What you need to eat for weight loss?

It is on the power, in the first place, that weight loss depends – there is
you need not so much less than correctly. So, then you can
find out what foods should be included in your diet for weight loss.
Moreover, if you exercise, it is also very important
paint food after exercise.

What you need to eat for weight loss?


  • How to choose portions of products to lose weight?
  • List of slimming products
  • What to eat after a workout for weight loss?
  • What to eat in the evening and at night to lose weight?
  • Nutritionist Kovalkov: What to eat to lose weight?
  • Video: When and what to lose weight after a workout?

How to choose portions of products to lose weight?

Accurately determine the optimal portion of food will allow the following

  • The serving size of protein foods (meat or fish) should be with
    palm without fingers.
  • The volume of the side dish (porridge, for example) – with a fist.
  • Vegetables can be eaten 2 times more than cereals.
  • Fat can be consumed at one time with a thumb (and even then
    is always).

A useful rule for eating less is to use
smaller dishes. Well-filled plate with a diameter of 15-17
cm will create the illusion of a large portion, small cutlery
(you can even use dessert) will not allow to swallow the entire lunch
in a minute.

Правильное питание

To reduce the amount of food, many nutritionists advise drinking
half an hour before eating a glass of water. You can also eat
a spoonful of bran – the fiber will swell up in the stomach and take up part of it
volume, reducing appetite and hunger.

List of slimming products

If you want to lose weight, you can go to the right
food, the daily diet of which consists of such products,

  • Lean meat and poultry, any fish (with fat, even sea
    welcome, because fish oil – this is omega-3 – plays the most important
    role in losing weight).
  • Eggs (one, maximum two per day). Egg whites can be eaten
    almost unlimited, as in them the highest quality and
    easily digestible protein for humans. The amount of protein should be
    1-1,5 g per kilogram of weight.
  • Dairy products are also an excellent source of protein. Not worth it
    choose completely nonfat: cottage cheese is good 5%, yogurt, kefir and
    milk – 1.5%. If the food to dial the right amount is not
    It turns out, you can eat protein shakes. When choosing
    Dairy products will help the following table:

Content молочных продуктов

  • Oatmeal (see also – what is its benefit for losing weight), buckwheat,
    pearl barley, brown rice – sources of slow carbohydrates. In a day
    there should be at least 120 g, and preferably 150 g.
  • Fruits are an important source of beneficial sugars fruit, but
    in moderation and in the morning.
  • Nuts, sea fish, flax seed. Of oils preferably
    olive, flaxseed, camelina. These are sources of fat, without which no
    fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed. Therefore, the optimal
    fat content in the diet is closer than 50 g.
  • All vegetables, except potatoes, especially green and cruciferous
    (different types of cabbage, radish). This is the main source.
  • Bread – can be rye, bran, whole grain, but in
    limited quantities in the morning.
  • Tea and coffee are not prohibited, green and herbal teas –
    welcome. Not worth it пить компоты, которые представляют собой,
    in fact, sweet water, as well as juices, even freshly squeezed, as in
    these fruit sugars are present in a concentrated form.

Дневной рацион

In the next article we will talk more about dietary
slimming products.

What to eat after a workout for weight loss?

Opinions about what to eat after a slimming workout have different
trainers and nutritionists diverge. More or less they agree on one thing.
– after strength training, losing weight should lean on the protein
food. Since during exercise the muscles used up their own
glycogen, its reserves will be replenished from deposited in the liver.
It is the protein food that is needed to repair damaged in the process.
muscle fiber workouts.

If the training was aerobic, it is most appropriate
abstain from food for 1-2 hours (as far as the strength is enough),
especially if it was in the afternoon. After these
hours recommended protein intake. If you trained before
breakfast, you can eat half an hour after class, and carbohydrates in
including as they allow you to replenish energy.

It should take into account the following card:

Что надо кушать после workout.

What to eat in the evening and at night to lose weight?

In the evening, the human body no longer needs large
energy, so carbohydrate foods will be superfluous. Most
best dinner – protein. It may be lean veal, chicken
breast, fish or scrambled eggs with a good portion of vegetables cooked on
a couple or other dietary way. Suit and cottage cheese.

It is advisable to have dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime. At the same time
at night you can drink a glass of kefir or nonfat milk. If you
feeling hungry, make an omelet from a pair of proteins.
Athletes often consume whey protein at night. And in this
there is a sense – protein activates the production of growth hormone at night,
which promotes muscle recovery and fat burning.

