Why is Monday better not to give birth? Scientistsfound out which day of the week is best for giving birth

Пн, 23 янв 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Remember the famous song: what they don’t do, don’t go
affairs, apparently, on Monday their mother gave birth … But the author, however
strange, right: on Monday it is better not to be born. Pity that
we have no opportunity to choose which day is better
be born

British sociologists conducted an unusual study to
find out when to give birth. It turned out that the safety of childbirth
depends not only on the physical condition of the mother and child.
Of great importance for a successful outcome is the day of the week, in
which he began the generic process. We looked at the problem and
agreed with the scientists.

They would take Mondays and cancel!

Employees of the sociological services of Great Britain set out to
выяснить, есть ли прямая зависимость между благополучными
childbirth and day of the week.
And actually discovered her,
Having analyzed the statistics of safe and problem births, including
including tragic consequences.

The subject of the study was the history of pregnant patients,
enrolled in maternity homes for delivery. It was
studied as many as 1.5 million episodes.
the result of the colossal work sociologists have figured out when is better
give birth to.

Thus, the most optimal from the point of view of safety is recognized
the main part of the work week, that is, the days from Tuesday to evening
friday But the risk of death of the mother or child, as well as their
infection is highest on saturday sunday and

ATо всем виноваты принципы

The fact is that municipal hospitals work according to the same
the principle that conventional social security institutions
providing services to the public. Yes, yes, in Europe everything is exactly the same as
here in Russia! That is, doctors starting work week at
Monday, by Friday evening, for obvious reasons, get tired.
The psychological factor affects the attention to the received
mothers, and on the ability to correctly assess her condition.

Кроме того, в выходные дни в больницах и родильных домах
there are only doctors on duty.
They find themselves in
force majeure circumstances if the delivery is emergency or patient
too much. Accordingly, the quality of service is falling.

Не улучшает ситуацию и Monday. This is also not the day when
лучше give birth to. Scientists отметили, что эскулапы по понедельникам еще
are impressed by the sunday holiday and have a hard time
tuned to work. Yes, and patients over the weekend have accumulated,
need to inspect all. AT совокупности это также приводит к
problem childbirth.

By the way, sociologists at the University College in London and
Birmingham University Hospital studied
daily mortality statistics by day
. ATыясняется, что чаще всего пациенты тоже
умирают с пятницы по Monday.

AT общем, когда лучше рожать, понятно. News, frankly,
not good. Another question is what to do with the received data. Childbirth –
the process is uncontrollable, so ask the child to be born not in
Friday, and, say, on Wednesday or Thursday is impossible. The only thing,
what remains to hope is providence.

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