When is it better to send a child to kindergarten?Opinion psychologists

Fri, 25 Nov 2016

Every mother wants to always be near the baby. But often
there comes a time when you have to leave the child in care
others – grandmother, nanny, teacher in kindergarten. Sometimes even
a neighbor can help.

According to psychologists, to leave a child for a couple of hours, you can
almost from birth. But only if he will be familiar
person. Sometimes mother is required to go to work when the baby
just 3 months old. In this case, it should be remembered that
for a baby it’s very important not how much time you spend with him, but
how you manage this time. If you come home from work and immediately
put aside all your affairs – cooking, washing, computer,
telephone conversations with friends, devoting several hours to the child,
he will be filled with maternal intimacy and fellowship. And the next day
he will no longer be afraid to part with his mother.

Let’s talk a little about the manger. Until the baby learns to walk well,
give it back there is not necessary. The kindergarten can already be taken to
3-4 years. But even at this age the child will experience and cry,
afraid to remain without people who are already used to. Here is your
the main task is to support him, explain that this is necessary and
be sure to say who will come and take him home and when.
Then the child will not think that he was abandoned and will get used faster.
to the new.

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