Why are pregnancy tests wrong?

Tue, 03 Jun 2014

Delayed menstruation, nausea, drowsiness, weakness – symptoms,
which occur during pregnancy. Many women
noticing these signs, do not rush to a specialist. They run into
pharmacy and get the test, thinking that they will get reliable
result. However, you do not need to 100% trust this method.
definition of pregnancy. What pregnancy tests are there?
Why the result may be false? Let’s find the answers to
these questions.

Types of pregnancy tests

In modern pharmacies, you can see the following tests on
pregnancy intended to determine the occurrence
interesting position:

• strip tests;

• tablet;

• jet;

• electronic.

Using a strip test is a way to determine pregnancy,
characterized by simplicity and low cost. Similar pregnancy tests
are made of paper. They are treated with a special substance
which takes on color when it reacts with chorionic
gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced in the female
body only at the onset of an interesting situation.
Test strips are the very first tests to appear.
pregnancy. That is why they are considered less reliable.

Tablet pregnancy tests are issued in the form of plastic
boxes. They are better. There is a couple on the tests
windows. One of them is intended for urine. Just a few
drops for a result that will be shown in another
window tablet test.

Inkjet test – a method of determining pregnancy, having a mass
merits One advantage is ease of use, since
they can be substituted directly under a stream of urine. One more
The advantage of inkjet tests is high sensitivity. results
considered more reliable.

Electronic pregnancy test is similar to the tablet test. is he
Also available as a plastic box. Have electronic
теста есть цифровой дисплей, на котором высвечивается result.
Some models also show the number of weeks that have passed since
moment of conception.

Why the result of using a pregnancy test can be

Not always tests give reliable information. Result can
turn out to be wrong due to non-compliance with instructions, wrong
storage test or due to the fact that expired shelf life. However even
using quality pregnancy tests and performing
all conditions there is the likelihood of a false negative or
false positive result.

False negative result (a woman has become pregnant,
but the test did not confirm this) in most cases arises due to
the fact that the fair sex is too early
test. HCG begins to be produced only when the fetus
attached to the uterine wall. This does not happen immediately
after intercourse. Perform a test earlier than 2 weeks
after the merger of the egg and sperm, meaningless. Incorrect
the result may be in the following cases:

• there is a frozen pregnancy;

• diuretic drugs were used;

• there is a threat of miscarriage;

• a lot of liquid was drunk;

• there are diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys.

False positive result (an interesting situation has come, and
the test indicates the opposite) is observed in cases where
The woman takes the medication, in the composition
who have hCG. During treatment, testing does not have
meaning. After the last dose of the drug should pass at least
10-12 days. Tests “cheat” and in the presence of tumors. Besides,
a positive result may be after abortion on
2-3 weeks or when other blood levels are high
hormones similar in structure to hCG.

How to avoid an incorrect pregnancy test result?

To reduce the chance of getting the wrong result,
necessary when buying a pregnancy test to pay attention to
its shelf life and packaging integrity. The principle of action of all
The tests are almost the same. Despite this, the instruction is still
need to read and strictly follow all instructions.

You can determine the occurrence of pregnancy at any time of the day.
Experts also recommend taking only the morning portion of urine for
conducting the test, as in it the level of hCG is maximum. Before
use should not consume a lot of liquid and avoid
use of drugs that increase urine excretion from
organism. To get the result, the pregnancy test is omitted.
in a tank with a biological fluid for a short period of time
or is substituted by a stream of urine. The result can be seen
usually in a few minutes.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the tests should not replace the visit
to a specialist. To come to the gynecologist in any case necessary. Behind
a positive result may be hiding a serious illness.
You also need to remember that the test can detect pregnancy, but it does not
will show whether it is uterine or ectopic.

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