Why doesn’t protection work?

Sat, 05 Nov 2016

The twenty first century gave mankind a happy opportunity
decide independently whether the family will be large or limited
one or two children. It would seem – what could be easier?
Experiment, consult with experts and pick yourself
your own little defender.

Probably every woman heard popular in women’s forums,
Yes, and in real communication, horror stories – contrary to expectations,
protection has led to unwanted pregnancy. Among the ladies go
heated debate about which method of protection is the most reliable and
comfortable. Someone happy with the established spiral, someone gives
preference for barrier means and has enjoyed some many years
oral hormonal contraceptives. However, neither
one way that would not have been breathtaking
the story, having heard that, many anxiously clutch at the calendar –
But has the same incident happened to them? And the more of these
chilling stories, the faster the trust in the means falls
helping family planning. Why is contraceptive
drugs fail?

Surprisingly, most often the reason lies in the wrong
operation. At the same time, no woman recognizes her friend in
self-rashness – after all, universal literacy and higher
education seems incompatible with inability to read instructions


�”We always used condoms, and as a result we
Fedor was born “- familiar phrase? And now – attention. Hard at it
believe, but the number of men regularly using a condom,
begin sexual intercourse WITHOUT thereof, putting on a latex protector
almost before the end of intimacy. As a result, sperm,
in the lubricant released during the process, freely
rush to search for the egg. And who seeks, that, as is known,
will always find.

Hormonal drugs

�”I did not forget a single pill, but my Katya already goes to the first
class “. As a result, Katyusha was born? Undoubtedly each
the woman carefully read the dosage regimen;
hormones provide double protection, preventing ovulation and thickening
cervical mucus thus creates an additional barrier.
However, few people remember that some antibiotics and painkillers,
as well as any absorbents, reduce the effect of contraceptives, and vomiting
after taking the pill it is dangerous to lower hormone levels, because
active ingredient does not have time to digest. And do not try to convince
his body, nodding at an empty blister – his dose of hormones he does not

Candles, creams and gels

On the one hand, this is one of the most convenient protection options –
they do not affect weight or mood, but sensations, unlike
Condom use is much nicer. However for the pleasure
have to pay – it is these funds do not give the desired
one hundred percent protection, leaving five, or even more, percent
fertilization probabilities. The second enemy of the spermicides is the ordinary
soap. A woman can simply forget about his destructive properties.
protection, because the shower is the place where most of the actions
perfected to automatism and does not involve much thought.

PPA (Interrupted intercourse)

Did you know that a huge percentage of families consider this method
full protection, recruiting numerous supporters
compelling examples from your own experience? Funny but
The argument is years spent with a partner without unwanted
of pregnancy. However, one time is enough, because the fertile
period of a woman lasts 30 years or more.

Calendar method

Knowledge of anatomy helps. It’s not so difficult to calculate your
period, enjoying intimacy on safe days. The result of such
Mathematics was the birth of a baby? No wonder – the calendar
ovulation is designed for the average woman, and your
The egg cell is not obliged to go in order to please the statistics.

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