Why does vomiting occur during pregnancy?Safe folk recipes for getting rid of vomiting withof pregnancy

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The joy of waiting for the baby is often overshadowed by unpleasant
symptoms such as heaviness and bloating, back pain and
особенно часто встречаются при of pregnancy рвота и тошнота.

Often, doctors do not pay attention to them, explaining the future
mother, that this is normal, but it happens that vomiting
is a direct indication for hospitalization pregnant.

Рвота при of pregnancy — причины

Early toxicosis

Symptoms – weakness irritability, gradually increasing
nausea or vomiting as a sudden reaction to the look, taste, smell of food or
detergents. По сути, рвота в начале of pregnancy — реакция
hormonal changes, to get rid of which is quite

Vomiting is the most dangerous sign of early toxicosis, which
worth paying attention to. It is divided into 3 degrees of severity:

• up to 5 times per day – does not lead to a big loss

• from 5 to 10 times a day – pressure decreases, pulse quickens,
general condition worsens;

• more than 10 times a day – in addition to impaired pulse rates and
pressure, there is a sharp decrease in body weight, violations in
the mind of a pregnant woman, poorly cope with their kidney function, it is
the condition is dangerous for the woman and the fetus and requires immediate
doctor interventions.

Gestosis (late toxicosis)

If at the later period there is a heaviness and pain in the back of the head, nausea
and vomiting, leading to a general deterioration of health, it can
go about the severe stage of preeclampsia. All these violations are caused by
prolonged swelling and frequent pressure increases
accompany lighter stage of the disease. Gestosis is treated only
in stationary conditions.

Vegetative dystonia

An attack of the IRR often brings a lot of discomfort. Among
possible variants of the developing exacerbation of the IRR may appear
following symptoms:

• vomiting;

• sudden severe dizziness;

• the appearance of severe shortness of breath and sweating;

• heightened sense of fear.

ВСД довольно часто проявляет себя при of pregnancy, поскольку в
this time the nervous system of the woman and so is in a tense
condition, the load on it increases several times.
Anxiety, hormonal changes, physical changes, organs
Pregnant women are displaced under the pressure of the uterus – all this can be very
strongly affect the state of the vegetative system and disrupt it


A pregnant woman’s body is too sensitive to temperature.
environment, so especially in summer in hot weather it is easy

Signs of overheating in addition to nausea and vomiting include:

• weakness;

• cardiopalmus;

• headache;

• feeling of thirst;

• sometimes loss of consciousness.

Poisoning, upset digestive tract

During the 9 months that the pregnancy lasts, it is possible and
common food poisoning despite careful food choices
power supply. To distinguish the manifestations of toxicosis from poisoning
enough to know the symptoms that necessarily accompany the disorder
Gastrointestinal tract:

• nausea, vomiting;

• cutting pains in the intestine or stomach;

• diarrhea, bloating;

• possible dizziness.

Рвота при of pregnancy — последствия

Рвота во время of pregnancy — не просто неприятный симптом, она
dangerous to the health of the future mother and fetus.


The main danger lies in the dehydration of the body, therefore
whatever the causes of vomiting – it is necessary to fill
stocks of lost fluid. When worried about vomiting, drink
water is no easy task. To ease the state you need
try to drink water at least throat, but very often, literally
every few minutes. You can replenish lost fluid
plain water, mineral or special saline. With
vomiting, which lasts several days, can not do without an appointment
doctor of drugs to restore the water-salt balance.


If vomiting is so strong that the food hardly lingers in
process, which can destroy tissue from the inside, due to
nutritional deficiencies (ketosis). The accumulation of ketone bodies,
cells appearing in the process of decay leads to even greater
Toxication of the body and the circle closes.


In addition, frequent emetic urges strain the abdominal muscles, and
It means they can trigger the tone of the uterine wall. To remove
slight strain of the uterus after cessation of vomiting is enough
drink No-shpu or relax and breathe, slowly releasing the air
by mouth. If the muscle tone does not pass or there is pain in
stomach, it is better to consult a doctor for treatment.

