How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth? Usefultips for young mothers: we bring the belly after birth in order -quickly!

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Such a problem interests absolutely all women who recently
They became mothers, just recently, only 9 months ago, they
were slender or “a little more”, and now their tum is not such
flat as they would like.

Nothing is impossible in solving complex problems, the main thing is
arm yourself with patience and diligence. We will try to figure out
what you need to do to get back in your usual form and not look
on themselves, as on a stranger with a familiar face.

How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth? All sorts of what’s what
and why…

It is no secret that the distinctive feature of all women is to please as
can more people (and this is not necessarily only
men). It’s so nice to know that the waist is thinner and legs
longer and hair thicker than a friend.

Beauty is the main weapon of the fair sex. But
simultaneously with the desire to impress every woman
burning instinct of motherhood. Everyone wants to realize themselves in life,
giving life to your child. And here is a collision.
interests, because thanks to pregnancy the figure comes in
�”Illiquid” state.

Light girlish forms are lost, as well as sensual curves and
smooth lines. And from this you can not escape: to continue
ancestral life they give life to descendants.

But после появления на свет карапуза одной из главных проблем в
this period in all pregnant women is the solution to the problem of how
get rid of the belly after childbirth? It is the belly that is much larger than
the rest of the body feels all possible consequences
baby’s birth

In order not to lose heart, you must immediately give yourself the installation that
everything will work out, everything is on the shoulder. The positive attitude in this period is very
important for a young mommy.

How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth: extra pounds in
help baby

Almost all young (not on passport data) mommies
strive to quickly become the same as they used to see themselves
is always. Indeed, they are embarrassed by the extra pounds that they
have got, carrying their baby. During pregnancy, the uterus
increased as well as the volume of the tummy. After the birth of the baby
the stomach decreases gradually and not everyone will have the same
as before: in this area of ​​the woman’s skin, the skin is now thickened
fatty interlayers. All this is completely normal, because
so nature provided protection for the child. Therefore not worth it
worry if by the end of the pregnancy the expectant mother does not fit into
doorways: the baby is not in danger, he will not even feel
this push.

Some particularly energetic ladies are confident that the tummy will “go away”
by itself after the appearance of the toddler. But это не так. WITH
one side, the uterus is usually reduced gradually, approximately
forty days. WITHледовательно, и живот (как минимум в этот период)
will be visible to everyone. WITH другой стороны, тот самый жир, о котором
mentioned above. The fatty layer, which is located on the abdominal
the wall of the uterus for a couple with the amniotic bubble protect the baby from

How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth: we start the fight back in
maternity hospital

So, mommy decided to put herself in shape. Recovery
his figure will need to make maximum efforts. This process
will not proceed as quickly as we would like. But ведь главное —
total. It is important that mom is not nervous and set herself up for
positive result.

Refuse the postpartum bandage, if there is no serious for him
testimony (omission of organs, etc.). WITHтарайтесь сами втягивать
your stomach, control this process, do not “open up”,
straighten your shoulders, move gracefully, leaving in the past “duck
gait of the last months.

WITHкорее всего, не потребуется прибегать к лекарственным
means. The uterus will contract itself. WITHложнее будет убрать
fat deposits. WITHкорость возвращения собственной стройности
will depend on how many kilograms were collected for 9
magical months. So, to make mom so quickly
same as before, it should:

– do not overeat, abide by the proper diet;

– more walk in the fresh air, perform simple
physical exercise;

– be sure to have your motivation.

So, diets. Newly born women – those who have become
nursing mothers and those that do not breastfeed – no diets
observe not recommended. Their bodies suffered significant
stress, he is still weak. It takes time to restore it. If a
calorie intake will be reduced, it will instantly affect
mood, physical strength and appearance. A young mother all this
oh, as needed.

There are certain rules that must be followed.
For starters, this will be enough.

1. Flour consumed in very small quantities. it
applies to bread, cakes, cheesecakes, biscuits, pastries.

2. Do not eat mayonnaise. WITHалаты лучше заправлять маслом
vegetable, but quite a bit, because it is also high in calories.
The best thing Sour cream, in which two times less

3. Exclude from the diet or use only occasionally smoked meat,
fried foods. During this period there will be by the way dishes cooked on
steamed, steamed or boiled foods.

