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Many gardeners who like to grow strawberries on the site,
probably faced a problem when the plant is not

What to do in this case and what are the reasons?

Why the strawberry bed does not bloom

The reasons why planting strawberries do not give flowers

1. • Flowering does not occur if the bushes are planted
in the fall.

Strawberry time came, and in the garden there is no harvest? Cause
lies in too late planting berries. Conduct planting bushes
need in early August, but not later. At the end of the month the plant
lays new flower buds for next year’s harvest.
Late planting weakens bushes, and full-fledged buds do not
laid down. It’s a shame, but the year is missed. It remains to care for
plantings and wait for flowering next year.

2. • Improper planting bushes.

If the landing is still held in the spring, but there is still no flowering? it
talks about excessive deepening of the bush. Flowering and fruiting in
In this case, a long time does not come.

When planting strawberries need to properly position the bushes on
garden bed Ensure that the “hearts” are not covered with earth.

If the reason for the lack of flowering in the wrong planting, should
remove the soil from the bush, open the hearts.

3. • Excessive feeding.

Gardeners are trying to feed their strawberry plantings, but this is not
always benefits the plant. Do not abuse fertilizers.
with nitrogen content. In this case, the overfed plant is abundant.
grows greens, but is not going to bloom. Even if on separate
bushes flowers will appear, the berries are still not tied.

What to do in this case? To begin to understand that this season
there will be no harvest and help the plant lay flower buds.

Shorten or abolish feed dressing with
nitrogen content. In the summer, mow down all the leaves that will be taken from
a part of the nitrogen, and continue to water the strawberries. When will start
grow new rosettes of leaves, hold potash supplements with
adding ash. Strawberries grow good before frost
leaf mass, lays flower buds and is ready for wintering.

4. • Lack of nutrition.

How trite it sounds, but gardeners or overfeed
landing, or do not feed. If there is not enough food, then bushes,
who used to bloom and bear fruit, deplete their resources. Regularly
need to feed strawberries based on its stage of development.
You should not neglect top dressing, as a result the berries become shallow,
flowering stops and the plant degenerates.

Feed strawberries need to properly. From early spring
fertilizing is carried out with nitrogen fertilizers that help strawberries
build up a good leaf cover. Chicken infusion is often used.
litter or yeast. Yeast supplements are good for the root system.
plants and help to adapt faster after winter.

The second feeding must be done before flowering. For this
use complex mineral fertilizers that affect
the taste and size of the berries.

The third time you need to fertilize the planting after picking berries, when the old
foliage cut. Fertilizing is carried out with phosphate-potassium fertilizers and

Weather factors and flowering strawberries: why does not want to bloom

Strawberry plantings are quite capricious to the influences of external factors.
and weather conditions. Plants are demanding of the sun and heat, due to
whose shortages refuse to bloom.

1. • Freezing of the bush core in winter frosts.

Strawberry does not bloom because it has fallen under the frosts. In order to
this should be avoided well cover strawberry beds for the winter. AT
hay, straw, or fallen leaves can serve as shelter.
In winter, you need to make sure that the landings are always
enough snow. AT бесснежные зимы посадки укрывают агроволокном.
Shrubs that have frozen out need to be removed and replaced with new ones.

2. • Bad protection against return frost.

ATесна в полном разгаре и садоводы забывают о холодных ночах,
which are still in May. And gentle strawberry bushes, from which already
shelters removed, unable to endure night frosts.

Covering planting strawberries on cold nights is a must,
otherwise the summer resident risks losing the harvest. AT холодные весенние ночи
�The “hearts” of the bush freeze out, and flowering does not occur. If cold
fell on the flowering period, the flowers will fall off, and the berries will not
tied up. AT качестве укрывного материала можно применять:
agrofibre, spunbond, film or mulch planting with peat.

3. • Lack of sunlight.

Oddly enough, but the most delicious and juicy berries ripen on
the sun Strawberry loves the sun very much. AT тени деревьев или
shrubs she will not give flowers and berries.

For a good harvest, ensure the planting sunlight.
If possible, move the bed to a more lighted place, remove
tree branches.

Почему не хочет цвести Strawberry: вредители и болезни куста

Sometimes gardeners are just at a loss. Strawberry blooms but
the flowers dry out and fall off, the berries are not tied. Cause
lack of harvest lies in diseases and pests that
attacked the strawberry plantation.

1. • Strawberry weevil.

ATредитель поселяется на клубничных бутонах и повреждает их еще
before blooming. Pedicels fade and fall off.

To combat the pest in the fall remove all the remnants of the old
leaves, well loosen the ground between the rows. With the onset of spring
the bed is treated with the drug “Fitoverm”.

2. • Leaf spot.

The disease develops on strawberry leaves. Brown spots
cause the death of flower stalks. The peak of the disease falls just
for the flowering period of the bush. If last year the bed got sick, then
next harvest will be gone.

From early spring, как только сойдет снег, с грядки убирают все
remnants of foliage and debris. Handled planting Bordeaux liquid
before the start of leaf growth. AT период цветения опрыскивание

3. • Mealy dew.

The disease produces during the flowering period, affects the flower stalks.
Disturbed processes of pollination and fruit set. Berries have
unattractive appearance, there is a smell of fungus. Strawberry leaves
become purple with a mealy bloom.

Spraying is carried out before flowering and immediately after collection.
harvest. For processing take the copper sulfate and the drug “Topaz”.

Strawberry does not want to bloom: the causes can not be established

It so happens that all the rules of planting and farming practices
strawberries, but everything does not bloom. What can be and how with
to fight this?

1. • Natural aging of the bushes.

The reason for the lack of flowering often becomes aging
bushes. AT прошлые годы грядка цвела и плодила, но постепенно ягоды
grow smaller, and bloom comes less and less. it говорит о банальном
aging plantation.

Strawberry beds need rejuvenation every five
years old. If the bushes are much more, then rely on good
the harvest is not worth it. It’s time to rejuvenate the plants.

2. • The problem is in strawberry variety.

If flowering does not occur within a few years, and all
cultivation rules are met, then we can say that the variety
just not caught on the site. There are also weed varieties of strawberries,
which do not bloom at all. Acquired elite varieties refuse
blossom because they are too capricious and may not come to
site conditions. AT таком случае лучше приобрести подходящие для
Plot young plants that need to be selected based on the state
soil and climate.

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