upper leg without unfolding the body. Working leg
    must be tense, the movement is performed slowly with a maximum
    amplitude (but not at the expense of technology).
  4. Боковые перекрестные подъемы бедра. For
    внутренней surface. PI: the same as in the previous exercise,
    but the upper leg lies bent at a right angle in front of the body.
    To lift a straight lower leg without turning the body or pelvis.

20-minute workout for the inner thigh
представляется на video:

Также рекомендуем изучить советы, как похудеть в feet.

How to improve the shape of the hips in a week

For a week you can achieve results if you eat right,
perform the listed exercises and resort to the following


Every morning, as well as before training, do the following
sequence of massage movements:

  1. Rubbing the skin with palms to a feeling of pleasant warmth.
  2. Intensive hand massage or roller massager, better with
    the use of warming cream;
  3. Tapping the inner and outer thighs of the usual
    kitchen rolling pin. Special diligence is worth showing in the most problematic
    zones – on the so-called “ears”. It can be painful and what
    the more neglected the cellulite, the more intense the pain. But worth
    to suffer

Очень хороший эффект дает брашинг— массаж кожи
brush dry. Brush pick on your feelings: someone needs
tougher, and someone barely tolerates the softest nap. This procedure also
very useful for the skin – removes dead cells and activates

Massageная щетка для тела


Speed ​​loss in the hips is also possible with the help of
wraps. The procedure itself is performed as follows:

  1. On clean skin (preferably after scrubbing) apply
    warming, cosmetic or drainage mask.
  2. On top of the working composition body wrap cling film in
    several layers.
  3. Wrap yourself in a blanket or bathrobe and relax.
  4. After 20-60 minutes (depending on the composition) wrap off,
    take a warm shower, apply a nourishing cream.

For уменьшения объема бедер можно применить следующие

  • Дренажные составы на основе косметической
    clay – white or blue, as well as the mud of the Dead Sea: dry clay
    diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, you can add citrus
    essential oils, known for their anti-cellulite action.
  • Дренажно-питательная смесь на основе
    kelp: dry algae dilute with water, let them swell, while
    desire to enrich the composition with essential oils and clays.
  • Питательное медовое обертывание: жидкий мед и
    olive oil in a ratio of 2: 1, you can add citrus
  • Разогревающее обертывание (применять с
    caution and not more than 20 minutes to avoid burns): in
    previous recipe add a teaspoon of red pepper.


Warming up the body in the sauna increases the effectiveness of any activities
aimed at losing weight and improving appearance. Sauna is useful
to combine with massage, masks, rubbing:

  1. Prepare such a composition for peeling skin and removing excess
    liquids from tissues: finely ground salt and honey in a 1: 1 ratio
    plus juice of half a lemon.
  2. Rub pure, moist, pre-warmed skin
    problem areas (and best of all the body) right in the steam room.

After the procedure, sweating is activated, and then
toxins accumulated in cellulite fat cells.

How can a man lose weight in the hips?

The problem of full hips extremely rarely relevant to men.
– body structure and hormonal status suggest completely different
problem areas in men. More often,
there is a problem of general completeness, which is advisable to solve
power correction and motor activity mode.

In principle, any advice given in the article is relevant for
men. However, if abnormal fullness is present in
hips, it is worth referring to an endocrinologist to to exclude
hormonal diseases that could cause such

Video: Top 5 best exercises for the hips and buttocks

Simple and, at the same time, effective complex for study
In the next video, the hips are offered by a famous athlete and trainer.
Katya Usmanova:

So, there is nothing new in solving problems of excess volumes: wherever
no excess was localized, first of all, it is necessary to correct
nutrition, increase physical activity, and then bring the form to
perfect special exercises and procedures.

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