4. Add mashed milk instead of butter to mashed potatoes and porridges.

5. The best thing отказаться от семечек, которые способствуют
fullness and lead to appendicitis.

6. Refuse sweet, do not add sugar to tea or

7. Try to give up ice cream (in extreme cases
eat only half a serving).

WITHоветы нехитрые, зато стрелка весов покажет хороший

Еще один важный момент, который напрямую не
concerns mommy’s food, but also gives you the opportunity to lose
unnecessary kilograms. Scientifically proven that breast
feeding the baby – both milk production and the act itself
feeding – it burns calories remarkably. WITHреднее количество
потерянных за день калорий при грудном вскармливании — 500. it
allows you to simultaneously lose weight moms and nourish their babies. Thanks
breastfeeding hormone oxytocin is released, which
enables the uterus to contract very powerfully. Thanks этим
contraction decreases the size of the uterus. She, also, like the belly in
whole, gradually returning to their original

Getting rid of the abdomen after childbirth: exercise us
will help!

Another great helper in solving this problem is special
exercises for the abs. You just need to know what to start doing
can only be a half or two months after birth. Special
cautious should be women giving birth through caesarean
section. Let’s get acquainted with the most effective

1. The woman lies on her back, her arms are thrown behind her head, and her legs
bent at the knees. It is necessary to stretch one by one with elbows to
opposite knee. The blades should come off the floor, but
back stay still.

2. Lie down the same way as in the first exercise. WITHтопы положить под
a low chair or ask your husband to hold them. Raise the torso.
Thus the press swings great.

3. Pelvic lifts will be helpful. You need to lie on your back and bend
feet at the knees. Clenching your back to the floor, strain your abdominal muscles and
gradually raise the pelvis up. Stand still in this position seconds
by 10. Perform preferably at least 10 times. But и не следует

4. It is useful to turn the hoop or massage hula hoop. If a это
young mom does not like, you can do curls on the floor –
crunches. A woman should lie on her back, bend at the knees and legs
cross on chest. Shoulders bring to the knees using only
abdominal muscles, on the exhale. Then return to the starting position. Behind
one lesson can be performed twice in 20 repetitions. The main thing: not
tear off your back from the floor.

Such exercises should be done carefully and little by little, not allowing
fatigue and overstrain.

How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth: popular procedures

There are several procedures that will provide invaluable assistance in
the battle with a well-marked belly. WITHамыми
The following are popular:

– lymphatic drainage massage – this kind of massage is allowed even in
the period when a woman breastfeeds a child;

– anti-cellulite massage – this massage is done using
special cream;

– all sorts of wraps, using sea water or different dirt
– it helps the skin to become elastic, moreover it gradually disappears
extra centimeters.

After giving birth to any woman (even one who is friends with
sports) muscles became weakened.
To try
to bring them into shape, a special bandage was invented. it как бы
higher stage after grandma’s wraps tight
towels and fabric cuts. Manufacturers advise when choosing
banding tapes to acquire their size, but choosing
bandage shorts, it is better to buy them one size larger. Thanks
such acquisitions and their continued use, stretching
�”Leave” from the abdomen.

Just give birth to women a huge benefit will bring
diaphragmatic breathing, that is, abdominal breathing.
able to remove the hated fat folds on the stomach. Huge
�The “plus” of this easy procedure is that it can be applied (and
you need!) at any time convenient for Mom.

Еще один совет от специалистов: надо все время
walk, pulling the belly. The first hours and days it seems almost
невозможным, но уже через неделю кажется, что так было is always.
Muscles will now be in good shape. It would be nice to pay for the company.
attention to your posture.

There are cases when the battle with the stomach after childbirth is not
give a special result. Then you can consider surgical
но это крайняя мера. Plastic surgeon
will help to get a tightened belly, on which there will be no sagging
skin. But вот если женщина задумается о беременности еще раз…

If a выполнять все советы специалистов, то через пару месяцев
the result will be there. The main thing is to do everything in the complex and not
hurt yourself. Before you begin performing any physical
exercise is best to consult a doctor because
there are times when the load leads to a change in the amount
milk aside decrease.

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