Why does a child have a head sweat during sleep?Should I worry if your child sweats heavily in his sleep.

Пт, 10 июл 2015 Автор: ANDрина Силенко
The head of a sleeping baby, wet from plentiful sweat, is not a phenomenon
rare and always alarming to parents. Perhaps it
Sign of a dangerous disease? Or the child is sweating in a dream just
because of the heat?

The first sweat may appear in crumbs in three or four weeks. Behind
the functioning of the sweat glands, as well as for many other things in the children’s
body, the nervous system responds. However, considering her
imperfection at such a young age, the child can often and
sweat hard enough. But do not think that everything is so
definitely – only in some cases mommy won’t worry
worth it, and sometimes you should sound the alarm. Let’s list the reasons
excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, which should not cause

A small child is sweating – causes not causing anxiety.

1. Banal re-entanglement. Young mothers are so often afraid
chill the newborn that not only dress him too
carefully, but also with a warm blanket on top cover. Required
monitor the air temperature in the nursery – she’s
ideally should not be more than 20 degrees. If temperature
not observed, it is stuffy and hot in the room, is it any wonder
quite normal reaction to the body of the baby. Often the child sweats during
sleep at night, which can also be due to excessive heat. If a
the child is sweating in his sleep, do not leave the window open at night,
in order to avoid a cold, but to properly ventilate the room
required. We must try to maintain the air temperature in
the limits of the recommended figures are 18–20 degrees, and the relative
humidity should not exceed 60%.

2. If a ребенок потеет после перенесенного заболевания, которое
proceeded with an increase in body temperature, there is no reason for excitement.
At a temperature the child’s body produces an increased amount of
sweat to prevent dangerous overheating and in time to withdraw
toxins. After recovery, normal sweating
recovering gradually, and in three or four days everything will come in
the norm.

3. Up to three years the child sweats even after small loads – according to
the end of too active games, he can become completely wet.
You need to calm the baby, change him into dry clothes, switch
for a more relaxed occupation.

4. Being agitated or too overexcited, baby too
covered in sweat. Most often in this case, the moisture appears on
neck and head.

5. Genetic heredity – if parents suffer
excessive sweating, the baby may well repeat their fate.

The general condition that a child sweats “not at risk” is
no peculiar smell.

Another reason that a child sweats while sleeping may be
serve allergies. Remember to use only natural
materials – this applies to both pajamas and bed linen.
Synthetic cushion or duvet baby blanket may well
cause an allergic reaction.

However, let’s consider the possible diseases in which
baby can sweat.

The child is sweating in a dream – perhaps it is rickets

One of the causes of increased sweating (especially during
sleep) can become rickets. His signs, which necessarily
Caring mother will pay attention, may appear already in 1-2
of the month:

– during sleep the face and hairs of the baby sweat profusely;

– Constipation becomes a common occurrence, and sweat appears even when
straining or any other minor stress;

– when the child sweats, sourish is clearly felt

– the acting sweat irritates gentle skin of the baby. Baby
trying to get rid of discomfort and rubs his head on
pillow The result is baldness in the head;

– baby’s sleep becomes restless and disturbing, he is able
wake up the light, and a quiet sound makes you start;

– appetite catastrophically worsens.

In this case, make the correct diagnosis and explain to mom,
why a child is sweating in a dream, only a doctor can. To avoid
the appearance of rickets should not deprive the crumb of long walks. After all
vitamin D, the lack of which leads to unpleasant
state, able to form only under the action of the sun. Not
it is worth forgetting about good nutrition, hardening, regular

The child is sweating – problems of the nervous system are possible.

Some signs indicate that the baby’s nervous system fails
which should alert parents:

– the child is sweating, sometimes quite heavily, without visible
the reasons;

– the smell of sweat – unpleasant and sharp;

– moisture acts only in some places – one can sweat
palm, forehead, upper back;

– the protruding sweat is plentiful and watery-liquid or, on the contrary,
too sticky and thick.

These signs – a serious reason for going to the doctor. AND
The visit should not be delayed.

The child is sweating – heredity may be to blame

There are a number of fairly dangerous hereditary diseases, one
of the signs of which, among others, is elevated
sweating. TO one of the most common applies
cystic fibrosis. The main feature of this disease is to change
qualitative composition of sweat – the content of chlorine and sodium in it
exceeds normal performance several times. That’s why when
the child is sweating, and mommy kisses him on her wet forehead, she
clearly felt the salty taste of baby skin. ANDногда на кожном
the cover can even see the smallest grains of salt. Other
hereditary disease is phenylketonuria. Feature
the disease is that when a child sweats, it is clearly felt
peculiar smell of mustiness.

If a потеет трехлетний ребенок – возможен лимфатический

In three to five years, a child may show lymphatic
diathesis. Doctors do not consider him a disease, so he does not require
some special treatment. After the baby’s organs mature,
manifestations of this state will pass. However, if the doctor
discovered that the child is sweating in a dream because of the presence
лимфатического diathesisа, мамочкам следует выполнять некоторые
regulations. Они помогут избежать заболеваний, вызываемых diathesisом:

– the baby needs daily baths, at least once a day.
week should be added to the water sea salt (one tablespoon
10 liters of water);

– should limit sweets;

– whenever possible, it is better to replace juices and water with fruits and vegetables
– This will help avoid the accumulation of fluid in the body of the child;

– отвар корня солодки – отличное средство при diathesisе.

Among other diseases in which the child sweats in his sleep
or in the afternoon, it should be noted:

– pathology of the cardiovascular system;

– tuberculosis;

– side effects after prolonged use of some

– overweight.

If a ваш ребенок потеет – советы мамам

Not стоит самостоятельно искать причину, если ребенок потеет, и
it gives him discomfort. It is best to turn to
a pediatrician who can find much faster and more efficiently
the source of the problem and help get rid of the discomfort. If a же вы
sure that the baby is not sweating due to illness, try
use uncomplicated advice.

– strictly monitor the temperature in the room. ANDспользование
the heater is extremely undesirable – the air will be too dry;

– excessively warm clothes are not necessary even for babies;
match the weather;

– daily bathing is necessary. Notсколько раз в месяц в водичку
you can add a decoction of the bark of oak, chamomile, series, sea salt;

– the menu of the child should not be spicy and salty
dishes, and sweets should be limited;

– perfectly strengthen the immune system and normalize the work of all systems
children’s body physiotherapy and massage.

Ребенок потеет – мнение доктора TOомаровского

The doctor draws the attention of parents to the following factors –
clothes, children’s room microclimate, bedding, availability
related complaints. If a в детской спальне прохладно и нормальная
moisture, synthetic materials are missing, and health complaints
not shown, then, according to the doctor, the child sweats in his sleep
due to the individual characteristics of the nervous system. ANDногда
excessive sweating passes, often in adolescence, and
sometimes lasts for life. However, pathology is a condition
neither is nor the danger to the baby.

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