Where does this behavior come from?

Where does this behavior come from?
Thu, May 15, 2014

At some point, you began to notice that your child,
returning from school is expressed in inappropriate words and behaves
unusual? This can be understood: most often, it is a sign of adaptation to
new team. In this situation, you should help the child.
learn to distinguish the good from the bad and properly navigate
among classmates.

It is more difficult for children who did not go to kindergarten to join
team, rather than those who visited him. Such children do not know
how to behave in a large team and to somehow adapt,
they start borrowing someone’s demeanor.

From kindergarten kids grab nagging and teasing, at school the same
New and interesting for them is often boasting and
foul language. We will understand these interests in more detail.


Often, children can be told that dad is cool
a businessman who will give him a cool mobile, a car or even a villa
on islands. In class, it helps to stand out from the rest. Even
if a child doesn’t have a cool phone, for others he should
be. If dad is a simple worker, he won’t say that, but come up with
a story about a dad businessman or president. What should parents do
such a situation? First, do not scold the child. By age
he can not stand out differently and therefore begins to invent
fiction It should teach the child to allocate themselves. Discuss
with him what he can do is brilliant: to play football, to teach
poems, sing songs, draw, dance. Let him learn to praise himself.
really existing things.

Foul language

Often children begin to be obscene, repeating
someone like parrots. But they just don’t understand what to repeat.
not always good Not distinguishing obscene vocabulary from censorship, they
boldly use bad words and expressions. However, if the child
say “no” and not explain why, he will do in his own way.
Therefore, you should talk to your child seriously and explain what
different words are good from bad. Better yet, if you don’t
use obscene language yourself. After all, parents are the most
the main example for a child. And if you use
obscene expressions, the child will not accept your conversation and
will continue to use the same bad words.

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