Also recommend read the article: What to eat at night
losing weight to not get better.

Nutritionist Kovalkov: What to eat to lose weight?

The most thoroughly studied the question of what is for weight loss,
the author of popular books on nutrition, A. V. Kovalkov.
The effectiveness of his method, the doctor proved by his own experience,
getting rid of a few dozen extra pounds for
half a year

Методика похудания доктора Ковалькова

Kovalkov does not promise quick results. In his opinion,
healthy weight loss is possible only at a rate of 150-200 g per day. With
a large overweight may at first leave more, but then
the process will slow down, but in no case will stop if
follow all recommendations. To achieve the goal while not
need to starve, eat a limited set of foods or
count calorie eaten.

The whole process of losing weight on the system Kovalkova is divided into three
стадии, в течение которых обязательны следующие regulations:

  • Refusal of any foods with a glycemic index of more
  • Daily walking.
  • The amount of water per day depends on individual needs.
    person, but on average it is 1.5 liters.

Preparatory stage

Preparatory stage длится, в зависимости от количества
overweight, from 2 to 4 weeks. His task is to clean
digestive system, reduce the use of foods that
contain large amounts of fast carbs. Already at this stage
weight loss is usually up to 5 kg.

This is what a nutritionist recommends during this period:

  • Legumes, unpolished grains (for example, brown rice), egg
    squirrels. They will become a source of proteins at the preparation stage.
  • Bran (up to 100 g per day in the absence of adverse reactions
    from the gastrointestinal tract).
  • Vegetables, greens, fruits with a glycemic index below 50,
    for example, apples and grapefruits.
  • Pine nuts and almonds (in moderation).
  • Dairy products low calorie.

Here is a table of products, taking into account the GI:

Таблица гликемических индексов продуктов

During this period, you can not eat:

  • All products containing white flour, ground cereals,
    potatoes, vegetables with high GI (carrots, beets and some
  • All sweet, even allowed in some diets black
    chocolate, dried fruit and honey.
  • Smoked, salted, fried, too hot dishes.
  • Any alcohol.
  • Fish and meat (only at this stage).

It is important to introduce regular physical activity, but not power.
training – with a lightweight diet they do not have enough strength. how
overweight people tend to walk best
or swimming – 1 hour a day.

Main stage

The second stage of weight loss according to the Kovalkov method is divided into two
period The first one is designed to rebuild metabolism
further cleansing the digestive tract and reducing portions.
Nutrition в этот период нельзя назвать достаточным и разнообразным,
but it lasts only 12-14 days. The daily diet consists of
product range:

  • 1 tbsp. skimmed yogurt;
  • 1 tbsp. l bran;
  • 1 tbsp. l pine nuts for breakfast;
  • 4 apples (or grapefruit halves) – one at an interval of
    2-3 hours;
  • 300 g of vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon and vegetable
  • 30 g low-fat hard cheese is a dinner;
  • 2 egg whites in any form – before bedtime.

With этом часовая прогулка должна быть до завтрака.

The second period of the main stage lasts from 2 months to achieve
desired result. In general, the diet is based on the principles
rational nutrition:

  • The menu includes meat and fish products (up to 70 g
    protein per day).
  • The correct (slow) carbohydrates should be consumed in
    the amount of not less than 120 g per day.

Медленные и быстрые углеводы

It is important to eat fractional – 5-6 times a day, control the size
servings and not fall for prohibited foods.

Supporting stage

The third stage of the Kovalkov system is to consolidate
the result obtained. It is possible and even useful to introduce power
workout. It is best to make the diet of this stage become familiar at
all life, since in fact it’s just a healthy diet,
which are present:

  • useful cereals (buckwheat, brown rice);
  • rye and bran bread;
  • baked or uncooked potatoes;
  • any protein products of animal origin
  • dairy products and butter;
  • vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • nuts and vegetable oils.

In the process of losing weight according to the Kovalkov method, most
losing weight get used to move regularly (increasing the volume
activity), take into account the GI products, be guided by the principles
healthy nutrition.

Video: When and what to lose weight after a workout?

In the next video, the fitness trainer will tell you whether to eat
after workouts losing weight, and how to choose food:

To lose weight and continue to maintain optimal weight, does
no need to sit on hard diets or, conversely, use
some special products. It’s simple – the food should be delicious,
nutritious and healthy. It is necessary to refuse only that
everyone knows under the eloquent title “food garbage.”

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