Where do the caterpillars on the apple tree come from: descriptionpest with a photo. The most effective methods of dealing with caterpillars onapple tree

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На apple tree живет несколько разновидностей гусениц, которые
feed on all parts of the tree, causing serious harm. Look like
pests in different ways, but the methods of dealing with them are reduced to
prevention, timely care and spraying.

Fighting a leaf-maker: what and when to spray from the caterpillars on
apple tree

A sheet worm is a green voracious caterpillar. She is
wrapped in leaves of a plant, pupated and transformed into
a butterfly It feeds mainly on leaves and buds, sometimes hurts
fruit. Caterpillars live one by one.

Butterfly moths do no harm to the tree. However, one individual
lays up to 60 eggs per season, out of which in two weeks
caterpillars. Most often moth infects young trees. Leaves
it looks like a straw. The more leaves affected, the more
worse photosynthesis.

Biological preparations from the leaflet

The fight against these parasites is carried out in several directions.
If the defeat is not large yet, then the leaf-maker can be collected in
manual or trapped. Caterpillar loves apple juice, which
poured into glass containers and hung in a tree. Smell
will attract the pest and in a few days the caterpillars will slip into
trap, it remains only to remove them.

Treating an apple tree from caterpillars in several stages.

• In early spring, the old tree bark is being cleaned, the soil and the trunk
process with biological preparations like “Endobacterin”.

• During the flowering of apple trees, they are processed by a flyerm.
The solution is prepared from 1 l of water and 2 ml of the preparation. Spraying
hold in cloudy weather.

Treatments are repeated every 14 days, as biological
drugs quickly lose their properties.

Химические средства защиты от гусениц на apple tree

Among the chemical protection of wood against pests are the most popular.
following drugs:

• Bordeaux liquid 3%. Processing is carried out before blooming
foliage. 300 g of vitriol and 400 g are used per tree.
to lime.

• Sevin. The solution is effective from larvae, eggs and adults.
Prepared from 200 grams of clay, 500 grams of copper sulfate, 2.5 kg of quicklime
lime and 10 liters of water.

• Decis. An insecticide that does not penetrate the fruit, but is absorbed
only in the sap of a tree. The caterpillar eats its leaf and
dies. Holds up to 14 days, not washed off by rain.

• Landing. The drug is an instant action, penetrates the leaf.
The pest dies immediately, acts on the cocoons and larvae.

• Malathion. The caterpillars die as soon as they eat a leaf or
upon contact with the drug.

Spraying with chemicals is carried out only with strong
defeat a tree, the last treatment must be no later than 15
days before harvest.

Folk ways to deal with the leaflet

Experienced gardeners recommend folk preparations to combat
гусеницами на apple tree, которые не менее эффективны.

• Chamomile tea. Chamomile flowers 150 g pour 10 liters of warm water
Insist for 24 hours, strain and add 60 grams of grated
laundry soap.

• Infusion of wormwood. Fresh grass 500 g pour a bucket of warm water
insist for a day. Then infusion bring to a boil and
cook for 30 minutes, strain and add soap for
sticking. Spraying is carried out once a week.

• Infusion of tomato tops. Fresh tops of 4 kg pour a bucket
water, add soap and cook for 30 minutes. Cool and
strain, spray once a week after flowering
apple trees.

To reduce the number of pests in the garden, do not neglect
prevention. In the fall, remove all plant debris, as in
they may be eggs and larvae of caterpillars. Leaves с дерева оборвите,
Treat the crown, stem and soil with protective agents.

Гусеница плодожорка на apple tree: борьба с опасным вредителем

Moth – a dangerous pest that affects not only
apple tree, but also other stone fruit cultures. You can recognize the caterpillar
in its characteristic white color, the body of the pest is translucent.
It feeds on the fruits of the tree and its seeds, which leads to fruit
the rot. Adults feed on young shoots of a tree, gnawing
in them moves. Gradually, the branch dries and disappears. Fight against
moth begin immediately after flowering.

Overwinter in tree bark or soil, spring comes out
and at the end of flowering the apple tree lays its eggs in the ovary or on the top
parts of the leaves.

Processing is carried out several times per season, late varieties
sprayed three times. In the fight against this kind of caterpillars folk remedies
ineffective. Spraying делают раствором хлорофоса или

As a preventive measure, they dig up the tree trunk in the autumn.
tree, the soil is treated with suitable preparations. Spring tree
process before bud break and larvae exit. To this end
apply bluestone, Bordeaux liquid, urea.

Silkworm: photos and descriptions, control measures

Черные мохнатые гусеницы на apple tree — это шелкопряд. Eggs
silkworm can be detected from the bottom of the leaf. Appearance of these
caterpillars threaten viral diseases of the tree, so treat
apple complex drugs.

Before you poison the silkworm, remember that the pest is fast
adapts, drugs should be changed frequently.

• Nitrofen is used before bud break;

• before flowering process karbofos, zolone or

• After collecting the fruit, sprayed with chlorophos.

Timely pruning helps as a preventative measure.
tree, which is carried out before the growing season, as well as whitewashing
trunks with skeletal branches. Process in time and
clean the wounds on the tree, cover up the cracks and hollows, it will reduce
number of wintering pests.

Winter moth: photo and description of the caterpillar, how to fight on
apple tree

The caterpillars of the winter moth have a yellowish-green color. They
easily hiding in the young leaves of the apple tree, fastening them with cobwebs.
It feeds on the pest leaves. Butterflies of the winter moth do not have
wings, they crawl on the tree and lay the larvae, usually
it happens after leaf fall.

spraying karbofos or
chlorophos. In the fall, a solution of nitrophene is used.

Treating Apple Trees from Caterpillars: General Recommendations

Spraying деревьев проводят несколько раз за сезон:

• before bud break;

• on the green cone;

• in the pink bud phase;

• after harvest.

For processing, it is better to choose a windless day, spray at
temperature not lower than 10 ° С. At lower temperatures, pests
hiding in the cobweb, where insecticides do not reach.

After the treatment of pests will not be superfluous
spraying systemic drugs against diseases. Caterpillars like
and other pests are carriers of many diseases
apple trees.

For pest control, do not forget to use folk
tools that are available to every gardener. With a strong defeat
use chemical solutions.

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