Vomiting as a sign of disease

In the case when vomiting is one of the signs of aggravated
chronic or intestinal disease, should pay more
focus on these diseases. So, preeclampsia, for example, is terrible.
swelling and increased pressure, due to which begins to suffer
baby inside the womb.

Особенно опасна рвота bile It almost always means that
pregnant women develop acute illness requiring immediate
medical intervention (pancreatitis, appendicitis, etc.).

Vomiting during pregnancy – what to do

Due to the prevalence of nausea and vomiting with
pregnancy, in society, they are treated as
unpleasant, but normal.

At the first signs of nausea, do not be upset,
it is possible that vomiting in general will not come. However take
Some measures to prevent gagging are possible.

• Snack without getting out of bed. Often future moms
worried about vomiting on an empty stomach. Therefore facilitate
condition can be having an extra snack.

• Move less. Vomiting can cause sudden movements.
or excessive exercise, so even if
pregnant woman led an active lifestyle, but in the first
trimester feels an urgent need for rest;
refuse it. To the usual pastime will be
back closer to the second trimester when toxicosis is gradually
come to naught. The exception is being in the fresh air.
Expectant mothers are relieved by the state of being on the street, and in order not to
too tired, you can just sit in the park near your home
or where there is less noise and cars.

• Take vitamins. Noticed that women are not neglecting
medical advice and taking vitamins from the first days of pregnancy,
much less likely to suffer from nausea and vomiting.

• Eat right. Small portions, frequent meals,
high amounts of fiber and protein in food and rich in vitamins
food helps the pregnant woman to cope with new loads,
as well as provide the fetus with all the necessary substances for
proper formation of systems of internal organs.

• Avoid sharp odors and products that have become unpleasant.
to the taste. It is noticed that vomiting can cause the smell to be cooked.
food, especially fish, meat, mushrooms, etc., so if nausea
intensified cooking can temporarily take over
relatives, and pregnant is better at this time to walk in the fresh
the air.

When vomiting occurs, be sure to report this to your
gynecologist and in no case take antiemetic drugs
alone because they are not safe for the child. In cases
severe vomiting or its appearance in late pregnancy doctor
may prescribe inpatient treatment, during which with
droppers in the body of a pregnant woman will recover
water-salt balance and provide the necessary nutritional

Vomiting during pregnancy – folk remedies

Since during pregnancy it is practically impossible to use
Medicines, in the people there are recipes tested for
the experience of many generations of women who have gone the hard way
pregnancy complicated by vomiting.


Lemon или лимонная кислота — самое распространенное средство при
anti vomiting. Only 2-3 slices of lemon can return pregnant to
normal condition and relieve vomiting for a while.
In order not to overdo it and because of the constant use of this
means not to increase the acidity of the stomach, it is better to drink green tea
or plain water, in which a slice of lemon is added. Temperature
The liquid should be well warm, but not hot.

Ginger root

Ginger is known in folk medicine as an antiemetic.
To facilitate vomiting during pregnancy, you need to rub it on the small
grater peeled root and brew a full 3 tablespoons per cup
boiling water. This tea can be drunk in 10 sips.
or wait until cool.


Vomiting attacks can be relieved by unsweetened cranberry juice or
the juice. This berry has antiemetic properties, especially if
it gets worse on an empty stomach or vomiting occurs

Mint and lemon balm

Dry herbs are added to tea or brewed separately. Thanks
refreshing taste and aroma, they are able to relieve gagging and
give the opportunity to expectant mother to drink tea or eat.


If during pregnancy vomiting provokes a state of nervousness,
excitement or stress, it’s best to have a liquid ammonia on hand
alcohol. The inhalation of its vapor will stop the onset of nausea on the nervous
soil and calm the mind.

In addition, each pregnant woman has an individual set.
products that can ease nausea. It can be
potatoes, pasta, bread, milk, honey, tangerines, whatever,
the main thing is not to be afraid to try, because most often the feeling of hunger
only increases the suffering.

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