Who can be godparents, and who can not. What doeschurch: can be a godfather, ex-husband, sister orbrother

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Baptism is the most significant event in the life of every Orthodox
person And of course, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing
godparents. After all, they are second parents, and play an important
роль в жизни person There are a lot about godparents.
superstitions. And many wonder: who can be godparents, and
who is not. Let’s try to answer the most frequently asked questions at
this topic.

Can children be godparents?

According to church rules, children from the age of seven already bear
full responsibility for their actions. They are no longer allowed to
Communion without confession. Therefore, if the child is enough
churched, he can become a godfather. But, choosing in godparents
baby, think carefully. The godmother or father should
to raise his godson in the Orthodox faith, and the child is also
he himself only comprehends the basics of orthodoxy. Still better at godparents
выbrotherь взрослого, состоявшегося person After all, if with blood
parents of the child something happens a minor is not
will be able to take responsibility for the godson. If all of you
when they decided to take a minor to the godmother’s church, it is better that
it was a child over the age of 15.

Can there be one godfather?

There are situations when christening is already appointed, with the priest
agreed and guests are invited, but one of the godparents cannot
attend baptism. Or you could not find the second
receptive How to be in this situation? Church permits
baptism with one godfather. The second can be written in absentia in
certificate of baptism. But there is one important point. With
girl’s baptism, the godmother must be present, and for
male baby – godfather. During the sacrament, the godfather
(same sex with the child) will be pronounced a vow from the face of the baby
the renunciation of Satan and union with Christ, and also the Symbol

Can a sister be a godmother?

If the sister is a believer, an Orthodox person, she can become
godmother. But it is desirable that the godmother was already enough
an adult, because she will have to bear the responsibility not
only for himself, but also for the godson. Many who have adults
sisters, take them to the godparents. After all, no one will take care of
godson, as a native person.

Can ex-husband be godfather?

It is rather a moral issue. If you and your ex-husband have survived
great friendships and he does not have to be his own father
your child, he can become a godfather. But if your ex-husband
the child’s birth father, he cannot be a recipient, since
native parents cannot be receivers of their child. Well
again, the godfather becomes almost a relative, therefore
discuss with your current husband if he will not be against your
such a close relationship with a former spouse.

Can there be godfather godfather?

The godfather’s wife cannot be a successor when it comes to
same baby, as the church forbids spouses to be
receivers of one child. During the sacrament they gain
spiritual connection, which means there can be no intimate

Может ли brother быть крестным?

Родной или двоюродный brother может стать крестным. Church not
forbids close relatives to be godparents. Exception to
are only the parents of the child. Бабушки, brotherья, тети и дяди
may be godparents. The main thing that these people were Orthodox
baptized and responsible in their duties
godparents. That is, to teach a child the basics of Orthodoxy and
bring up his believer, honest and decent man.

Can there be godparents husband and wife?

Woman and man become spiritual during baptism
relatives, and therefore can not be married. Because
marriage implies physical intimacy, which cannot be between
spiritual parents.

If godfather and godfather are spouses, they are forbidden
to participate in the sacrament of the baptism of one child. Moreover, man
and a woman cannot baptize one child if they only
plan to marry. If they do become godparents of one
baby, they will have to give up close relationships, in favor of
bringing up the godson.

A husband and wife can baptize children from the same family. Man can
become the godfather of one child, and the wife of the godmother of another

If a husband and wife unknowingly became the receivers of one child,
супругам нужно оbrotherиться к правящему архиерею. From the current
situations, as a rule, there are two ways out: marriage recognition
invalid or spouses will be assigned epithymy for perfect by
ignorance of sin.

Who definitely can not be a receiver?

Перед тем как выbrotherь восприемников для своего малыша,
нужно знать, кого церковь однозначно запрещает brotherь в

– the blood parents of the child;

– spouses;

– not baptized and atheists;

– people of another religion;

– monks;

– mentally retarded people;

– sectarians.

The choice of godparents is a very important moment. And here you need
be guided primarily by the interests of the child, and not by their
own. Often the best friends or
�”Necessary” people, not really delving into how a person church is.

If you want your child raised in the Orthodox
faith, choose only believers who know prayers and
attend church services regularly. If people do not attend the temple and
believe, as they say from time to time, a large
doubt in the seriousness of the sacrament and its duties.

It often happens that people’s paths diverge and the godparent cannot
to take part in the education of the godson. But he still carries
responsibility for this child, so the receiver must all
life to pray for a godchild or goddaughter.

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