Where, how and how much to store strawberries in the homeconditions? Secrets of long storage of strawberries in the homeconditions

Ср, 22 июн 2016 Автор: Елена Саблина

Strawberry – the most tender berry which pleases us in the summer.

It is not only tasty and fragrant, but also very useful.

Many vitamins, essential microelements, and also a great way
cheer up However, strawberry is rather perishable.

Как сохранить ее в домашних conditions?

Where and how long can you keep strawberries at home?

So that it does not deteriorate and retains its maximum
useful properties, taste, appearance.

Где хранить клубнику в домашних conditions

Strawberries are about 80% liquid, which is not
contributes to its long-term storage. It is easily wrinkled and
deforms even with a weak impact. In addition, the berry due
its protruding seeds and pores may contain dust, particles
dirt that can cause rot. Therefore, to storage
strawberries need to be treated very responsibly.

Прежде чем рассказать где хранить клубнику в домашних conditions,
It should be noted where it can not be exactly stored:

  • indoors at room temperature and above – the berry is fast
    can ferment or become moldy
  • in the metal not enameled ware – the acids which are contained
    in strawberries, can react with metal
  • in tightly closed containers – evaporation of liquid from berries can
    lead to rapid mold growth.

Где клубнику можно хранить в домашних conditions? rules

a) in a cool place, ideally – in a refrigerator at a temperature not higher than
6 degrees above zero

b) in plastic, glass or in the extreme case of enameled

c) loosely closed – it is best to cover the vessel with a cloth or
paper to ensure breathability.

This applies to storage in the normal refrigerator compartment. but
клубнику можно хранить в домашних conditions и в морозильной камере.
The third option is storing strawberries with sugar. Options in
freezer and / or sprinkled with sugar are designed for more
длительное хранение ягоды в домашних conditions.

Как хранить клубнику в домашних conditions

Как бы вы ни решили хранить клубнику в домашних conditions, ее
Be sure to prepare for storage. It touches like berries,
grown on their own beds, and purchased from private individuals
or in the store.

The preparation process is as follows:

  • if you pick strawberries yourself, it’s best to do this when she
  • go through all the berries one by one, looking from all sides
  • even a little spoiled strawberries need to be removed – not only that
    they will spoil themselves, they will also “infect” their neighbors

crumpled and damaged berries are also rejected – they can
eat, cook from them jam, compote, put in a pie

  • tails do not need to break off
  • take storage of berries full maturity; overripe or
    the immature are no good
  • in no case before storing strawberries at home
    conditions, ее не нужно мыть!

Next, we act depending on what type of storage

If you want the strawberries to last a few days, put
her in a glass or plastic dish. Ideally, the berries are not
touched each other. but при значительных объемах этого
to achieve unreal. Then you need to shift the berries
as carefully as possible so as not to damage or bruise.

One of the excellent options for storing strawberries –
colander or sieve. Berries “breathe” through the pores. But large portions in
such capacity is not necessary to put.

Dish with berries tightly closed can not be, but you need to cover. For
lightweight gauze, kitchen linen
a napkin, a non-thick towel or a paper circle.

Одно из правил того, как хранить клубнику в домашних conditions —
be sure to revise the berries after a while. Fine times
per day or at least every other day. Gently grab the berries,
revealing spoiled, crumpled, overripe. Remove them from the total

If you decide to store the berries in frozen form, then they need
spread out on a flat surface so that they do not touch each other
friend Then place in the freezer compartment. After an hour or two berries
must completely freeze. They must be carefully shifted to
package or plastic container and send again in the freezer.
A berry frozen in this way does not freeze into a single mass. With
If you wish, you can take as much as you need.

but такое хранение требует определенного места, ведь
individually frozen berries, poured together, have gaps
between each other. If you plan on eating berries without
preserve their integrity, for example, in jelly or for the filling
pie, strawberries can be cut into slices or mashed. Then
freeze the required portions.

Третий способ как хранить клубнику в домашних conditions — с
sugar. For этого дары сада, подготовленные надлежащим образом,
you need to gently rinse, dry on a napkin or towel and
grind. A blender will fit, just a spoon. Mashed
strawberries mixed with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.5. Spread out on the net
containers, close, put in the fridge. With необходимости
get and eat as jam – all vitamins saved here
as well as use in various dishes, drinks.

If you do not need as much sugar, then its amount is reduced, but
then it is better to put strawberries in the freezer or use them for
the coming weeks.

Сколько хранить клубнику в домашних conditions

An important question is not only where, how, but how much to store strawberries
в домашних conditions. Especially when you consider that strawberries are often
designed to be eaten by children who have
relatively weak gastrointestinal tract. It is very important that
for their nutrition the berry was completely safe and maximum
useful. For этого надо учесть, что срок хранения свежей клубники
pretty not great.

Сколько хранить клубнику в домашних conditions – напрямую связано
with storage temperature. With комнатной температуре сохранять ягоду
more than half a day is not worth it. And then, provided that all she
high quality and not damaged.

In the refrigerator strawberries can be stored:

• при температуре от 3 до 6 degrees above zero — в течение трех
days subject to compliance with the rules of storage, namely: plastic
or glassware, properly prepared strawberries, loosely
covered up

• at a temperature from 0 to 2-3 degrees above zero – for
five days subject to all rules of preparation and storage of berries, and
also periodically inspecting them for damage and removal of crumpled ones,
rotted, moldy, overripe specimens

• при температуре ниже нуля в conditions морозильной камеры — в
during the year, if the berry was properly prepared, frozen and
соблюдаются все conditions хранения, не допускается размораживание
finished product

• crumpled berries, sprinkled with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.5 in
закрытой tare в обычном холодильнике — в течение одного года, если
соблюдается температурный режим не более 6 degrees above zero

• crumpled berries, sprinkled with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1,
закрытой tare на полках холодильника с температурой не более 6
degrees above zero for two to three months.

The golden rule of fresh strawberries is to acquire it
the amount that can be eaten per day.

Withчина этого в быстрой порче данного продукта. If by
for some reason there were more berries than you need, you know where,
как и сколько можно хранить клубнику в домашних conditions.

With нарушении какого-то правила хранения поступайте просто —
expose the berry to culinary, getting tasty jam,
jam, compote It is better not to risk your health and not to store berries
longer than normal.

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