When, why and how to cut strawberries: the ruleshaircuts berry bushes. Is it possible not to cut strawberries – thatwill be?

Ср, 15 июн 2016 Автор: Надежда Маевская

Strawberry is one of the most delicious and beautiful summer berries.

However, she is fastidious enough to take care of and to
get high yields of this crop, you must comply
several important rules in the process of growing.

Why prune strawberries?

Strawberry pruning means removing all leaves from
berries in early august or its middle so that all energy
went to strengthen the roots.

To consensus about whether to cut the strawberries, gardeners so
and did not come. Someone claims that it will create the necessary
the amount of stress for the bushes, which in turn will only go
to benefit and increase the yield of berries. For others,
intervening in the natural cycle will not lead to anything good and
it is better to refrain from this procedure. One way or another, decide for
which side to join, by experimental method:
leave the strawberries in one row with the leaves, and the berries in the other –
cut it off. After which the result will be obvious.

Cut the strawberries should be seen if signs are visible.
berry diseases. Three weeks after fruiting the leaves
need to remove. After that, disinfect the berry and pour it.
mineral or organic fertilizers.

In general, in pruning strawberries can be identified several major
�”pros and cons”. You can build on them, but better, of course,
check each of the methods on your own harvest to come to
the most objective decision.

Arguments for strawberry pruning

Thanks to pruning strawberries is rapidly strengthening
roots. This has its own explanation: losing the stem, all useful
substances and trace elements rush into the root system, saturating
her vitamins and helping to develop.

Pruning strawberries helps get rid of pests that
inhabit sick leaves and branches.

After about two months after the start of flowering the leaves of the berry
change color, covered with strange, unnatural spots. Is not
which is nothing but evidence of the presence of diseases in strawberries. AT
In this case, you should immediately cut the leaves, thereby
preventing the spread of sores.

Many gardeners claim that after pruning strawberries
becomes more resistant to frost. The statement is very
doubtful, but this opinion has the right to exist.

Arguments “against” strawberry trimming

Since it is in the autumn period, the budding of the kidneys occurs,
from which the harvest is formed in spring, it is likely that
pruned strawberries will be damaged by generative and vegetative
the kidneys. This, in turn, will cause a meager harvest.

There is an opinion that the stress that occurs when cutting berries,
will lead to slower growth of strawberries and late formation

After pruning strawberries all the pests that live on the berries,
fall down onto the ground and then climb onto the newly grown

With the help of the leaves, an important process occurs – photosynthesis,
thanks to which the plants breathe. Removing leaves, strawberries like
partial access to oxygen is blocked.

When to cut strawberries?

AT данном вопросе единое мнение так же отсутствует. Some gardeners
claim that the most optimal time for pruning leaves is after
June 20, others consider spring the most appropriate time of year
someone says with confidence that the procedure must be performed
only in the fall. Consider each of the times in

According to experienced gardeners, pruning leaves in the summer after June 20,
the natural cycle is not disturbed, and the result will be very tangible. AT
the best side, of course. ATыбрать нужно теплый и сухой день,
morning or evening time of day.

Someone argues that the most favorable period for
strawberry pruning is spring and, having performed the procedure exactly at this
time of year, gardeners will get the most bountiful harvest.

The most dangerous time for pruning leaves is considered to be
autumn. AT это время года происходит формирование вегетативных и
generative kidneys and you can easily disrupt their growth by cutting off

After cutting the strawberries need to make some important
procedures. AT обязательном порядке подрыхлите почву, полейте ее
a solution of potassium permanganate and fill with insulation, in which quality
good ash. Do not forget to feed the berry
mineral or organic fertilizers.

When do strawberries trim a mustache and do you need to do this?

ATне зависимости от сорта клубники на ягоде обязательно появятся
mustache. By this word is meant the long processes that open.
all sides of the bush and devoid of leaves. Before going to
the question of when to trim a mustache should be clarified for yourself – and
Is it worth doing?

AT данном вопросе садоводы со всего мира, наконец, пришли к
common opinion: you need to trim the strawberry mustache on mandatory
okay In no case do not bring the berry to the state when the whole
it literally “sinks” in the processes – in this case, abundant
crop can feel free to forget. Leave them only if
It is necessary to obtain new seedlings of the berries of the same variety. AT данном
case should be left mustache, located first from the bush.

If you still need to trim the mustache, when will it be done? Mustache
the berries appear at the very beginning of its flowering. Some gardeners
prefer to prune the processes immediately, as they grow, others
wait for the whiskers to appear on each strawberry and do it in one
an approach. There is no defined time limit for pruning: you can
perform the procedure in the twenties of July or earlier, and
in the fall. However, many gardeners recommend performing the procedure
in the summer, since it was during this period, after trimming the mustache, strawberries
faster overgrowth necessary greens. The main thing is that by winter the whiskers
strawberries were already cut and managed to grow shoots. For trimming
Choose a dry, windless day, in the morning or late in the evening.
Rainy or, on the contrary, too sunny, the weather does not fit.

It is best to refrain from directly pulling out the whiskers –
they are quite strong and, tearing processes, can be easily damaged
the bush itself. ATместо этого вооружитесь сектором или максимально острыми
scissors and carry out the necessary procedure.

Collect the mustache in one big bundle and cut them. However do
this is not needed at the root. It is best to leave the stalk,
about 8-10 cm long – in this way, the so-called
�”Point of growth” of the bush, due to which at the end of the season will grow
a bountiful harvest.

Do not think that you will cut the mustache once and this can be finished.
Scions continue to appear and repeat the procedure will have
several times per season. Forget about pruning is not worth it, because, in
Otherwise, strawberries will spend all their strength on the formation
whiskers, forgetting about strengthening the root system and laying the floral
buds that lead to a poor harvest. Moreover, for strawberries,
which “sinks” in the processes, it is much more difficult to care.

After completing the mustache trimming process the bushes
special means of disease and protection from pests,
having a kind of disinfection. Then pour the ground around
strawberry insulation. AT качестве него good ash. After
these procedures continue to care for the berry, water it until
appearance of leaves. Some gardeners после обрезки усов
It is recommended to loosen the topsoil regularly, which, according to their
will make the berry frost-resistant and lead at the end of the season to
abundant harvest.


How to cut the strawberries, without hurting her?

Some gardeners боятся притронуться к кусту ягоды, считая,
that in one awkward movement they break the natural cycle of the plant and
hurt him. However, in reality, everything is much simpler and
following some rules, strawberry pruning will be easy and

The first thing you need to remove the stems, frozen over the winter, so
no sense of them anymore. This can be done with a pruner,
scissors or just a hand. Then find the damaged ones on the berry.
or even partially damaged, leaves and boldly get rid of them.
This should be done immediately – these areas require themselves
many nutrients that young shoots need
a lot more.

After того, как все ненужное с клубники срезано, нужно тщательно
loosen the soil to give air to the bushes and then
pour the berries. It will not be superfluous to use fertilizers that
can be easily purchased at the store.

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